Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brothas Day Out

So heres the story of my day.
Chapter ONE:
I woke up around 10:45 and followed my morning routine, you know bathroom, wash up, and go back to bed for about another 40 minutes. My brother came into my room to pick up "The Dark Knight" DVD to watch AGAIN. lol Thats a great flick I wasn't even mad at him for that.
So when I woke up again, I watched the movie with him for the second time in 2 days, I saw it in theatres but I cant get tired of it. Anyway, I had told my mom I'd go get her an iPod today and I had asked Rudy if he wanted to go with me. He had said "Yes" so I asked "Do you want to go now or later?" He said "Later" so it wasnt till around 12 o'clock that we started getting ready.
Chapter TWO:
On the way to the train station I decided to have one of those big brother to little brother conversations with Rudy. What we spoke about is none of your Cot Damn Business, so nevermind what we discussed lol.
So our convo lasted for the duration of our trip. We went to 5th Ave because I was going to buy the iPod at the Apple Store, but my homegirl told me Cicuit City was having a Sale. So After I went to see her and a few other former co-workers at Saks we headed to Circuit City.
Chapter THREE:
We got to Ciruit City and the line was ridiculous. The whole entire store was on sale so that explained the line. So I picked up my moms Blue iPod Nano and headed to the 6 Train to head to SoHo. We were goin to SoHo cause Rudy wanted to buy himself some stuff.
"I'm Hungry, lets go to Burger King" he said. I said the same but I added "Burger King is Deep but its all Good" a few feet before the entrance to Rockefeller Center I said "I don't really want Burger King, I rather go out and Eat... Like Applebees" then asked "Does that sound Good?" and Rudy said "Yes it Does, Lets Do that" So we decided we'd Eat after our trip to SoHo. But Before all of that I asked my brother "You want to go see the Ferrari and Mercedes Dealership?" he said "hell yea, I've been dying to see a Ferrari" So I took him and we stood outside the dealerships looking at these cars, excuse me, These Beautiful Machines like kids outside of a Toy Store. (all the Car pics look low quality because I was scared an employee would come out and say "S'Cuse me you broke, ugly Nigger, If you cant afford these cars please refrain from taking Pictures and leave before we call the authorities)
^Ferrari Nuff Said^
^Maserati. AAOOWW^
^If you dont know what this one is then you must have a Vagina in your pants^
Chapter FOUR:
We proceeded to walk to the train, but since my camera was already out the bag I figured I'd keep snapping away.
^My Lil Man walkin Down Park Ave like he Owns It.^
^This is what all you lil niggas between the age of 15-18 should be dressed like. Not that Skinny Jeans and Asolo Boot Mess Ya wearin.^
^ Look At this Stylish Mutha Effer Here! Cot Damn I love that Hat^

Chapter FIVE:
So we got to SoHo and went to that sneaker spot thats nearest to Canal Street. "They dont have the joints that they had last time that I wanted" said Rudy. So I simply responded "So see what else they have that you like". He said "I like these but I dont wanna spend 80 on them," I said "You dont have to, they're 50% off" So he asked to see them in his size and tried them on.
^There Just So Him^

So after he paid for them we started walkin up Broadway, we were headed to UniQlo cause I wanted to see who I'd bump into. I said "I wanna see if my homegirl who use to work there is still there" and Rudy said "Cool" He pointed at 'Yellow Rat Bastard' and said "Thats the store I heard about, they might have something to match my sneakers" I said, "Yea I love that store lets go Check it Out."
^Graphic Tees For Days. He wanted a Batman Shirt Tho^

While he was going nuts looking for that shirt I was just looking. And I actually got lucky, I came across a book I had been looking for since a few months before my birthday. Its a book that I feel will help me with my photography. Its a Book called 'Its All Good' by a photgrapher named Boogie. Quick Back story on the book: A few months ago I was in Soho with the Fellas and walked into one of those Mom and Pops Clothing spots. Amongs all the clothing there was a table of books... books on miscellaneous subjects and amongs those was 'Its All Good' I immediately fell in love with the images and thier content but I didnt have the money to buy it at the time. So around my birthday I came back and didnt find it. So about a week and a half ago I was in Borders on 34th and realized they didnt have it so I ordered it. 2 Morning ago they called me and told me they had it and that they'd hold it till the 9th. But seeing as how YRB had it for 1/2 off I couldnt resist. lol. Anyway I highly recommend the book even if you dont care for photography its an amazing piece of work.
^Its All Good, If you hurry you can probably pick up my copy at 'Borders'^

Chapter SIX:
So we headed out and stopped at Old Navy before going into UniQlo, there Rudy found a nice lil Button-Up Shirt that quickly made me want to buy one of my own. lol But I didnt.
We walked into UniQlo but I didnt see anyone that I use to be cool with except for one girl, but she was behind the register so I didnt wanna bother her. Its funny how UniQlo has gotten rid of almost all the people that used to work there and hired a whole new staff. WTF are they trying to do? Hmmmmm... I wonder, Anyway deciding to immediately move on we headed towards the train station on Prince St.
Chapter SEVEN:
Before we got to Applebees I withdrew and extra Dub outta my account so that I can be sure I have enough to eat. We sat down and were both on our phones for the entire time that we waited for our food^Goin Hard on that Brick Breaker Game^

^This is exactly why they call these things CrackBerrys^

^This is what we ate. Dont be fooled by the bad pics, It was DOPE!^
OverAll it was a great day spent with my lil man. I know your Jealous lol
Stay up and Stay tuned I got some good stuff comin ya way.

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