Friday, January 30, 2009

Black History Month

First and Foremost Happy Birthday to my Lil Brother Rudy, His Birthday was Yesterday, January 29th. He turned 17 years old. Another Birthday Shout out goes out to my HomeGirl Ty's baby boy Jaidy who turned a year old yesterday. I feel old writing that lol but I love all of ya.

But anyway on to Business.
Black History Month: February (Leave it to the powers that be to give us The Shortest month of the year to celebrate our month of remembrance of African and African American People) Yes February is the shortest month of our Calendar year but in Canada Black History Month is held in October, so I guess we get that. But that's besides the point. As black people we have always made Lemonade and all other types of drinks when life has handed us lemons. Slave Masters ate Pigs, gave us the remains and we decided to cook it and call it our own. LOL We always come up on top Baby!

But anyway this post is an Intro, an intro to February. You See the remembrance (Black History Month)was originated in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson and it was originally named and celebrated as "Negro History Week." Mr. Woodson chose the second week of February to celebrate "Negro History Week." The reason the second week was chosen was because in that week the birthdays of two Americans who greatly influenced the lives and social condition of African Americans also took place. Those two Americans were former President Abraham Lincoln and and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. So.... I've done my research the rest is up to you.
We all know the purpose of this month, and why its still celebrated. My reason for this post is because when I think of Black History Month I think of all the years in school and how every year we (the students) had to write reports on people of African Decent who did great things in America. For the most part the only people who were ever discussed were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson and Araminta Ross (for those of you who don't know that's Harriet Tubman.) and a few other who took part in the Civil rights movement. Don't get me wrong I feel those are all great and amazing people to write about for black History Month but honestly how many years in a row do we have to continually hear about the same people. Why not think outside the Box?

So that's what I did. Although I'm not in school and am not being forced to write my own report I thought: "Who do I want to write about this year?" and that lead to this idea... Every year students write about the same people so this year I want to write about those who followed. In other words The people like Dr. MLK, and Malcolm X paved the way for millions of others so I want to talk about those who walked and are still walking down that paved road till this day. Because if it weren't for those aforementioned people then we wouldn't have our favorite rappers, our favorite athletes, our favorite movie stars and Singers that we have Today! So THOSE are the people I want to discuss for my Black History Month Report.

So I want you all to sit back Kick your feet up and read the 28 mini-reports I have coming in the month of February on 28 different African American entertainers who I feel deserve to be written about in a manner other than the tabloids that people tend to run to and believe.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned, Hope You Enjoy.

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