Friday, January 30, 2009

Black History Month

First and Foremost Happy Birthday to my Lil Brother Rudy, His Birthday was Yesterday, January 29th. He turned 17 years old. Another Birthday Shout out goes out to my HomeGirl Ty's baby boy Jaidy who turned a year old yesterday. I feel old writing that lol but I love all of ya.

But anyway on to Business.
Black History Month: February (Leave it to the powers that be to give us The Shortest month of the year to celebrate our month of remembrance of African and African American People) Yes February is the shortest month of our Calendar year but in Canada Black History Month is held in October, so I guess we get that. But that's besides the point. As black people we have always made Lemonade and all other types of drinks when life has handed us lemons. Slave Masters ate Pigs, gave us the remains and we decided to cook it and call it our own. LOL We always come up on top Baby!

But anyway this post is an Intro, an intro to February. You See the remembrance (Black History Month)was originated in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson and it was originally named and celebrated as "Negro History Week." Mr. Woodson chose the second week of February to celebrate "Negro History Week." The reason the second week was chosen was because in that week the birthdays of two Americans who greatly influenced the lives and social condition of African Americans also took place. Those two Americans were former President Abraham Lincoln and and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. So.... I've done my research the rest is up to you.
We all know the purpose of this month, and why its still celebrated. My reason for this post is because when I think of Black History Month I think of all the years in school and how every year we (the students) had to write reports on people of African Decent who did great things in America. For the most part the only people who were ever discussed were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson and Araminta Ross (for those of you who don't know that's Harriet Tubman.) and a few other who took part in the Civil rights movement. Don't get me wrong I feel those are all great and amazing people to write about for black History Month but honestly how many years in a row do we have to continually hear about the same people. Why not think outside the Box?

So that's what I did. Although I'm not in school and am not being forced to write my own report I thought: "Who do I want to write about this year?" and that lead to this idea... Every year students write about the same people so this year I want to write about those who followed. In other words The people like Dr. MLK, and Malcolm X paved the way for millions of others so I want to talk about those who walked and are still walking down that paved road till this day. Because if it weren't for those aforementioned people then we wouldn't have our favorite rappers, our favorite athletes, our favorite movie stars and Singers that we have Today! So THOSE are the people I want to discuss for my Black History Month Report.

So I want you all to sit back Kick your feet up and read the 28 mini-reports I have coming in the month of February on 28 different African American entertainers who I feel deserve to be written about in a manner other than the tabloids that people tend to run to and believe.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned, Hope You Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She Still My Girl Tho

This being my 50th Post I thought it was only right that I treat this like some sort of celebration. So I just wanted to take this time out to speak to ya about one of my very close Lady friends.

She such a trouble maker, and we tend to fight a lot, but I can't help but keep coming back to her. Shes been with so many Dudes, and even most girls. I hate That I love Her but I love that I hate it. So why do I keep coming back to her? I honestly don't know:
It could be that I just adore her shape, and love the taste of her kiss even more,
or maybe its because when I'm with her I just feel so good about myself,
It could also be because I tend to miss her whenever shes not around.

Whatever it Is were not good for one another but that's exactly why were attracted to each other.

I met her when I was 18 and since then I've lost track of the times I've gone to sleep with her, and waking up with her is surprisingly easy. My mom doesn't like her but understands that a man is gonna be attracted to poison from time to time.

My boys all Love her tho and when were together, we're the life of the Party. So I dedicate this One to her. This is a Toast for the many good times we've had and the many more good times to come, a Toast to the Good Life and a Toast to us.

See ya soon Babe.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brothas Day Out

So heres the story of my day.
Chapter ONE:
I woke up around 10:45 and followed my morning routine, you know bathroom, wash up, and go back to bed for about another 40 minutes. My brother came into my room to pick up "The Dark Knight" DVD to watch AGAIN. lol Thats a great flick I wasn't even mad at him for that.
So when I woke up again, I watched the movie with him for the second time in 2 days, I saw it in theatres but I cant get tired of it. Anyway, I had told my mom I'd go get her an iPod today and I had asked Rudy if he wanted to go with me. He had said "Yes" so I asked "Do you want to go now or later?" He said "Later" so it wasnt till around 12 o'clock that we started getting ready.
Chapter TWO:
On the way to the train station I decided to have one of those big brother to little brother conversations with Rudy. What we spoke about is none of your Cot Damn Business, so nevermind what we discussed lol.
So our convo lasted for the duration of our trip. We went to 5th Ave because I was going to buy the iPod at the Apple Store, but my homegirl told me Cicuit City was having a Sale. So After I went to see her and a few other former co-workers at Saks we headed to Circuit City.
Chapter THREE:
We got to Ciruit City and the line was ridiculous. The whole entire store was on sale so that explained the line. So I picked up my moms Blue iPod Nano and headed to the 6 Train to head to SoHo. We were goin to SoHo cause Rudy wanted to buy himself some stuff.
"I'm Hungry, lets go to Burger King" he said. I said the same but I added "Burger King is Deep but its all Good" a few feet before the entrance to Rockefeller Center I said "I don't really want Burger King, I rather go out and Eat... Like Applebees" then asked "Does that sound Good?" and Rudy said "Yes it Does, Lets Do that" So we decided we'd Eat after our trip to SoHo. But Before all of that I asked my brother "You want to go see the Ferrari and Mercedes Dealership?" he said "hell yea, I've been dying to see a Ferrari" So I took him and we stood outside the dealerships looking at these cars, excuse me, These Beautiful Machines like kids outside of a Toy Store. (all the Car pics look low quality because I was scared an employee would come out and say "S'Cuse me you broke, ugly Nigger, If you cant afford these cars please refrain from taking Pictures and leave before we call the authorities)
^Ferrari Nuff Said^
^Maserati. AAOOWW^
^If you dont know what this one is then you must have a Vagina in your pants^
Chapter FOUR:
We proceeded to walk to the train, but since my camera was already out the bag I figured I'd keep snapping away.
^My Lil Man walkin Down Park Ave like he Owns It.^
^This is what all you lil niggas between the age of 15-18 should be dressed like. Not that Skinny Jeans and Asolo Boot Mess Ya wearin.^
^ Look At this Stylish Mutha Effer Here! Cot Damn I love that Hat^

Chapter FIVE:
So we got to SoHo and went to that sneaker spot thats nearest to Canal Street. "They dont have the joints that they had last time that I wanted" said Rudy. So I simply responded "So see what else they have that you like". He said "I like these but I dont wanna spend 80 on them," I said "You dont have to, they're 50% off" So he asked to see them in his size and tried them on.
^There Just So Him^

So after he paid for them we started walkin up Broadway, we were headed to UniQlo cause I wanted to see who I'd bump into. I said "I wanna see if my homegirl who use to work there is still there" and Rudy said "Cool" He pointed at 'Yellow Rat Bastard' and said "Thats the store I heard about, they might have something to match my sneakers" I said, "Yea I love that store lets go Check it Out."
^Graphic Tees For Days. He wanted a Batman Shirt Tho^

While he was going nuts looking for that shirt I was just looking. And I actually got lucky, I came across a book I had been looking for since a few months before my birthday. Its a book that I feel will help me with my photography. Its a Book called 'Its All Good' by a photgrapher named Boogie. Quick Back story on the book: A few months ago I was in Soho with the Fellas and walked into one of those Mom and Pops Clothing spots. Amongs all the clothing there was a table of books... books on miscellaneous subjects and amongs those was 'Its All Good' I immediately fell in love with the images and thier content but I didnt have the money to buy it at the time. So around my birthday I came back and didnt find it. So about a week and a half ago I was in Borders on 34th and realized they didnt have it so I ordered it. 2 Morning ago they called me and told me they had it and that they'd hold it till the 9th. But seeing as how YRB had it for 1/2 off I couldnt resist. lol. Anyway I highly recommend the book even if you dont care for photography its an amazing piece of work.
^Its All Good, If you hurry you can probably pick up my copy at 'Borders'^

Chapter SIX:
So we headed out and stopped at Old Navy before going into UniQlo, there Rudy found a nice lil Button-Up Shirt that quickly made me want to buy one of my own. lol But I didnt.
We walked into UniQlo but I didnt see anyone that I use to be cool with except for one girl, but she was behind the register so I didnt wanna bother her. Its funny how UniQlo has gotten rid of almost all the people that used to work there and hired a whole new staff. WTF are they trying to do? Hmmmmm... I wonder, Anyway deciding to immediately move on we headed towards the train station on Prince St.
Chapter SEVEN:
Before we got to Applebees I withdrew and extra Dub outta my account so that I can be sure I have enough to eat. We sat down and were both on our phones for the entire time that we waited for our food^Goin Hard on that Brick Breaker Game^

^This is exactly why they call these things CrackBerrys^

^This is what we ate. Dont be fooled by the bad pics, It was DOPE!^
OverAll it was a great day spent with my lil man. I know your Jealous lol
Stay up and Stay tuned I got some good stuff comin ya way.

Monday, January 26, 2009

About Me (28 Facts about Eno)

I've been seeing people post things about themselves in list form, whether it be here or on Facebook or anywhere. I love reading things like that because it gives you a lil more on that person. So I figured I can do that too... so I guess these are things people may not know about me:

-I got my first job at the age of 19 or 20 (I don't even fully remember anymore)
-I say I hate Kids (anything older than 5) and I mean it, But I love baby Kenny like crazy.
-My Bank account stay on E, but I get my money anyway I can.
-I've only had one serious Girlfriend in my whole life, but I've got a shit load of female friends.
-I Love Sex but I tend to be selfish with it (sometimes), you figure out what that means for ya self.
-I'm scared to fall in Love again cause it never ends in a death bed next to your spouse.
-Theres only 2 couple on this entire planet that I idolize, and I Bet you a billion dollars you'll never guess who they are
-I'm a Huge Sneaker Fanatic, and even though I hate where the sneaker game is now I still have an undying love for kicks.
-I wish I could live life knowing that I'm not gonna lose another family member or friend but we all know life is a bitch.
-I don't care what anyone Thinks about me except for (in a very slight sense) my mom.
-In 21 years of living I've never nor will I ever succumb to Peer pressure.
-I love my mom more than I love myself and I honestly cant see what she sees in my father.
-My father is the reason I'm scared to be a father.
-I've smoked weed about 4 or 5 times but I've only been High Once, I don't inhale properly.
-I've never been in a fight, but damn I be itchin to start one.
-I wish I was funnier and a lil bit taller lol
-I feel I'm smarter than so many people.
-I eat my cereal with Warm Milk, yea I know weird
-I have soft hands and I love it. Don't get it twisted I wont hesitate to ball em up and shoot the 5 witchu.
-I use to keep a journal but one day a teacher read it, exposed me and I didn't write another one for about 6 or 7 years Till about 2 years ago... but I still don't write in it as often as I used to.
-My handwriting is good enough to pass for a females handwriting.
-I love writing so much that one day I offered to write one of Perses' essays for school. He passed with flying colors lol.
-I miss my dreads like crazy, I just love havin long hair
-I am Lazy as Hell!
-I graduated with an English Award... but I am a terrible speller.
-I'm an old soul, but i'll always be a Kid at Heart.
-It took 5 years and 3 different High Schools for me to graduate.
-As outgoin as I may seem im still a shy guy slowly comin out of his shell.

You wanna know more?
Stay up Folks, and Stay Tuned.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Luck Buds (Fin)

So back to lecture at Hand:
Countless times I've been in a situation where I play the nice guy... Aight who am I kiddin'? I am the nice Guy. And so I treat these broads with kindness and respect and it ends up blowin up in my face. Follow what I'm sayin?
Peep Game:
You Ever been in a situation where you talkin to shorty and things are goin good? You done thought to yourself: "Nah this one is different, I don't mind payin her way" and after about $125 (A nice pair of Effin kicks) spent on dates, time spent, and countless hours of Phone Bonin' like we 15, you ask her "So whats Good?" (Meanin' you tryna see if anything permanent can come from this whole ordeal) and she gives you some Jive response like "I'm not really lookin for anything serious right now" or "I mean I like you but we just friends... I aint feelin you like that" DAMN B! ^ Look at this lil nigga here... Baby Eno? ^
That Shit Blows my High every time. So then me being the respectful young man that I am I respect shorty's Bullshit excuse and keep it movin.
For those of you who have been on this sinking boat, doesn't it kill you to find out that right after you done let it burn you hear about her either:
-Bein pregnant by some nigga she just met in the club last week? or
-Bein in a relationship with some lame she just met on the bus yesterday? or
-Bein engaged to some prick she saw on myspace 3 hours ago? or
-Married to the guy that she swore she hated from High School?
I'm 21 years old ma, trust me I aint gonna cry if you tell me "Yo I aint really feelin you like that and seein as how you aint as cute as I'd like my spouse to be I don't think it'll work" YO I'd respect that so much it aint even funny. I mean be real, we all vain (Me included) so just keep it real, dont have me spendin wild bread on you (Not that I mind if I feel a female might possibly be mine soon) and takin you around the world only to get the short end of the stick once you realize that my intention was to make you my lady. You taking that free ride for as long as it last just to get off and say "It was fun but I'm good" is foul.
The reason I'm bringin this all up is cause there was this girl, and It was more than clear I was feelin her, we spent some time together, went out and even almost went all the way one night. I (Bein the dickhead you all know and Love) thought she was feelin me too, but when the big moment came and I asked wassup She hit me with the "Nah I aint lookin for a man right now" Word? So why 2 months Later you got your sonogram up on myspace and showin off pics of you and your man all over the place. I mean whatever floats her boat right? But this aint the first time it Happened, I remember this other joint I had met at work was a cutie, so I applied the smooth operator method and bagged (Thank God I aint spend money on this one) and I had a good time with her for a while. Things were good, we were havin fun with each other and all was well, but before I even said anything about anything serious she told me nothin was gonna go down because of her current relationship status and cause we worked together. I was tight cause it all seemed coo just a week ago but once again I respected it. So I left that job only to hear through the Great Vine that the same girl who just shut me down: is toppin niggas from work off at parties, lettin niggas at work have thier way with her and doin God knows what else with just any and every other nigga in the break room. DAMN B! But you know what its all good.
For those of you who were wondering and concerened NO I am not gonna be a father soon, the reason I said that was because of the shorty who is now flaunting both her gay boyfriend and her growing stomach on Myspace, If you cant understand why thats my baby (In a sense) then you just havin been paying attention. Theres way more incidents like these but the post is already wild long and I've already come off as a women hating fag lol.
So with all that Said Im Out meng, Ya be coo like winter's end.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Luck Buds (Cont'd)

Aight so Peep Game, Its understood that women (ESPECIALLY When vulnerable) settle for things that they wouldn't settle for under normal circumstances.

I.E. My mans, who is the father of 7 became a father in a completely different way than the conventional method. See here's what happens:
1. Girl meets Guy
2. Girl really really likes Guy
3. Girl thinks: "This guy is no different than all the others, if I give him some ass He'll be in love and finally I will have trapped a man and made him mine so that I don't have to be single anymore!"


You see this is where many girls eff up. They don't realize that me and my niggas are WAY different than the rest. We aint the lames that think "Oh I got the buns, I need to wife her" so when they realize that they just gave it up (WILLINGLY) and didn't get anything out of it other than the obvious they get upset and think "EFF it, imma just move on to the next nigga and if he wanna get in me he need to put a ring on my finger" and guess what? The next nigga is so lame and desperate that he actually does wife it. (This explains Ugly pregnant women) This Ladies and Gentleman is where the (what I like to call) "Good Luck Chuck syndrome" comes into play. Have I lost you yet? Allow me to explain:

See we men (me and my boy) become Good Luck Chuck because after dealing with us, Females tend to either get wifed up or pregnant seeing as how they were devastated that they didn't get us. (Call it Cocky if you want but its the truth) So in lam en terms what happens is Shorty was on the rebound, and vulnerable so all it took was for some lame to be at the right place, at the right time, to say something which at the moment sounded like the right thing. So the reason I say my man is the unproud father of 7 is because technically speaking each child is a child that would have been his had he just let shorty win and let her trap him? Get it?

So in My case, its similar.....
You see with Me its more like:

The end of the greatest story ever told is well on its Way!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letter to my Unborn Child

Hey there little Boy or Girl, Its your Daddy. I wanted to come by and have a word or two with you. I've always wanted to have a word with my child before he or she was born, so I guess this is as good a time as any. I've always been scared of this moment because I have NO idea what to expect, in so many ways I'm still scared. You see I've always had a father but only in a physical form, and while more than many people would kill to have that, to me its not much different than having a father that's not around. I guess what I'm saying is I'm scared to be the father to you that my father was and is to me.

I've always thought that having a kid automatically made a person/parent mature, and I already consider myself to be a very mature young man But I'm sure it takes more than just maturity to be the worlds greatest dad. I want you to be a clown just like me, a good person just like me, but more than anything I want you to be better than me. I want you to excel in all the things that I didn't. I hope and Pray that your born a boy but if your a girl I'd still love you just as much.

I'm not ready for you but I'm here to promise that I'll do my very best, and I promise you that you'll meet death before you meet harm. I hope that you Live for as long as you want, while I see to it that you shall not want for as long as you live.

Im beyond nervous but I guess this had to happen sometime so I guess I cant wait to see what your like. Well I'll be here when you arrive so untill we meet this is for you
My UnBorn Child.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck Buds

YO MAN! Anybody ever see the movie "Good Luck Chuck" starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba? Aight well for those who haven't, its a Movie about a guy who was cursed as a child at a little kids party while playing 'Spin the Bottle' or some childish game of the sort. Anyway moving on, pretty much the curse that was bestowed on him (Chuck) was as follows: Any and ever woman who fell for him from that moment on was destined to leave him and fall madly in love and marry the guy that she would date after Chuck. So pretty much its was called "Good Luck Chuck" because Chuck was just the lucky stepping stone (for women) that ultimately led to thier one True Love, The Next Guy.

Well Folks I am here to testify that the curse in that movie was based on a hard to believe yet very true Illness or virus or whatever you choose to call it.

Allow me to explain:
I have a friend (who shall remain Nameless) who is the not so proud father of 7 children. The reason he's Not so Proud is because none of the aformentioned 7 children are his but really they are..... Confused yet?

It gets better

I, Your Host, and favorite person of all Time Eno Bull am expecting my first child as well. Although it is my first child (Sortof) it is not the first time I find myself in a similar situation.

Alow me to Explain....

in the mean time go and do a lil more reasearch on "Good Luck Chuck" if your not already familiar with it.

Stay Tuned for the greatest story ever Told!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just My Luck!

Whats new everybody? This blog is slightly a dedication to you (the reader) and it is also a slight way for me to vent. First and foremost, thank you to all of you who read my blog on a regular basis: Jemeka (especially You) Roxanna, Devo, PlayLand, Dwayne, Hernan and on occasions Ty. If I left you out, my most sincere and humble apologies.

Anyway, you ever had one of those days? You know the kind of day where nothing really seems to go your way? I'm sure you have. Well for me its been one of those days, better yet scratch that, its been one of those Lives. lol Yes I said 'Lives' Its just my luck.

Allow me to explain the inspiration for this particular topic:
You see I recently got down with the BlackBerry movement (I must admit, I was sleeping on the BlackBerry phones but I am very happy, hooked, and impressed with mine) and its been real coo. I got it on Friday and all was well, but around 8pm on Saturday the track ball stopped working. Now to all of you BB users out there you know its nearly impossible to use the phone without the trackball... so anyway I called T-Mobile and saw what they could do for me: after calling about 3 times due to being given useless solutions I decided I'd give up and actually go to a T-Mobile store and have them fix it there when I got back in town from Virginia.

I went to Virginia around 2am on Sunday morning to take PlayLand to school. (I'm more proud of you than words can begin to explain lil bro.) So now its Monday and I'm back.

First I went to an Authorized payment center to see what they can do and they sent me to a T-Mobile dealer up the block. The dealer sent me to one of those moms and pops shops and they told me that they don't fix phones lol. So I decided to hit up the Video Game/CellPhone/DVD/Rental/Electronics repair spot on the corner of my block lol. The dude behind the counter told me it cost $60 to fix the problem. I didn't think it was too bad but seeing as how this was the first place to give me a price I'd go shop around for other places and compare prices.

So I ended up going to 3rd Ave to those dudes that have that low budget commercial about fixing phones and paying bills or what not. The dude behind that counter said it would cost $59.99. So I figured "eff it I'm already here makes no sense to go back to the block and pay the last man a penny extra" (trust me I'm not that cheap -- its not really about the one cent difference)

Now these people have my phone and I'm going through major withdrawals. I have to go back around 4 to pick it up and its only 2:17 right now. LMAO.... My severe dependence on my material possessions is partially to blame. I cant leave my house without having my iPod (which also has to be repaired) or Cell phone on me. But when it all comes down to it I say "Its just my luck" I just get a phone and 3 days later it has to be repaired and I'm the type of person to take care of my things as if they were the only things on the planet. Yet I have a cousin who shall remain nameless who doesn't take care of ANYTHING and he's rarely if ever in the situations that I find myself in.

But its not just my phone, Its everything lol, (hence me saying earlier: "Scratch that, its been one of those Lives") like you ever leave your house and realize that as your ready to swipe your metro card you forgot your wallet at home? Have you ever been pulled off a train by undercover cops for walking in between the train doors, yet the bums, homeless nigga, and kids that sell candy don't ever get caught? have you ever JUST missed the last croissant at Donkin Donuts when you've been craving that breakfast sandwich for the past 3 days? Paid your Hard Earned dollar for a Juice that you desperately need to a vending machine and the machine steals your money? Or maybe you were Positive that your appointment was Tuesday at 3 and it was actually Monday at 1? LMAO, if this happens to you (this is where the dedication aspect of the post comes into play) YOU ARE NOT ALONE like Michael Jackson said. Next time your having one of these days do what I do. Stop, Think of this post and say to yourself "I'm not the only one who's ever had a bad day, nor will I be the last, and there is people with way worse problem in the world" Then smile/laugh and think to yourself "Hey at least I have way better luck than Eno" lol Trust me folks you can only go up when your stuck on the bottom.

Stay Up and Stay tuned. And to all you BlackBerry Users out there Hit me up if you wanna holla @ me on BB Messenger. I'd Give you my pin but I don't know it by heart nor do I have my phone on me So just email me yours ( or whatever. Later Gators

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where You From?

*I'm from the Jungle....*
*Where we sit on peoples cars while we eatin Chinese food*
*I never been to a real concert but my mans system has been on the block @ Concert Volumn*
*I'm from the Land where Puerto Ricans drive Loud ass Honda Civics*
*Yankee fitteds are a must I don't rep that Queens team*
*We Rep that 5... And that 2, 4, 6, and that D Train*
*We ride that Iron Horse Like erryday*
*A metro card is the equivalence of car keys*
*Fordham is the closest thing we've ever had to a Mall, Cause Lord knows only lames are caught at One 6 One*
*The place where you don't have to Smoke to get high, Catchin contact in your Hallway is Enough to fly*
*Summer time means we wearing Oh-Lah's and some white Air Forces, White Tees drinking Quarter waters and Icies*
*Kids Playin' in the Pump, Til the FDNY came to shut down the party*
*And remember when we used to go to the Pool @ Roberto Clemente*
*Winter means we layer with Jackets and Hoodies, Skullys and Timbs*
*Hip Hop started in my Backyard and my neighbors are Proud like the parents of a Med School Graduate*
*And I'm still not a Player, I just crush a lot. We Miss Pun a lot*
*We sit on the stoop discussin' everything from Losin' our Virginity to who's the best rapper and Sports*
*We play Ball in the street till someone yells "CAR!"*
*Like any Jungle we have mating calls and it usually sounds like: "S'cuse me baby, can I holla?"*
*Mating season is every 3 months*
*I use to go to school just to see what my friends were up to. Cuttin' class is when we learned to cut ass*
*And if a man said He wanted 5 minutes in the bathroom with you It wasn't anything Gay nor sweet Intended*
*Remember Sonny sayin' "Now Yous Can't Leave."?*
*Out here life aint sweet, but it sure is fun*
*Better not be at Claremont Day if you aint got a Gun*
*We still say Ayo, and No Homo, lol*
*My Slang is unique, that's word to the street light*
*On the strength of the Bodega, I'm bout to come see this nigga tryna play me*
*We say things like "Chill B," and in Soundview its "Nah Mo"*
*The Wolves are hungry and they find food at any cost*
*But we still handsome young men, we in the barber shop every 10-15 days*
*We got a lot of Hills especially the ones under the Gun and and the Castle*
*I live in a Jungle....*
*One with Lions, Gorillas, Snakes, and Birds*
*I'm from the Bronx, you wipe ya feet, before you come in my house. So If your an out of towner I suggest you Bounce*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2000&GRIND (Cont'd) Julie's BDay

Yo Man, I could be here for years tellin you how much fun I had this weekend. So I'll just spare all of us the Hours of reading and allow each of the following pics to tell thier own story.

Just a lil description: Julie's Birthday (Jan. 4th) was celebrated over the course of Friday through Sunday. (Technically No pics of Sunday) So the weekend consisted of:
-A lot of beautiful women
-A lot of alchahol
-A lot of dancin and all else you could think of.
With all that Said we begin with pics of Friday Night. (The Whisky Bar) These are exactly the kind of pictures that would get me in trouble with my girl if I had one. lol

^ This is how I started my evenin' ^
^ Funky Fresh, Dressed to Impress! Its Needless to say I was already feelin a lil Nice ^

^ Killa, Myself and Mylez, in the whip en-route ^

^ It must have been a lil under 20 degrees that night ^

^ The ladies came out to celebrate Julie's 24th ^

^ We got it poppin soon as we walked in ^

^ Yea Perse! ^

^ This is my Family ^

^ Killa Ken & Eno Bull ^

^ Look Like Rude Boy Shotta ^

^ Let her Rock it was her Birthday ^

^ & Now Camera 3 ^
^You Got Money.... ^

^... And you Know it... ^

^.. Take it Out ya pocket and Show It! ^
My fav. pic of myself Thus Far

^ Me and Sir Persy Jones ^

^ Dont Hurt em' Cel! ^

^Umm... So... lol ^

^ Dancin wit Cel again ^

^ I swear I dont remember takin this Pic lol ^

^ Stace, Me and Cel ^

^ Dancin (looks like im sleep walkin) wit Tanika ^

^ They call him Severe Jones ^

^ On my John Travolta Ish ^

^ Mr. Buddy Mylez ^

^ The Girls lookin Beautiful @ Zip Code (This was Saturday) ^
We didnt take much Pics @ Zip Code, But it was a good Look. Lotta Ladies, good Music, over all good evening. After about 2 hours of partyin' we took the party back to Julie's crib!

^ Jun @ the After Party ^

^ You should already be familiar with these faces ^
^ Bianca and The Birthday Girl ^

^ Julie wore a Tu Tu for Part II of her Birthday. ^

^ Tiff ready for sleep for the next 48 hours ^

^ Lindsay Havin a Good Ol Time. ^

^ End of The weekend... I call this one "Bopped" ^
Stay Tuned folks, It only gets Better!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


What can I say about New Years Eve and New Years day? There's not very much to actually Say... I'd just like to Thank God For all he's ever given me. Especially my Mom, my Brother, my Father.... EVERY single member of my ridiculously huge Family, Here or not, be it in spirit or in person. If you know me you know Family is one of the most important things in my life, and no day in the year is bigger for me (and us) than New Years Eve. For every friend that I've gained on my journey of life that has yet to and possibly never will stab me in the back I thank Him. With another year gone I can only hope that the good Lord continues to feel merciful enough to allow me to open my eyes each morning. Happy New Years everyone, I hope ya enjoy these Pics as much as I Do
^ From the Ascot to the Ass Cot Damn Im Fly! ^

^Ms. Buddy Mylez himself lookin quite Dapper Don ^

^ L to R: Julie, Yours Truly, (Slightly) PlayLand, and Tiff-Star ^

^ Who is that Gorgeous Son of a Gun? ^

^ Mylez caught off Guard... I think ^

^ By Far one of my Favorite Pictures Ever! ^

^ Dueces ^

^ OGB.. Dem Shades is MEAN! ^

^ Very Candid ^

^ Staight up in Ya Motha Effin Face ^

^ I must say, I feel Handsome. ^

^ Yea... Handsome ^

^ I love this man. ^

^ 3 Brothers ^

^ Squad Deep, and we all Blood ^

^ Killa and Imani ^

^ End of the Night. If you dont know who these 3 men are, you just aint Been payin attention ^
Over all good Night.
You know the sign off Slogan!