Monday, March 30, 2009

March Madness

Whats Good Folks? I know its been a dry month, but I told ya'll it was gonna be that way. lol But don't worry, April is here in a few days and I'm back with Blogs Galore for all of ya. A few things went down this month.

-The Fellas had a few shows, some radio interviews and such and even got a new site up. check them out.
-Perse's Birthday was on the 6Th and we celebrated it at Catch 22 where we celebrated Killa's Birthday. As you may or may not know I partied so Hard at Killas Party that my camera Broke. So no Pics from Perse's party, at least none that I have.
-Dirt's Birthday was on the 25Th and on the 27Th we celebrated it at Club Taj, which Ironically is on the other side of Catch 22 lol.
- I learned that I went from bad eyesight to flat out Astigmatism in my right eye, joint ruined my day when I found out but its all good I guess.
- I got my new Curve 8900. BlackBerry is where its at Meng!
- And thanks to my Myspace page being hacked, I now have a new page, so Add me, my URL is

Overall I'd say its been a good month, good weekends, Back to back, and I'm finally workin again. I work at TopShop/TopMan, a new Store opening up in SoHo at 11am, April 2Nd. So come through and shop around!

My Mommy and little brother are leaving to Honduras next week, so it looks like imma have open crib, so be ready for the blogs to come for the time they're gone lol.

Guess that's about it. Here's a few pics from this month:
^This was takin on the way too Brooklyn for a radio Show with the fellas^

^This was when we got back (I Think)^

^Me with The Rasta Wig^

^Me foolin around at work, I'm gonna buy these Glasses and get them prescribed^

So I guess thats sort of a catch up on March's events and all. Like I said be on the lookout for April, I plan on bloggin more often and keepin ya posted on any and all things goin on in the wonderful world of Eno.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, March 23, 2009

WTF is a Father?

Fa•ther[fah•ther] n. -
        1.  a male parent
        2.  A man who exercises paternal care over other persons.

This is the dictionary's definition to the word 'Father', so technically, by definition EVERYone on this planet has a father because as we all know, no women alive can reproduce a sexually. But for those people (like myself) who say or feel like saying "I don't have a father" allow me to speak on your behalf.

See in my almost 22 years of living, I've been with my Family which consists of My Mother who is my best friend, My younger brother who is also a best friend and my mothers husband (my biological father, but I no longer consider him to be so.) In those 21+ years My Mothers husband has made both his physical appearance and financial aid present to my brother and I but I personally feel that it takes way more than both to make a man a "Father."

Let me tell you all the things that My Mothers husband has taught me: 1. How to Drive (which I would have eventually learned myself) 2. How to ride a bike (which I love to do so naturally would have picked up on as well) and 3. Always shake after I urinate (C'Mon, that one is a given.) So why the need to air him out via the world wide web? Well I've disliked My Mothers husband for longer than I can even remember, but out of respect to My Mother and respect to the fact that I am the fruit of his loins I've pretty much, for the most part kept my severe dislike for him to myself. But it wasn't until recently that it was brought to my families attention that the fuck is a Cheater, Liar and all-round asshole deserving of nothing more than a decent funeral entitled to any and all mankind. The words out of his mouth to My Mother were and I quote: "I am tired of Edwin (my real name for those who didn't know), Rudy (my younger brother) and I'm tired of you!" Well News Flash asshole, I been tired of you for as long as I have had memory, but for you to speak those words to my mother pushed my dislike for you over the top converting it into hate! So I've always said "Yes, I have a father, but I'm still from a single parent household" but now after disowning him I say "No, I don't have a father" I'm sure many people can relate, in fact I Know a few who can. Its always been a wonder to me how a man can start a family that he's not ready for and in time grow to be tired of them. So for those in search of their father in this vast world, and for those who don't know what its like to have one, take my word for it (from MY experience) they're not all they're cracked up to be.
In fact when Anthony Hamilton said in his song "Coming From Where I'm From" that he's scared to have kids and grow up to be like his Daddy was to him, I don't think there was anyone else listening who agreed and felt those words more than I did. So if you ever hear me say "I'm not having kids" understand its just my fear speaking out, fear of becoming worse than the piece of shit man who came before me.

So if My Mothers Husband is reading this, which I'm sure he's not because it would require the basic knowledge to use a computer I'd like to say: "I'm tired of you too nigga, and the sooner you leave me and My Family, the better. I can't believe My Beautiful Mother has put up with your Bullshit for the past 23 years. I'd say more to you but I fear that any more words would cost me severe frustration that could possibly lead to breaking my phone in which I am typing this passage and care more about (my phone) than I care for you!"

To all the real Fathers in the world, like some of my uncles, friends and so on and so forth: Keep up the good work, to all those like My Mothers Husband.... God be with you, cause he and I know very well that I'm not.

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Sunday

Can the Church say Amen?

What's going on folks? I know its been a while, but I'm sure the lack of posting built anticipation. Well I'm back and I'm here with a story to tell. First of all my weekend was real coo. I came home from work to my new phone, chilled with the fellas, Danced to Buddy's music in a club after seeing a dike fight a bouncer, Took my Cuzzo Hernan to my Tattoo Shop to price his first piece (Check out his Blog to read about it--I''ll be speaking more on it later in the week) and it all came together today with an unexpected trip to Church.

Lets go back to this morning: I woke up today to the sound of my phone ringing and on the other side It was my homegirl Bebe. I was supposed to go with her to her Church for some College student event that was going down, but I couldn't make it because I had no money to travel.... so after going back to sleep I was contacted by my homie Chris ( the amazing photographer that a lot of you already know I have been working with for a while) and he asked me to join him at an event that was happening at 4. To my surprise the event was a Youth Sermon at Calvary Baptist Church in Queens. (Shout out to my people in Queens, My 'Boobie Cat'-I miss you Baby and Kya-Where you hiding cutie?)

Now I haven't been to Church besides funeral services in YEARS, but the reason for that is a completely different story all together. So being there gave me an unexplainable feeling. But once the Sermon began I was literally moved like I never have been before. Now for those of you who have never been to a black Baptist Church, its like a concert celebrating God lol. The pastor began speaking about things and I swore he was talking to me. He mentioned such things like the youths emphasis on their "Swagger" here on earth, when its the Swag that leads to heaven that's important. This pastor gave me everything from the word of the Lord to an in-depth review of T.I.'s Latest album lol. I literally can't begin to explain how well this man preached and how much he moved me, so I wont try. I just wanted to share with you how good I felt to be in Church again. Despite the 4 hour duration of the service, The pastors Jokes, the Choirs music, and the Brooklyn Visiting congregation's children getting Light and doing the 5G's (Both heavy street dances) kept me entertained and made me think "maybe I need to come back to Church" well it was a great day, and all I could think to myself is what Mylez tells me all the time: "There's no such thing as Coincidences" I couldn't make it to Bebe's Church although I wanted to, but ended up being picked up and driven by Chris to a different Church to "work". Its almost as if I was meant to be in a Church today and that's exactly what happened.

It was a great Sermon, and a Great day, that topped off a great weekend.
Stay Tuned for more on my Weekend. I might have some Pics from Perse's Party and my homie Dirt's Girl's party.

Well Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Past&Future Fashion (Marty McFly)

Aight so to those of you who don't know, my Top 2 favorite movies of all Time are 'The Lion King' and 'Back to the Future part II'.

Today's Post is of the ladder.
Quick Back Story: The movie released in 1989, so me being 3 years old I don't remember seeing it at the time. But by 1992 the VHS cassette had been out for 2 years or so, I was 5 and you could NOT get me to stop watching it. It was originally my uncles movie but till this day I have it because I would always cry when he tried to get it back. I used to drive my Uncle and grandmother CRAZY watching it because I'd watch it at least 3 times a day, but that's all besides the point.

The reason I wanted to Blog about it was because one thing that I've always admired about the movie was the Costume Designer's vision for the characters. Me being an aspiring fashion designer (Start and own my own clothing line) and photographer its only natural that I notice the little things as such. Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox was the cool 17-Year-Old who hung out with "Doc" Emmet Brown played by Christopher Lloyd a scientist who built a Time Machine out of a 1983 Delorean. In the first movie they went back to the past from 1985 to 1955, but in the sequel they went to the future to the year 2015.

Upon arriving to 2015, Doc Brown suggested that Marty change into future clothes. Now you all know I'm a huge sneaker fanatic, so seeing Marty "Lace" up a modern day pair of Nikes with Power laces was something that made me wish I was already in the future so that I can buy my own pair. But the sneakers weren't all, The Red, automatic drying Jacket, which went quite well with the simple Red T-Shirt was also something that made me think: "Wow the future is gonna be so cool". Kudos to Alan Silvestri & Joanna Johnston the Costume designers responsible for the first movie and the sequel. The reason I also mention the first is because Marty's main outfit and one of the Jackets he wore in the 1955 setting of the movie were simple yet eye catching, and that's what I strive for when I get dressed, what I in vision for my own clothing line. So with all that said I Hope ya Enjoy some of these pics from the movies.

Back to the Future Part II.

^Marty checkin out his^
2015 Nikes.
Automatic Laces.

Hyperdunks don't even begin
to match up!

^Marty McFly^
Red Undershirt, White squared design button-up shirt,
Jean Jacket under The Bubble vest.
(Not Pictured)
Finished off by blue Jeans and some Nikes that appeared to Be Cortez'

^1983 Delorean^
Turned into a Flying Time Machine
By Dr. Emitt Brown
Tell Me you aint wanna drive this Bad Boy!

^Automatic, Drying and adjustable Jacket^
worn by Marty in Part II. Dope concept
Ill Jacket.

^Leather&Clothe Material^
jacket worn by Marty in Part I
Grey and Burgundy TOUGH!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!
Unless Your Chicken! lol.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is She comin Back?

*Aight I'm not sayin I'm a fan of his AT ALL (LOL) but Soulja Boy's joint "Turn my Swag On" is aight. I'm also feelin the remix with Weezy (who I'm overall tired of), Jim Jones, Jadakiss (Who is still a Muh Effin' animal).

*Aight I'm not sayin I'm a fan of his either, AT ALL (LOL) but The Dream "She Rockin' that Thing" is aight, I find myself singin along to it when the joint come on.

(Anyone who knows me, knows how hard it is for me to admit something like that. So you know those records must be good)

Ryan Leslie doin' it big all over again with "How it was Supposed to Be" with Jada the Problem.

And who can forget my anthem "Blame It" By Jamie Foxx. Word to everything I love The video for that song and Kid Cudi's video to Day N Nite (original Beat) are the two NUMBER ONE videos of 2009 so far. I saw Kid Cudi's joint for the first time last month on my homegirl Kya's blog, (Check her out from my profile) but due to my Black History Month posting I couldn't mention it. Same goes for Jamie. C'MON now, Ron Howard? You know how strong your pull gotta be to get Ron Howard in your video? If you don't know who Ron Howard is Google/wikipedia that man. His Resume is definitely up!

50 going hard like he always does.
I haven't Heard Kanye's Album yet but I'm on it
And Luda, Your album is number one on my "Gotta go Cop that" list.
My Baby Kerri Hilson Gettin it in. She keep telling me I'm turning her on.

That Kid Drake from that show Degrassi (I never watched that, so I apologize if I spelled it wrong) signed to Young Money and he's doin aight
Asher Roth got that Song called "I Love College" got me wantin' to pack my bookbag and enroll again.
Black Eyed Peas is back with that 'Boom Boom Pow' joint!

[As for my favorites, The Underground. (My niggas), and I mean that literally!]

June, I see you baby! You better make sure I get my Copy of "All Mixed Up" EARLY! Free or not I'm payin you 5 just cause'. Lol. Keep cockin' that bitch to the side like ya Mistress lol.
^Get Used to seein' this Face^
Eff ya calander itz My Man

And I gotta shout out my Man Dwayne "Deascent", (MindState) doin his thing reppin the BX, you Next up at Bat my nigga, widen' ya stance, keep ya eye on the ball and hit that bitch into the supermarket that's across from the Parkin Lot.
^My man D, My brotha from another for real^
Reppin the South Bronx to the Fullest!

BXL IS FINALLY ON THE RADIO! Word to Don Fransisco (Google it) I'm prouder of my brothers than a single mother watching her only child graduate from Med School. PLEASE continue to call in and Text Hot 97! Make sure the phone blows up over there. To call Dial 1-800-223-9797, and send all texts to 75759. Support the movement people!
^HOT 97, CALL EM!^
The Bronx is mos def back up on Top!
BXL is Hosting the Homecoming.

Is it Possible that my baby (Music) is finally comin back to where its supposed to be like Mr. R. Leslie said? Well I Just hope that me posting this is not a jinx and that It goes back to its (now) regular state of garbage. I guess what I'm saying is I'm proud of where music is at this moment. I've complained about it being at a dying state for a while but it seems to be on its way back up. Shout outs to all mentioned and please people keep the garbage in the trash, ONLY support the real music that's out there, keep it quality, not everything that shimmers is Gold.

Stay Up and Mos Def Stay Tuned!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eno's Home

Phew, that was my longest posting month ever. Lol well I'm back ya'll and that means we're back to regular scheduled program. Did you miss me? Cause I sure did miss you. Well before we start catching up on the few things that happened in my world in Feb just let me say that there's many other people who I felt deserved to be spoken of during Black History month, but the ones mentioned are just the ones who I felt best filled the 28 slots, so if I missed one of your favorite people......... OH WELL! Lmao, nah but maybe next year.

So February ya didn't miss much but at the same time a few things happened and I will now give them to you in list form

*Killas birthday is on Valentines day so that Friday the 13Th we celebrated it at a club called Catch 22 (BOY OH BOY Was that a night or what?)
*BXL got their single "In the Air" played on Hot 97 by Dj Enuff. SO please call (1-800-223-9797) or text (75759) to request it.
*I got a new job and I Start training in 6 days
*I bagged about 6 or 7 girls this passed month and don't really remember how anyone of em look like. (I gotta take it easy with the liquor)
*Judy (Dirts wife) had her Birthday Party at Club Body on Friday Night (BOY OH BOY Was that a night or what?)
*My pops Birthday which I'm sure I mentioned was on the 2ND
*Mom went and came to and from Honduras
*Lil brother began considering his first tattoo and guess who's responsible for making that a reality (Points at himself with his thumbs) that's right! This Guy!
*Bonnie went to get her 4Th and 5Th Tattoo at My Shop and I think they came out dope.
*Theres more but I can't remember them at the moment lol So Holla At The Bull

*** And please be advised... due to the extreme efforts of posting my self given homework assignments on every night of February, March is gonna be a slow month post-wise here on The Bull Pen. So feel free to contact me if anything.

LATA Folks, way later.
Stay Up and Stay Tuned.