Saturday, December 27, 2008

(Why Not?!) The Year in Review

It seems like just yesterday the Ball was droppin into the 2008 sign in Time Square. Thats what we say every year isn't it? Well thats just how the clock hands turn... I gotta say for me it was a good year. By the time January 08 came around I was at my second job (ever in life), Uniqlo
for the second of five months spent there. I was gettin that good ol bread, and around April/May I left to the Levi's store in Time Square.

This is the year I turned 21, and it was A good Birthday. I took the whole week off from work, chilled all day, partied all night. Had my Birthday at Club Dream, And the Fellas took me to the Wedge (Strip Club in Hunts Point) for the first time. (Dont you wish I had pics of That? lol)

21 years of Living in The Bronx also came down to the 21st day of Sept. marking the last game ever to be played in Yankee Stadium and I say with GREAT regret that I was never fortunate enough to witness a game there. I guess i'll just have to make up for it with the new Stadium across the Street.
08, The year that the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII. I vowed to kill my boss for making me work that day, but I saw clips heard testimonies, and boy oh boy did I see that it was
a great game.
That wasnt the only big thing in Sports, How about that Jamaican (Thunder) 'Usain Bolt' the sprint runner. He ran 100m in 9.69 seconds and it would have been faster but he actually slowed down and beat his chest a few feet before the finish line. BLOODFIYAH!
And ofcourse who could forget Mike Phelps the fish with a human Body. The man won 8 Medals and if you saw any of his races then you know why.

This was also the year that we lost some great figures in entertainment and history. Among them was Bernie Mac who passed on August 9th, Isaac Hayes, and Heath Ledger. May they all Rest in Peace. Heath Ledger was found dead in his SoHo Apartment, but not before he left us with one of the greatest films ever: THE DARK KNIGHT! (Geez Luise, That Movie! Although That wasnt the only good flick this year.

Remember: Jumper. Semi-Pro. 21, The Forbidden Kingdom. IRON MAN. The Incredible Hulk. Hancock (the Only one i didnt get to see in theatres). Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa?All great flicks... One of the biggest things this year is my team BXL SIgning a deal with Universal. It wont be long before we all Livin the Good Life Like Sir Kanye West and T-Pain.

Bush Gets assaulted by a sz. 10 shoe YES!
And of course By far THE most important Thing to happen in 2008. A year (more specifically a day) that shall reamin in our minds forever, A day that changed History and will change the History Books that our children will read. November 4th, 2008...... You already know what that day was. Barack Obama become the 44th presidential Elect. Which mean that for the first time in American History we have an African American president.

All in all I'd Say it was a great year. I can only hope that 2009 brings forth better health, more wealth, Love and Happiness, and just an over all great year.
Stay Up Folks, God Bless, and may the new Year bring you the best of Luck in all you do.

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