Friday, October 12, 2012

If she Wanna Act like a Man...

.... Well then Cot dammit she gonna be treated like one!

What's goin on folks?
It's funny to me that we live in a world today where News travels faster than the speed of light and sound! Lol. Pretty soon there will be no need for Network Television News stations or reporters because everything ends up on World Star and YouTube as the event or situation is unfolding.
So it's no surprise that living in today's world of viral video, I woke up to a shocking news report today of a "teen" girl catching a Text Book UpperCut to the jaw by a bus driver, on a bus in Cleveland Ohio! LMFAO! Son, if you haven't seen it go do so now please.
And please excuse my outburst of laughter cause now that I put my status up on facebook it just got real. So no more laughter, I'm gonna break this situation down in common sense to you.
If you still disagree with me afterwards then I invite you to a one on one discussion however you'd prefer, either through the comments of this post or via my email, whatever!

Now, the situation:
A VERBAL altercation on a Public City bus. A young lady is screaming, yelling, and using profanity towards a male bus driver. I can't say what the altercation was about because when the video started, the argument had already been in process.
The young lady is now threatening the bus driver and then goes as far as to ball up her fist and hit the bus driver in the face.
Now, the Bus driver get's out of his seat, adjusts his stance, get's his balance, squares off and delivers the cleanest uppercut I've ever witnessed to the young lady's jaw causing her head to sit parallel with her spinal cord!
And scene.

Now, for those of you who are saying the bus driver is wrong in this situation, this blog post is for you.
First and foremost I am here to tell you that he was NOT wrong and now I will tell you why.
See society has this distorted way of telling us that "A man can't hit a woman" and many of the women in society take that cliche to the extreme. That unwritten law should indeed say: "A man SHOULDN'T hit a woman, unless of course the woman is acting like a man, in which case by all means, go Tyson and Hollyfield on her ass!"
But let me not get too far ahead of myself. I say this because there's always an argument that women want to be treated as equals. In the workplace, in the household, in society period, all these women want is to be looked at as equal counterparts to men. I feel that is valid and I agree with it 100% percent. According to the Bible, Eve came from Adam's ribs. From his side, so that she can stand next to him as an equal. Not from his feet so that he may step on her and not from the crown of his head so that she can rule above him. EQUAL! Right? Ok. So then let's talk equality. If we want things to be equal they MUST be equal across the board. If it is wrong for a man to put his hands on a woman then it should also be wrong for a woman to put her hands on a man, because that's what equal means, even across the board.
So in a situation like the one we find ourselves in now, why is the bus driver wrong?
The young girl put her hands on him first. And did we not all learn from a young age "If someone hits you, you hit them back."? Yes, I know for some of you that rule may not apply because the parties involved are adults, so let's use another law. For every action, there is a what? ....That's right, a Reaction. The reaction to a fist in the face in this case being an Uppercut.

So if you're still sitting there thinking the bus driver was wrong, hold on, I have more for you.
I ask you this: If the bus driver was a female, or if the teen girl was a teen boy, would you still feel the same way about this situation? Ahhhh, if you think you'd feel different then you're not thinkin: "EQUALITY."
 You've been brainwashed by society to believe that a man, should he find himself in such situation, sit back and take whatever is coming to him. A woman can stand in his face, yell at him, threaten him, hit him and spit on him and because he is a man and she is a woman he has to endure and walk away, right? WRONG!

Let me tell you something from Experience: I used to say to myself: "I would never hit a woman, that's just wrong" until one day when I found myself in the middle of a viscous brawl outside of a club with my cousins and friends.
I was one out of possibly 22 or 24 people fighting and there were more women involved then men. I didn't wanna hit any women but there were at least 4 or 5 coming at me in full force at the same time. So what was I supposed to do? Get jumped by a bunch of bitches? Hell no. I retaliated. (Again, for every action there is a reaction) So I reacted, still gentle at first. I simply placed my open palm in the middle of their chests and pushed them down on their asses. They kept getting up so I kept putting them down. Finally from a blind side, one of them hit me over the head with a vodka bottle. And til this day I just thank God that it wasn't a Grey Goose bottle, cause those things don't break and there's a good chance that I wouldn't have lived to tell the story.

Now in this day and age I see that there are women out there that act just as barbaric if not more barbaric than men. So why is that okay? If she doesn't practice restraint, then why should he?
Ladies, I don't want to come off as an asshole when I tell you this, but we men are stronger than you!
Yes you bare and deliver our children, yes you are the strong mothers of the earth, yes you are beautiful strong creatures that deserve nothing but love and respect, HOWEVER, pound for pound, when it comes down to pure adrenalin, a man will put you on your ass and break it. I don't care how many times a week you go to the gym, how many Zumba classes you take or how many miles you run to get fit, a man will always be stronger than you. So why in the world would you provoke him to the point that he would hit you?

Look man, this is what I'm sayin: Men and women can and will be equal if people as a whole remember to see equality across the board. Equal despite age, gender, race etc. Equal is Equal across the board, not Equal with exceptions to the rules.
If you and I are both on the same roller-coaster sitting next to each other, regardless of our gender, you and I will still feel the same G-Forces when it drops correct? So if you black out to the point that you feel it is okay to hit me, then why is it that I am the one expected to practice restraint? Is it because I have a penis?
More power to the man that can walk away from a female rather than hit her, but I don't think it is wrong for him to put hands on her if she started the physical part of the altercation.

All in all, what happened on that bus in Cleveland Ohio is fine by me. There were women on that bus yelling out: "That's a female!" The bus driver responded "I don't care, if she wanna act like a man, she gonna be treated like a man"
Preach Bus Driver Brother! Preach!
Like my boy D said: "She forgot that he was a man that could fuck her up....He reminded her."
Pretty much!

She got in a mans face, and hit him. Regardless of man woman or child, as a human being you know right from wrong. You know that you are not supposed to put your hands on anyone, especially if you are gonna disrespect them and hit them in the face. Once that line has been crossed that's when all bets are off. Again, disrespect knows no age, or gender. Gandhi would have gotten his shit rocked just as well had he put his hands on someone.

If you disagree with anything I've said here, you are well within your rights to feel as such. Please feel free to comment here, or email me ( with any and all rebuttals.

Til then
Stay Up, and Stay Tuned!

Monday, October 1, 2012

2 Quarters

What's good all?

So yesterday, Sunday the 30th of September in the year of 2012, my main lady and my Queen turned 50 years old.
First and foremost I'd like to thank God for not only blessing me with the greatest mother to ever roam this Earth but also in blessing her with the opportunity to see her most desired milestone of a 50th birthday.

For my mother, a 50th birthday has always been a dream and has always been something she valued and cherished. Anytime any of my aunts or uncles have turned 50 my mom has been overly amused. A big part of this has always been because my grandmother, her mom passed at the age of 45. I've always heard my mom mention that and I know it's always had a huge impact on her life, thus giving it an impact on mine. 
Words can't begin to explain how much I love my mom and how happy I am to see her reach an age that few around her didn't get to see. As you may or may not know my uncle Ostin passed away a few years ago and was only 46. We all miss him dearly and I wish he had been here to see his cousin make it to an age that he would have already been had he still been with us. But yesterday was a day to be happy. My aunt and cousins set up a huge surprise dinner party (which she was very suspicious and expecting of all week) lol and it went off with a bang. 
I've told ya that I have a huge family right? We took up an entire restaurant minus the kitchen and one booth in the back! Lolol. I introduced Ash to almost all of em lol, but we would need a book of 150 pages to break down the whole family tree. Lol. Anyway I just wanna use this moment to wish my best friend, my mother a very Happy Birthday and I wanna wish her 100 happy more.

God Bless you mom, you've always been a great mother and friend. You did an amazing job raising 2 young men and I know God is always has and will always continue to look over you and bless you with all your desires. I've only been alive for exactly half of your 50 years, but I've been proud of you for all 50 of them! I love you, Happy birthday once again!

^Pops and the Birthday Girl^

 ^Buddy caught me mid Laugh^
So my smile is crazy here! Lol

 ^My Family^
LtoR: Me, Rudy, Keith,
Mom and Pops

 ^First Dance with Pops as^
a 50 year old.

 ^Told ya we filled up the whole restaurant^

 ^My mom and all her brothers^
LtoR: Elvis, Luis, Neto
and mom, the only Girl

^My uncle and his "Model's Eyebrow!"^ 

It was a great night filled with a lot of love and happiness. I'm so blessed to be a part of this family. Happy Birthday to my mommy once again, Love you girl!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!