Friday, February 11, 2011

How High?

What's goin on Ladies and Gentleman?

I just wanted to share with my followers that I'm working on a mini Documentary and I want as many of you to be a part of it as possible. The Documentary is a "Smokers Appreciation" of sorts, and I want to release the project to the public on 4.20. For those of you who don't know of 420 it's the international day of weed smokin, recognized by people in subcultures (Smokers) throughout the country. So my plan is to get some dope "Eno Bull Photography" pics of people smoking along with a short video interview with them to put together as a documentary. So for all those interested I'd appreciate if you contacted me via email for further details. Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you guys and girls soon.

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Stay High (I mean Up-lol) and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moment 4 Life

What's goin on Bull Penners!?

So the other day (actually a week ago tonight) I was in the lab with D and Mylez. About a day prior Mylez had mentioned that he wanted to spit over the "Moment 4 Life" beat from the Nicki Minaj song. He said he wanted to work with D on it and so that's what took place, after a little over a day of the initial discussion.

D had been listening to Buddy's music since about 03 so he's been dying to work with him on a track. So pretty much this song was 8 years in the making and it shows.

So the song was recorded, mixed and mastered on Wednesday night and on Sunday we finished the video for it! Talk about work ethic lol. It's been getting some very dope review and has been watched a lil over 300 times. So I really wanted to share it with ya. To me it's an amazing track. It has such a genuine NY feel and the imagery is so simple and I think that's what enables it to speak such volumes. I think you'll agree. So check it out.

"Moment 4 Life" by Deascent and BuddyMylez


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Peace Ya'll!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Monday, February 7, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Before I say anything I just have to mention: I was in the car for about 60% of my day today and while switching from Hot 97 to Power 105 I thought to myself "Cot damn, is there only 7 songs in existence right now? I think imma just start reading." (No I don't read, so what? lol.)

Anyway in a moment of silence this cutie walked in front of the car.  Nice light skin face, short black hair, nice lil body and of course as I watched her walk away and possible almost caused an accident I saw that she had an ample back yard! Lolol. So when I snap back to reality I tell Mylez: "That's nice, I would wife that!" Lmao. I wasn't fully serious of course cause I don't know that girl or anything about her. Shit, she could be an axe murderer. But you get where I'm goin with it. Shortly after, I struck up a conversation about attraction. And I had a revelation, I explained to Mylez that I've figured out a problem with myself (if you wanna call it a problem) but the problem or situation is: I have a bad habit of getting caught up and interested in the women who don't share the mutual attraction with me. I swear it happens all the time... Remember the blog where I mentioned the Untouchables? Well yeah, that's the case, I see a girl, possibly holla, get to know her and think to myself "Hmm, I can see myself workin out a lil situation with this girl." Lol only to realize that on her end she doesn't see me as anything more than a friend. I'm just the nigga she can come and tell allllll her problems to, joke and be herself around but not the nigga to call her man. Ain't that a bitch? But then I ask Mylez is it just human nature? Cause that's what I been callin it for years. Liking the one who doesn't like you, and ignoring the ones that do like you. Is it a vicious cycle or can something be done.

He mentioned something along the lines of trying to be attracted to something else, and I mentioned: "That's impossible, it's inevitable, I can't control what I'm physically attracted to" and he said "I think you can." I understand where he's coming from to an extent, but I still feel strongly about my thoughts on it. Its like you see a car that you've never seen before. It doesn't have any logos or decals to give you an idea as to what it is, but you know you like how it looks. Naturally, you have little to no control over that. He of course said we do have control over that. So I guess I decided to leave it at that. But it lead me to think deeper into it. Why do I keep falling prey to my own preference? How is it that I'm attracted to what I know isn't attracted to me? Crazy right. I mean I've been in this position way too many times. Shit the last one I fell for probably knew I was feelin her but I didn't even say anything, because I knew she would hit me with the "I'm not really looking for anything serious right now" or the "I don't see you that way" or the "We're just friends" or my favorite "I didn't know you felt that way, but I appreciate your honesty" lol, Which means "Ewwl Nigga, the nerve of you to assume I'd deal with you on a higher level than I already am!" I mean, it takes a toll on you after a while so when does the moment come when I say "You know what this one aint as cute as that one, but she down for me.... Imma run with her." I don't know. Buddy said if I keep finding myself attracted to the girl who doesn't work for me there's nothing wrong with them, there's something wrong with me. And as hard as it is for me to admit theres something wrong with me (I have a looot of pride) I guess this time he's right, there's something wrong with me. I guess all these years the fellas have been right, I'm too picky. (Lol, you know I still don't fully agree with that) but whatever. If being attracted to beautiful makes me picky then hey *Eno Shrugs*

So I guess this all just balls down to a question, do you think you can control being physically attracted to a person or different people with the same physical attributes?

I can admit I'm shallow, but you can still go for a swim in my depth. I'm not saying I wouldn't deal with a girl who isn't "traditionally" attractive, cause I would, but like I always say, based on initial sight I go for the cutie pies. Am I wrong for always falling for her type?

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Her Ugly Face

These words stumbled across my train of thought earlier today and so I thought I'd share them with you. This post may have some language that's in appropriate so brace yourself. You may Judge me after this one but you know I don't care. Hope ya enjoy.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and she had just came out of school. All our talks on the phone and via text went a little something like: "I'm gonna put it on you" "Yeah aight, you say that now but imma put you to sleep..." she might have even said "You aint ready for this Pussy" or something along those lines, etc. etc. Regardless, all those conversations lead to this moment. The moment of truth... Is she gonna front? Do we even like each other that much? Are we gonna speak after we're done? Who knows? Shit, who cares? All I know is that the soldier in my pants is standing at attention, with a mind of his own. He's waiting for what the general in my head has told him is cuming to him. lol.

I tell him: "At ease soldier, in time you'll be needed but lets not scare her with the guns out just yet!"
I say "Hey" she says "Wassup?" I reply back and we head back to my place. We sit on my bed and pretend to watch TV for about 15 minutes before my hands begin to wander without my consent. But she doesn't mind, in fact hers start to wander as well. Before you know it she's sitting on top, my hands caressing her back while she takes off her shirt and I un-do her bra. We're kissing, despite the fact that I'm not big on doing so. My eyes opened, thinkin "Take your clothes off and lets do this" while hers are closed tighter than who knows what. I could only imagine what's going on in her head.  She's probably thinking "Oh my God, I can't believe it's finally happening!" Poor thing. So off comes the bra and without the ice cubes I get my "Mookie" on "hello left breast" and "Hello right breast!"
I tell her "take your pants off" she does, and the tight jeans are accompanied by the little thong she was wearing. I proceed to do the same and she proceeds to perform oral sex! (For lack of saying she started suc.... You see where that was going.) When she gets up from doing what she thought was a good job, I grab the future preventor that was waiting under my pillow.  I put it on and then I put it on her. We do what we do for a slightly extended period of time. I'm not overly attracted so I'm surprised I've stayed up this long. But before too long I see she's gotten hers, and now I'm gettin mine. Damn, even with these broads I try to show sexual etiquette. Lol. But I'm done and just like that allll the feelings I had for this girl, the desires to beat, the dirty thoughts, everything for her was left in the condom that I threw in the waste bin at the end of my bed.

Maybe had I known her for at least 4 days I would have offered her conversation and something to drink. But I barely knew her for 60 hours, and by now the only thoughts going through my mind are the ones of getting this  beautiful stranger out of my house where my family lives. This of course is the face of lust. She's ugly and un true, but she's as real as the illusions she places in our minds.

Funny, I never saw her again. Lust has showed her face again, but none of the women she introduces me to stick around long enough to make a lasting impression. Damn, what was shorties name? Oh Well... let this be a lesson to ya. Not everything that shimmers is gold. Be careful out there folks.

-Based on a True Story-

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.