Monday, September 9, 2013

26 FOR 26


What's going on Bull Penners? How ya livin?
So... I've been 26 years old for the passed 26 days! Shame on you if you didn't wish me my happy birthday! Lol, Just playin with you.

Funny how things stay the same or change according to how you see things. By no means am I where I thought I'd be by 26, but I feel I'm way further than what I was last year. They say with age comes wisdom, well I feel it comes with experience and I feel I've experienced enough in the last year to make me much wiser for tomorrow. I feel That I've found the love of my life and life with her is so amazing. We're happy together and regardless of the bumps in the road, I'm extremely grateful for the journey. Glad to say that I've lost no friends in the passed year, in fact I made more.

You know how you say: "I'm gonna start doing this" and "I wanna start doing that?" Well I've started a few things since I've been 26. I'm still a photographer and what better way to further motivate myself than by hanging some of my favorite pictures on the wall!? I'm sure you're thinking: "Pictures on the wall? Big deal!" But actually, it is a big deal, it's a big deal to me because I've been saying that I'm going to start "printing photos and hang em on my wall" for years now. I have the picture I've had for the longest of my homegirls legs in my sneakers in the middle and I've printed a few 16x20's to put around it. A picture of Juno, a picture of me my baby and Juno in the park, a picture of some Jordan sneakers (Of course, right!?) and a lovely picture of my aunt and uncle that I took for them on the beach in Honduras for their 40th wedding anniversary last year. Soon to be hung up are the photos of other photographers who I know and respect, along with a few others of my own. Pictures of Rudy, a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and a whole bunch of other joints.

I also got my drivers license. I know I spoke a lot of smack about not getting it for a long time and honestly I would have gone much more time without it but my permit was about to expire on my birthday, and I for damn sure wasn't gonna be the one to renew my permit a second time! So it made more sense to me to go take my 5 hour class, take my road test and knock it out. I'm an amazing driver (regardless of whatever anyone tells you) so that was a quick 1, 2 thing. Can you believe they never caught my driving alone with nothing else but a permit for damn near 10 years!? Lol! Take that NYPD! Aight fine they caught me one time and gave me a ticket, but so what? I didn't get point taken off of anything, didn't see any jail time or none of that shit. Lucky or what?

As for photography, It's moving slow right now, but I plan on doing a few things to pick up the pace real soon to see that it is where I need it to be. But I did buy a eighteen hundred dollar lens! Lol, Yeah, hold dat. (Although I bought that when I was still 25.) I am also trying to take a course in crime scene photography. So let's see how that goes.
In my opinion the biggest change in my book at this stage in my life is the fact that I am now working out. I stepped on my scale 4 weeks ago and it told me that I weighed 292 lbs. I wasn't having that! I won't tell you how much I've lost cause truthfully I didn't even wanna tell ya that I've been working out. But yeah, I've been knockin out a lil over 7 miles each day, joggin' and walkin'. I've changed my diet and I'm trying to change my lifestyle all together. The goal is simply to look good in my clothes at this point next year. So by the time I'm 27 for 27 I can report that I kinda fell off but I've lost an entire 6th grade child weight wise. Lol. This is by far one of the more important things I've started in my life and I must say, it's actually very exciting. I won't give ya my diet or regimen cause according to how much weight I lose in a certain amount of time I just might want to sell my story when I'm done. Shhhhhhh... Don't tell nobody! Lol.

All in all, 26 is treating me swell and I am looking forward to the following 339 days of it. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for me that it goes according to my plan.

Well that's this post. Hope all has been well for you, my reader.
If it isn't, I can only promise you that tomorrow will come and hopefully it will be better for you.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Losing with Grace! (No Hair Can't Care)

What's going on Bull Penners?

I'm here to discuss a very serious topic that's effecting very many black men in America today.... That topic is Balding!

There must be something in the water. Either that or I'm just really getting old. Cause I'm seeing a lot of young men around me going lighter around the top, and not by choice!

Take it from a man of 26 who misses his afro, braids, dreads, all that good stuff, the baldie is not that bad! Lol. Anyone who knows me, knows that I loved my hair more than I loved most people. But, like all good things, my follicles came to an end! At least in some areas. So I had a decision to make, do I continue to let it grow and lie to myself like I don't have an opened sun roof? Keep it light and pretend I'm not thinking to myself "Oh man, I can see where the hair is falling out" OR do I chop it all off!?

That's right, I decided to chop it all off! And you know what? I love it.  Granted I have a pretty decent beard and can't stand the Rick Ross comparisons and references, but you know what? It's a hell of a lot better than walking around waiting to look like George Jefferson! Trust me fellas, I know how it goes, I know the attachment to your hair and the fear of being bald. But really why hold on to what's about to leave you? We've all seen the  the old man on the train with hair all around his head but none up top. The man who has 3 dreads left spaced out wide across his head, the dude with what I like to call the Michael Keaton, you know that look. Where the corners of the shape up are coming in for high tide! It doesn't look good. Plus look at all the great men in history that were bald: Taye Diggs, Common, DMX, Michael Jordan, Joe Zeigler (Google him) Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Vin Diesel and myself! C'mon b! You'd be in good company! Lolol

I'm just tryna help my brothers out. Cause at some point I guess we're all gonna go bald. At least those of us with bad hair genetics, like myself. Might as well beat Nature to the punch and say to that bitch: "Ha! I WON, BITCH!" Lmfao.
Cause let's be serious: which one of these looks would you prefer to rock with?

Bron Bron, no disrespect brother, you my nigga, but c'mon b! You know!?

See what I'm sayin?

Look at those of us with Baldies:

Don't we look much happier than this guy?:

Just something for ya to think about!

Also, it's so cost efficient. I used to go to the barbershop weekly. One week for a shape up: $10 and another week for the full cut: $15. That's $50 a month, which is $600 a year. Since I've been bald, I've probably been to the barber shop 3 times (in a year) and that's just to shape up my beard when I decide it's gotten to wild to tame myself. You know what I do with that $600 I'm savin? That's right, buy food and sneakers! You can of course buy whatever you want with your savings, I'm just lettin ya know what I did! Lol

Don't say that the Bull Pen never helped you with anything! Don't believe the hype; "Long Hair don't care" aint as poppin as "No Hair, Can't Care!" Lol.

That's my 2 cents on the subject. Take it or leave it.

Well that's my time, I gotta go be cool with my fresh ass baldie!


Stay Up and Stay Tuned!