Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sup folks, its 4:28am and I'm bored and wide awake. Don't really know what I'm doing here (on the blog) but since I'm here I guess I can let a few things spill outta my head! If You don't mind I think I'll share them with you in list form. Here we go:

  • I played Ball with the fellas today, and boy did it feel good! Plus I told myself I was gonna start working out soon, so that was a good prelude to that! Did you hear? there's a new Eno in town and I figured I'd give him a whole new body to go with the whole new attitude!
  • Literally just got a phone call as I'm typing this, "Hey Christina Baby!"
  • I can't wait to take this new default pic soon! I can't tell you what it is, you just gotta wait and see! but I can tell you this its gonna be really sexy and really provocative! Stay Tuned
  • I been thinkin a lot, about a few things, this car I want, these sneakers I wanna design, these tattoos I wanna get, etc. etc. If only you knew the amount of time I spend a day just thinkin!
  • I haven't bought a pair of sneakers in......... damn! I need a few new pairs!
  • I want my chain from "Good Wood NYC." Imma put the order in very soon!
  • My phone is off, and I hate it, with a severe passion, but I'll have it back on soon!
  • Summer 2010 is sooooo Poppin!
  • Tropicana Juice for the Win baby!
  • Speaking of which, I could go for some Pussy and some "Tropical Punch" NICE!
  • I wore my favorite shirt today. "Lemme see ya Pink"
  • I wanna get my iPod fixed but I'm scared they'll have to gut the music and that's something I'm not willing to go through.
  • I might have a girlfriend at the end of the summer, but first the wolf has to go on a few more hunts.
  • I need a new Yankee fitted. And a new custom "Eno Bull" fitted.
  • I love my niggas! Ay last one of you fools.
  • You should be scared of what I'm gonna do next.
  • You ever see or hear of someone changing over night? No, watch me lolol (Evil Grin) "New Eno Order" is now in effect.
  • I think I'll go to sleep now
So yea, I shared some random thoughts with ya! Hope ya enjoyed! Later fams!

 Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Say Good Bye

It been a while since I felt this way so imma let it all out in words, and this time I swear (to myself,) that imma follow through.

So I woke up this morning with a possible and highly likely to happen scenario in my head. And even in my head I was left with the short end of the stick, why? I'll tell you why, its this heavy ass, red, bloody heart of mine! The shit pumps blood for me and everyone else around me when it shouldn't. Let me be a lil more specific. I tend to be an asshole, but every now and then I forget the reason I am an asshole. The reason for me  being an asshole and having a frozen black heart with the world is simple; I will not allow myself to be hurt by anyone, and when you don't care for people and don't let too many people in the task of not lettin yourself get hurt is very easy! However even in knowing all this I find myself blinded at times, and realize I've allowed the heart to warm up again and 9 times out of 10 (It's really only been about twice that I can recently remember) I let the shit warm up to someone it has noooo business fuckin with.

Are you followin what I'm sayin? I hope so cause I aint gonna draw it out for you. But this all goes back to what I've said a million times before: "Nice guys always finish last." Shit, sometimes the muh fucker doesn't finish at all! And PLEASE do not give me that speech about how its not true, and how nice guys are rare and blah, blah, blah. blah, blah! Lets keep it real here, do we not live in the 21st century? Do we not live in a world where we root for the bad guy? Is this not the same cruel world where assholes and jerks are revered and become rich and the meek are overlooked somewhere silent in the corner? YES IT IS!

And in knowing all this you still choose to care about people you shouldn't aint that right Eno? But this is why we're here, this is the whole reason for this blog. I'm enjoying my summer but waking up like I did today kinda blew mine and put me in a sorta dark mood. So the best way for me to cheer up is by lettin it off my chest through words. Ya may not like this post, and ya may wanna talk to me about it, but know that I sincerely don't give two shits if you like it or not, and really I don't need to speak about it. I'm pretty sure as soon as I'm done typing this shit out, I'll feel a lot better and will begin applying "New Eno Order."

So with that said: Say GoodBye to the nice guy! The asshole that some of you have met is here to stay, you can like it or love it. Dueces muh fuckers!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CFK, My Big Bro

It occurred to me that this post is waaaaaaaaay Overdue! lol, So with that said, have a seat and enjoy what I'm about to share wit yo asses! lol

Many of you take the time out to tell me how much you like and or enjoy my photography. One time a friend even told me "I would buy your pictures and hang them up in my house if I could" lol, I really didn't even know how to accept that. Of course I am humble and I appreciate it. This is because I have always admired and have had a love for art. I've considered myself an artist since I've been a child, so when I picked up the photography, it was ALMOST second nature. I say almost because it wasn't actually second Nature til I met Chris.

I met Chris (CFK Photography which you've heard me mention a few times before on the blog) through a mutual friend. He was already an amazing photographer for a while by the time I met him, and I explained to him that i wanted to be a photographer myself. I remember him asking me if I had any work that I could show him and all I had was about 2 picture I took of myself with my lil Sony Digi Cam, lol, remember that bruh? He then told me, you can be a photographer, but you can't be a photographer without a camera! Lolol, needless to say I was a liiiil embarrassed but I knew it was true. So he set up a few shoots where I would be his assistant. I don't know if he knows it but I was SUPER DUPER Stupid hyped when he text'd me one cold January morning saying something to the nature of "I know it's been a while since we were supposed to work, but I have a shoot and If you could come that would be cool" it must have been around 1am when he sent that and I was just chillen in my room. I said something like "Yea. no doubt, I can be there, what time" tryna play it cool. lol. He told me where to meet him in the next couple of hours and that we did.

Our first shoot (me as his assistant) was with Jackie Galante, one of the cutest lil things I had seen in quite a while. Prior to her showing up he was showing me all the different aspects of the camera and what makes a great picture, aside from lighting, there was the F-Stop, the Shutter speed, the ISO, and a few other things that had to do with the Lens, and of course the creative eye behind the camera itself. So Jackie arrived and I was in charge of holding up the reflector to help with the light since it wasn't the sunniest day, we then traveled to another location for the next two looks and that was our day! It was the most fun I'd had actually "working." I use quotes cause til this day I still don't consider it work.

So from there the rest is history. Chris instantly became my mentor in photography, and when I finally bought my own camera a few months later I took all he'd taught me and applied it to what I was doing.

Til this day I've been by Chris' side and he's been by mine Team MVP Baby! We've done, kids parties, weddings, fashion photo shoots, etc. etc. He knows I don;t like doing event photography, but he told me "Events are things you should do because the event fund the fun" and since then I've held that and I've had a different view on events. Remember when you told me that before Kamil and Lea's wedding bruh? You know it stuck with me right? lol

So I guess this post is more so an Ode to my big bro! To you Chris, thanks a mil man, I been here next to you this past year and a half and I will be here til you get tired of me and fire me bruh! lolol. I went from Intern to assistant, and I still feel greatly accomplished now when you introduce me as your partner lol. Thanks again man, if I haven't fully expressed how grateful I am for having you as my teacher this is it right here.

Check out some of Chris' joints:

^Ya remember Alex right?^
It was hotter than Hell's Basement this day! lol

^This is Yayoi^
and she is as cool as she is Beautiful

^Ms. Crystal^
One if his more recent images, I love this one
Crazy day, remember this one Team MVP?

^I don't know if Chris names his images^
But I call this one "Dungeon Beauty" lol

^Fallen Angel^
No words! 

^Check out my man's alter Ego^
I hope I can get one someday lol.

^Nym Dot^
The big Homie!

And these Last 2 are from Jenna's "Addiction" shoot. "Addiction" is an on going series that Chris does. Its usually an addiction to something that has to do with fashion or elements of it. It promises to be DOPE, no Pun intended lolol.

^Jen's Addiction^
hmmm, that arm looks familiar

^Jen's overdose^


So as you can see, I need to step it up and catch up to my big bro! lol. But agian Thanks Chris, as for the rest of ya, check out his work here: CFK Photography enjoy.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Black Folks

What's Good ya? This Post is really just pics of me and the Fellas! There's no major story behind this post. Just wanna say these are the people I can spend a Saturday night with, doing nothing at all and be just fine with that! Couple of drinks, jokes, stories and Chillen on the stoop?! Sign me up! lol So allow me to re introduce my Team.









Goon Like Ish
Always see me with at least 2 girls like
Jack Tripper

Nights on the Stoop!

So for those of you who weren't familiar with my Squad, (minus a few) here They are!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh Ok, I Feel you. My Fault!

On 2 separate occasions I was talkin to my brothers Deascent and Mylez and its so funny how girls naturally become part of any convo we're ever havin! (We're guys, let us be) Lol. So its funny cause the other day Mylez got up and came back to find a young lady sitting in his seat. So he jokingly asks me: "Yo man, how you play me like that and let her take my seat?" and I jokingly reply: "My fault my Nigga, she topped me off tho, I couldn't say no" he then replied with "Oh ok, Yea, I feel you, My fault" and proceeded to give me 5. LMFAO!

While talkin to Deascent I explain to him "Yo bruh, my fault for not callin you back, I headed out and got home mad late" he said "Nevermind, I'm dead now cause of you"  lolol. I then said "My fault man I got in late" he asked "Was it poonts?" I said "Yes, yes indeed it was poonts" he simply said "Outstanding" Lmfaoooo!

You see whats going on here folks?: Me and my brothers are not only firm believers but firm followers of the "Bro's before Hoes" rule. But we also understand that a man cannot live on bread alone. Lmao. Tellin your boys something along the lines of "My fault my nigga, I was gettin my helmet shinned" or "Son, shorty was puttin it on me like a mother dressing a toddler" or even "I had butt on deck" is always understood by the fellas. Or at least it should, so long as its not done too excessively.

Now ladies, is it the same with ya? This is not hypothetical... I really wanna know! lol. So get back to me.

Stay Up, Stay Tuned, Stay Laid!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

Ahhhhhhh Monday! I gotta admit ya'll the whole reason I started the "Summer in NYC" sub-blog was to force myself to have something to do almost everyday of the summer. I didn't believe I would actually be gettin my broke ass up and doing something for the better portion of every week. Needless to say due to my great friends (which will be mentioned on this post) I've been having a great Summer and something tells me its only gonna get better before its over.

July 3rd:
A few days ago my brother Dwayne hit me up on twitter and invited me to me to his cookout... Now I love hanging out with my boys period, but this nigga D can host a BBQ, its always one you don't wanna miss. So naturally you know I couldn't miss that. He called to remind me and I was already 10 steps ahead of him.... I showered, got dressed and headed out.
When I got there Will (another one of my boys 10 years strong) was already there along with Ms. Terry, D's lil Bros and a few aunts and grandma. I had a dope Hot dog and some CapriSuns mmmmmmmm CapriSuns (Homer Voice) lolol. Soon after that Fray (Another one of my boys 10 years strong) showed up with his Boy Mike and Katie showed up too. Don't exactly remember what the order was. lol But all in all it was a great cookout. See for yourself:

^There goes our Host^
My Man (Denzel voice) Dwayne

^Get that Camera outta My Face^

^Will--Trust me he aint White^

^D and one of his Lil Brothers^
He's almost taller than both of us lol.

^Somebody started a Water Balloon Fight^
Nigga I was out! lol

^Look at Ms. Terry^
I see you girl GIT IT!

^I still say that Steak aint real^
Peep Will's hand for comparison

^I don't Know^ 

She's super cool, I love giving her 
a hard time! lol

^There goes D's Pops, Rich^
He taught us a new way to
give the middle Finger lol.
Super cool pops right there.

^My Boy Fray^
We got the same Tat on the wrist.

^Grill is poppin!^
Quesadillas, BBQ Chicken and Will's
Hand again lolol.

It was a super dope day, I didn't wanna leave but duty called and I had to go shoot a part of Jayo's video. So after forcin myself to get up and leave Dwayne's cookout that's what I did...

It wasn't all Bad, after that was done, Reg, Buddy, Jun and I hit Applebees:

^Reg, Black as Night!^
I swear we are Slaves to these phones

^Buddy Mylez^
Waiting for his Food

^Get that Camera outta my Face!^

^You know I effs with juice Heavy^

^Reg got that Steak^
Looks Good!

^I think Mylez got kind of Pene^
Looks good tho
^My Philly Burger was mos def Poppin^
I recommend it.

^Time for the Bill^

^Later in the Evening^
Clockwise from left
Dirt, Perse, and Jayo!

You know me, any time spent with my fam is a good time! And I had a whole day with em all!

July 4th:
So yesterday, like Saturday I REFUSED to be in the house despite not having any plans.... Mylez and some of the fellas played ball but I missed that call so I couldn't make it. But I spoke with my Isha Baby and she planned a last minute cookout... Shiiiiiiit, I was with it... I showered, hit my closet, picked up my shades and my fedora and met her on the corner.
From there we went to go pick up Arshon and the day began! It was way dope!

^In my room right after I got dressed^

^First fire of the day^
It's now 6:10pm lol so what if 
we started late lol

^Let that CocoLoso Chill^
Some good stuff right there

^Gorgeous baby girl Jay^
I don't think she liked Isha Baby's
Reggae music lolol

^Got a game of Spades goin^
Nevermind Deana's red nail Polish lol

^My hand sucks^
But I bet I'll make everything walk!

^I'll have another Cup please^

^Some FireCrackers^

^That Shit there was goooood Boy!^
I had like 3 plates!

^Sky Looked Beautiful^

^I love this Picture^

^3 Amigas^
Deana, Isha Baby and Arshon.

^Got some shots of some FireWorks^
Don't Judge me Niggas I was drunk! lmao

^That's my "CocoLoso" Face^

Ended the night on the phone with Tessina fr a lil while, and that was that.... So how was my Weekend? It was Greater than Tony the Tiger could ever tell! lol How was Yours?

Stay up and Stay Tuned
-Summer in NYC-