Monday, January 12, 2009

Just My Luck!

Whats new everybody? This blog is slightly a dedication to you (the reader) and it is also a slight way for me to vent. First and foremost, thank you to all of you who read my blog on a regular basis: Jemeka (especially You) Roxanna, Devo, PlayLand, Dwayne, Hernan and on occasions Ty. If I left you out, my most sincere and humble apologies.

Anyway, you ever had one of those days? You know the kind of day where nothing really seems to go your way? I'm sure you have. Well for me its been one of those days, better yet scratch that, its been one of those Lives. lol Yes I said 'Lives' Its just my luck.

Allow me to explain the inspiration for this particular topic:
You see I recently got down with the BlackBerry movement (I must admit, I was sleeping on the BlackBerry phones but I am very happy, hooked, and impressed with mine) and its been real coo. I got it on Friday and all was well, but around 8pm on Saturday the track ball stopped working. Now to all of you BB users out there you know its nearly impossible to use the phone without the trackball... so anyway I called T-Mobile and saw what they could do for me: after calling about 3 times due to being given useless solutions I decided I'd give up and actually go to a T-Mobile store and have them fix it there when I got back in town from Virginia.

I went to Virginia around 2am on Sunday morning to take PlayLand to school. (I'm more proud of you than words can begin to explain lil bro.) So now its Monday and I'm back.

First I went to an Authorized payment center to see what they can do and they sent me to a T-Mobile dealer up the block. The dealer sent me to one of those moms and pops shops and they told me that they don't fix phones lol. So I decided to hit up the Video Game/CellPhone/DVD/Rental/Electronics repair spot on the corner of my block lol. The dude behind the counter told me it cost $60 to fix the problem. I didn't think it was too bad but seeing as how this was the first place to give me a price I'd go shop around for other places and compare prices.

So I ended up going to 3rd Ave to those dudes that have that low budget commercial about fixing phones and paying bills or what not. The dude behind that counter said it would cost $59.99. So I figured "eff it I'm already here makes no sense to go back to the block and pay the last man a penny extra" (trust me I'm not that cheap -- its not really about the one cent difference)

Now these people have my phone and I'm going through major withdrawals. I have to go back around 4 to pick it up and its only 2:17 right now. LMAO.... My severe dependence on my material possessions is partially to blame. I cant leave my house without having my iPod (which also has to be repaired) or Cell phone on me. But when it all comes down to it I say "Its just my luck" I just get a phone and 3 days later it has to be repaired and I'm the type of person to take care of my things as if they were the only things on the planet. Yet I have a cousin who shall remain nameless who doesn't take care of ANYTHING and he's rarely if ever in the situations that I find myself in.

But its not just my phone, Its everything lol, (hence me saying earlier: "Scratch that, its been one of those Lives") like you ever leave your house and realize that as your ready to swipe your metro card you forgot your wallet at home? Have you ever been pulled off a train by undercover cops for walking in between the train doors, yet the bums, homeless nigga, and kids that sell candy don't ever get caught? have you ever JUST missed the last croissant at Donkin Donuts when you've been craving that breakfast sandwich for the past 3 days? Paid your Hard Earned dollar for a Juice that you desperately need to a vending machine and the machine steals your money? Or maybe you were Positive that your appointment was Tuesday at 3 and it was actually Monday at 1? LMAO, if this happens to you (this is where the dedication aspect of the post comes into play) YOU ARE NOT ALONE like Michael Jackson said. Next time your having one of these days do what I do. Stop, Think of this post and say to yourself "I'm not the only one who's ever had a bad day, nor will I be the last, and there is people with way worse problem in the world" Then smile/laugh and think to yourself "Hey at least I have way better luck than Eno" lol Trust me folks you can only go up when your stuck on the bottom.

Stay Up and Stay tuned. And to all you BlackBerry Users out there Hit me up if you wanna holla @ me on BB Messenger. I'd Give you my pin but I don't know it by heart nor do I have my phone on me So just email me yours ( or whatever. Later Gators

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Jus Capital H said...

Werd Cuz I Feel This Post A 100...Especially Wen I Be Havin Those Wack Ass Days...