Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yooo! What's good Fam? How was ya Thanksgiving? I hope ya ate like Mobsters before the "Unfortunate" death of an informant! lol I know I did...

Anyway, I'm not gonna speak much on Thanksgiving, I mean what can I possibly say that hasn't already been said about the holiday by everyone else? However I will say this: It was an amazing evening spent with my entire family. And if you know me you know that means the world to me. And Speaking of Family:


^Where it all Started^
2:30am? Keeping his parents up already lol.

"Dallas you say?" Yes! Lil Baby Dallas Anthony, my new nephew, the latest addition to the family.
So when I get home from the Thanksgiving celebration at my aunts house I get on the computer of course and  see whats goin on (like I aint know it would be a bunch of post TG reviews) on FaceBook and right before I decide to sign off I came across Perse's status message that read "Baby Time" hmmmm... So I thought, "Did his wifey go into labor?" The baby wasn't due for a few weeks, and I had just been joking with her about her water breaking that night... lol, But anyway I text'd Perse, discussed the situation with him and he explained to me that she was in labor at the hospital. I offered to drive over to be by their side but he told me it was too early. So I went to sleep and without missing a beat text'd him as soon as I woke up. Asked how things were coming along, hoping that I didn't miss the birth of my beautiful nephew. He told me he still hadn't been born so I told him that regardless of how long it took I was gonna show up and spend time at the hospital with them. So I chilled for a bit, got up, walked Juno and thats when the text came in "My son is here!" Naaaah man, you serious man? Shit! lol, I missed it, ahh well, I got ready, packed my camera bag and asked my pops to give me a ride to the hospital. When I got there I was kindly told that the patient (Perse's wifey) had been moved to another hospital..... "Thanks for telling me Perse!" (whispers under breath, "fuck") lol. So I go back outside, hop in a cab and head over to the new location. When I got there I told the lady at the front desk what the purpose of my visit was, she told me where to go and off I went to the third floor. I made a left at the elevator, right at the corridor and God knows what else before I found the room where my lil cuz in law lied in bed, while the new Daddy and grandma sitting along side of it hovered over my new nephew......

Damn son! My cousin got a son! It's such a crazy feeling... And if this is how happy I am for him, imagine how happy he is. I give my sis in law a kiss, give my aunt a kiss, give my cousin Perse dap and a hug like I aint seen him in 10 years man! And that's when I saw him, the man of the hour, all 6 pound 7 ounces of lil baby Dallas Anthony. That kid was white as hell boy! Lol. Looks just like all his fathers baby pictures lolol. I didn't carry him cause carrying new born babies scares the crap out of me.. lol but I did  speak to him and watched all the smiles in the room as I recorded his little movements and took pictures of him with his family.

I went outside the room with my cuz and hugged him again, so happy and proud that he's a new father. We chopped it up for a minute and went back to being in awe over the new life that has entered the world on the cold afternoon of November 26th, in the 2 thousandth and 10th year.

I mean I've seen my aunts have babies before, even my cuz Julie, and of course a few of my niggas, but Perse is like my big brother, (not that the rest of ya are not) so it felt different seeing him hold his own seed. No offense Julie lol.
I'm Still in awe, and for the most part don't really know what to say aside from the fact that I'm very happy, and proud of my cuz and his lady. Just another thing to thank the big man above for during the Thanksgiving holiday. I mean he was born on Black Friday, it can't possibly get better than that... So God, like I said last night: "I wanna thank you for blessing me with another day of life, I wanna thank you for my Parents, I wanna thank you for every last member of my huge family, and I especially want to thank you for bringing Dallas into this world today (yesterday) a completely healthy baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and making my family that much bigger." You the man God! Thank You!

 ^Baby Dallas and Daddy^
I would give ya more picture but they're being saved for the parents.


Welcome to the world Dallas Anthony.... You got a huuuuuuuge family, get ready for life with a bunch of crazy Hondurans lol.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned Folks.
P.S. For those of ya who don't know I have a huge infatuation with names and their meanings. I don't know why or when it even started, but something about names intrigues me, and theres something about the name Dallas That I Effin Love man! Great choice in naming him ya. I love ya. Take care of my nephew. Perse we already spoke so you already know. Later!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Frontin Force

Lmao... what's goin on Bull Penners? How's Life treating ya?

I was having yet another convo with my big bro Buddah. Like it often does the conversation came to a detour, that detour being the "Female" highway... Fellas, I know ya know been on that road many many times before. I spoke to him and as I was speaking to him I realized how many (please excuse my French) frontin ass bitches done fronted on the butt with me. Now don't get me wrong I get's mine, but every now and then I come across the one that talks a good game. So when it comes to the day where I'm supposed to come through and cash the check that their mouths wrote the shit bounces like a muh f*%#er!

Ladies this is what's called frontin... See, we're in a new day in age where girls do just as much talkin as some guys. Me personally, aint much talkin with me, I feel the element of surprise is much better. So I'm not gonna be sitting here telling you how imma put it on you and how imma do this and that. I'll give you an idea as to what may go down and assure you you'll enjoy it, but I aint gonna give you a menu. Imma surprise ya ass and put the food on the plate in front of you. So a few females I've come across recently have been playing this game saying shit like "Oh, wait til I catch you," "You not ready for this," "You gonna be fiening after I give you some of mine" blah to the blah blah blah.

Now as a man and a huge pervert I love this shit lol.. Of course! But here's where the problem comes in ladies: you say allll of that and I reply with a simple "Okay" and as soon as it's time to collect you on some "oh I was just playing," "Nah I can't today, I got a fart stuck in my ass" or "Nah, next week baby, I can't tonight." Don't get me wrong, I know for a fact that life happens and certain things prevent you from puttin my dick in your schedule, but BOTH times I ask tho? Yeah, there's rarely if ever a 3rd chance with Eno.

So I asked big bro "Ayo man, is there something I'm doing wrong? What about me is attracting such frontin ass women?" He replied with an "I don't know man, your one of the most honest and straight forward dudes I know... maybe it's cause your keeping it too real." I was confused and asked "There's a such thing as being Too real?" lol..... The convo went on but naturally I felt: "You can't be too Real.. Real is Real" I don't know...

But anyway, I say all that to say this: ladies, if you want the pipe it's as simple as saying so, and if you don't it's as simple as not saying things that will undoubtedly lead me to believe that you do. Get it? If you fronted on me and owe me butt you know who you are, I don't have to put your name out there for the world to know lol, I mean I'm a gentleman anyway, I wouldn't do that! But for the rest of you, I will leave you with this question: Is there a such thing as being too real? What did my bro mean when he said that? Do you agree with him? Why do you think  these girls are frontin? Okay its more than one question but help me out here lol.
Shout Outs to all of ya who kept it real and didn't hold out on the butt... I almost wanna put ya names out there cause the sex was good baby! I see you sittin there blushing, but lol, in the same respect I won't.

Stay up and Stay Tuned Folks!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What's going on with You?

Lol... before I begin this one lemme give ya my disclaimer: First and foremost this one maybe a lil stronger for whatever younger audience I may have! So under 18 may or may not be admitted without a parent, lol. There I said it.

Secondly, I'm not sure if I've touched this topic before but I didn't feel like going through the 216 post that came before this one. So if I've discussed this already I apologize but the topic came up again and I felt the need to discuss it.

On to the post.
This is a topic that's been hovering over my head for quite sometime... It doesn't bother me in the least but sooooo many people (male and female alike) tend to suffer from it. This is not an illnes or disability, but I guess it might as well be. You know what I'm talkin bout..... Trying to understand the opposite sex!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.... I didn't read that book, but the title pretty much summed it up for me. It's the truth.
Check this out on countless "Game Nights" with my cousins, aunts uncles and close friends, the topics of Cheating and the differences between men and women come up. All the girls get riled up, talking nonsense about how men do this, men say that, "I don't understand men." Well sweetheart from me (a man) to you (a woman) that's because you over thinking things. There's not much about us to "Understand" we're very simple, but that's another topic in itself. Meanwhile the fellas in the room have smirks and smiles on their faces, all thinking "We aint complicated to understand, It's ya who's hard to understand"
I usually stay quiet lol. Cause like I said "WE ARE NOT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND" But check this out fellas as sure as the sun will rise every morning there is a female reading this right now thinking the same exact thing about us. She's thinking "we're not difficult to understand either" am I right or am I right ladies?

 ^My contribution to the Trending Topic^

Which leads me to Twitter. As you may or may not know, Twitter has trending topics and every now and then people decide to go off on some of them. The new one that indirectly caught my eye this week was "#MistakesMenMake" of course the women are having a field day. As the men are having with "#MistakesWomenMake." Now I've had enough of all of this a long time, but I guess recently it's all just built up now I'm ready to let out one of life's secret which apparently the world hasn't figured out. You ready for this one?: As mentioned on my FaceBook months ago: "I've realized that Men will NEVER understand women. I've also realized that Women will NEVER understand men. guess what folks? It's like the late great Tupac Shakur said: "That's just the way it is!"
See I'm a man who believes in God and I trust in him, I know that he makes NO mistakes. Anything he's created (human beings included) has been purposely done. So I do believe he made it so that men don't understand their counterpart and vice-versa. He did however intend for us to procreate and keep humanity alive for generations to come. So for those of you who don't understand what I just said, The Lord above did not put us here to understand each other, he put us here to make love and babies. So shut the eff up, stop wondering why your spouse doesn't get you and go love each other folks. It's that simple.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sweet Sweet November


So the other day I woke up to a Tweet mention from our boy AJ (@jdimag - Follow him.) It was attached to a Twit Pic of the brand new 'New Era BXL' fitted cap. WHAAAAT!? I knew they were in production, and I knew that there was various concepts as to how they would look. But I had almost forgotten that I saw the blueprints. So I immediately woke up, and looked at my teams hat in amazement. I couldn't believe it, i felt as if i had just been signed to the Yankees or something.

Anyway, So Buddy text'd me and said lets go pick up these hats... I was ten steps ahead of him, I zipped up my jackets, drove up the block to get him and we hopped on the 95! We met AJ at his office where the box of black BXL fitteds sat. We took em outta the box and just smiled. I can't begin to explain how excited I was to finally see something that just started out as a simple idea come to life in a tangible thing that I was now holding in my hand.

For those of you who aren't in the know, New Era is the company that provides all the MLB (Major league Baseball) teams with the caps that they wear with their uniforms on the field. They've become somewhat of a fashionable accessory with the general public. They of course are not limited to just baseball... They also have NBA team fitted, and most recently NFL. Nike has now bought New Era so naturally they make hats that match sneakers.

But before I get besides myself giving you 'New Era's' history (if you don't know about them google it) let me continue explaining to you about our fitted.
See me, I only wear Yankee fitteds, for the exception of maybe 2 or 3 others that I've ever bought.

Supreme amongst many other have had collaborations with 'New Era' and now my team is amongst that elite.
Naturally I feel what Buddy said "I love the Yankees, but I don't play for them, this is MY team, my team has its own fitted now" VERY TRUE.... not to say I won't wear a Yankee fitted anymore, but once all the new colorways of my team's hat come along...... Well you see where I'm going with this. Anyway, I've rambled long enough.

Check out the hat:
^Looked at this like my Signing Contract lol^

                                                                  No Words Needed

 *Remember to always take the 'New Era' sticker off your brim*

I literally am still at a lost for words, despite all the ones I managed to put on this page. Lol
AJ thanks a Mil man! You the muh Effin man! lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....