Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Luck Buds (Cont'd)

Aight so Peep Game, Its understood that women (ESPECIALLY When vulnerable) settle for things that they wouldn't settle for under normal circumstances.

I.E. My mans, who is the father of 7 became a father in a completely different way than the conventional method. See here's what happens:
1. Girl meets Guy
2. Girl really really likes Guy
3. Girl thinks: "This guy is no different than all the others, if I give him some ass He'll be in love and finally I will have trapped a man and made him mine so that I don't have to be single anymore!"


You see this is where many girls eff up. They don't realize that me and my niggas are WAY different than the rest. We aint the lames that think "Oh I got the buns, I need to wife her" so when they realize that they just gave it up (WILLINGLY) and didn't get anything out of it other than the obvious they get upset and think "EFF it, imma just move on to the next nigga and if he wanna get in me he need to put a ring on my finger" and guess what? The next nigga is so lame and desperate that he actually does wife it. (This explains Ugly pregnant women) This Ladies and Gentleman is where the (what I like to call) "Good Luck Chuck syndrome" comes into play. Have I lost you yet? Allow me to explain:

See we men (me and my boy) become Good Luck Chuck because after dealing with us, Females tend to either get wifed up or pregnant seeing as how they were devastated that they didn't get us. (Call it Cocky if you want but its the truth) So in lam en terms what happens is Shorty was on the rebound, and vulnerable so all it took was for some lame to be at the right place, at the right time, to say something which at the moment sounded like the right thing. So the reason I say my man is the unproud father of 7 is because technically speaking each child is a child that would have been his had he just let shorty win and let her trap him? Get it?

So in My case, its similar.....
You see with Me its more like:

The end of the greatest story ever told is well on its Way!

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Jus Capital H said...

Dead Ass Cuz This Is Realist Post I've Read In A While Cuz...I Could Relate To This 100%...