Thursday, January 1, 2009


What can I say about New Years Eve and New Years day? There's not very much to actually Say... I'd just like to Thank God For all he's ever given me. Especially my Mom, my Brother, my Father.... EVERY single member of my ridiculously huge Family, Here or not, be it in spirit or in person. If you know me you know Family is one of the most important things in my life, and no day in the year is bigger for me (and us) than New Years Eve. For every friend that I've gained on my journey of life that has yet to and possibly never will stab me in the back I thank Him. With another year gone I can only hope that the good Lord continues to feel merciful enough to allow me to open my eyes each morning. Happy New Years everyone, I hope ya enjoy these Pics as much as I Do
^ From the Ascot to the Ass Cot Damn Im Fly! ^

^Ms. Buddy Mylez himself lookin quite Dapper Don ^

^ L to R: Julie, Yours Truly, (Slightly) PlayLand, and Tiff-Star ^

^ Who is that Gorgeous Son of a Gun? ^

^ Mylez caught off Guard... I think ^

^ By Far one of my Favorite Pictures Ever! ^

^ Dueces ^

^ OGB.. Dem Shades is MEAN! ^

^ Very Candid ^

^ Staight up in Ya Motha Effin Face ^

^ I must say, I feel Handsome. ^

^ Yea... Handsome ^

^ I love this man. ^

^ 3 Brothers ^

^ Squad Deep, and we all Blood ^

^ Killa and Imani ^

^ End of the Night. If you dont know who these 3 men are, you just aint Been payin attention ^
Over all good Night.
You know the sign off Slogan!

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