Friday, May 27, 2011

Honda Music LP

Ladies and Gentleman, i know it's been a while since I hit ya with an actual Bull Penesque blog post, but I've just been very very high! High off the rush of helpin my cuz Buddy Mylez (click name to like/follow on FaceBook) get this album done and released for ya. Needless to say it's here:

Brand new, fresh out the oven
"Honda Music" by Buddy Mylez
^Front Cover^
Click Pic to Download Album

^Back Cover^
Click Pic to enlarge.

I promise folks, I haven't loss sight of what the blog is about, In fact, what I'm doing is very much in tune with the blog, Ya know I HATE trash music, so what better way to fight the epidemic then by sharing Amazing music with ya. So in the mean time, support me by supportin my bro Buddy Mylez.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quarter Tank of Gas

Yoooooooo! What's goin on folks? Not much needs to be said about what I'm about to post but I still wanted to share a few words. In case you've been living under a rock, you should know that Buddy Mylez is dropping a new album entitled "Honda Music." For those of you who know me you know that I am a tough music critic, and it's not just cause Mylez is my dude but I sincerely believe that this is one of the greatest bodies of music released in some time now. Every one says they spittin "Real Hip-Hop," but I don't think anyone has taken it back to the essence until now. Then again, these are just my thoughts, you judge for yourself.

As for now, check out the second video released from the album: "Quarter Tank of Gas (Honda Music)"

Lemme know what you feel about it. Tell a friend to tell a friend's grandmother who drives a Honda to check out the video. Lol

Stay Up, Drive Safely and Stay Tuned!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My God

What's goin on folks? So as you know I have my sub blog SummerInNYC on Tumblr. It's pretty cool considering the people I follow and the ones who follow me etc. etc. So one of my followers happens to be an Atheist. But wait, before you condemn him/her give him/her a chance and understand where he/she's comin from (that's something too many religious folks don't do)
Through his/her blog I've come across more and more people who lack a belief in God and have no religion. This is fine by me, however the alarming rate of atheist jumping out of the closets is a lil creepy. Have they always been there and I just wasn't paying them any mind, or is there a reason for them coming out now? About 2 months ago I saw a documentary entitled Religulous by Bill Maher, if you haven't seen it please do so it is amazing. It's pretty much him on the road to understanding others faith and belief in God, almost as if he's trying to find someone who can convince him other wise and convert him from an atheist to a believer. I guess this is what has opened my eyes to this large group of people that I didn't see standing there before. I feel like Nicole Kidman at the end of "The Others." Lol (If you can't understand the reference contact Google.)

But yeah... So I had the opportunity to share a few words with my follower and I took it as a chance to try and understand where he/she was coming from. He/She had some great explanations and reasons for why he/she lost his/her faith. Like many (that I've seen or heard of) he/she began as a believer due to the family he/she was raised in, but there was so much confusion with all the things being taught from the Bible.
I personally understand this because, well c'mon let's be honest the Bible can be a little confusing at times. So after a lil research I learned that there's a few celebrities who are now admitting to being atheist, more and more people coming out of the closets and I'm just like: "Okay, I understand." This blog post is in no way shape or form an attempt to bash, embarrass or expose atheist, it's simply an attempt to give my views on it.

So here they are: Like I said, I understand where these people are coming from. Especially when there's so many questions that have no answers, be they answers from a Priest, a parent, or a fellow Bible study group member. Naturally some sheep will want to leave the herd and go find their own answers. But this doesn't make these people Satan worshipers either, and it doesn't mean that they are evil, or mean or anything of that nature, they simply have a different belief than people like me have.
I personally have said many time: "I believe in God, not religion," because religion is just a big, complex, thing that after so many years has become misunderstood by many, and taken too far by others. I mean I barely knew how to put that sentence together so that should explain how deep religion can go. But, that's no reason to judge atheist, that would be no different than them judging me for believing in God. Discrimination is and should be the same across the board. If anything I guess we could even consider Atheism a new religion. After all, the way I was taught was that religion is just a way of life, a belief system  that people follow, so..... Yeah.

Something my aunt mentioned a while back that I think will stay with me for a very long time to come was this: "You put God/Jesus, Buddah, Allah, and any other religious leader or figure in a room and all they will discuss is peace, happiness and agree on things all night. However you put all their followers in a room and there's a good chance that a war may be ignited" I paraphrased a little but you get the picture and that was soooo true. I had to agree, and that is pretty much why Religion doesn't play a huge part in my life, because religion is run by PEOPLE. It doesn't at all change my belief or faith in my God, but it's simply not an aspect of my faith. At least not a strong aspect. I still say grace before I eat, I still pray before I go to sleep, I still thank My God everyday that I wake up and am given a chance to continue to live my life. My relationship with God is MY relationship with God, I don't have to explain what we have, I don 't have to go to church to show the world what we have, it's just me and my God. But my God has taught me not to judge others, and I will not judge those who do not believe in my God and I'm sure your God has taught you the same.
So to all you atheist out there, it's okay, I understand and I will not judge, you aren't doing me or anyone else any harm. Live your lives as I will live mine, we can and should all still live in peace.

This is just something that was on my mind. Thanks for taking your time out to read it.
Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our First Date (Only a Quarter)

I'm back with yet another one ya'll! Lol, Ya may call me cheap or whatever else after this one, but you know damn well I don't care what ya think! Lol. So the other day I posted up a "Random Eno Fact" on Facebook and Twitter, and I immediately knew that I wanted to blog about it. So without further a due, let'sget this one started.

The Facebook Status/Tweet:


(Copied and Pasted) Lol, The fellas was lovin it and some of the ladies just wanted to know why I would even say something so (I guess to them) Cruel.
So Check me out:
Ya know I am (or at least can be) a gentleman, but even gentlemen can be jerks at times and this is one of those times. See I don't even like "Dates," cause the purpose of a date, to me, is to see if this person is worthy of your time. To feel shorty out and find out how her mind works, to then further evaluate whether or not you'd ever have something serious with her. I.E. relationship, maybe someday marriage and some kids. It's pretty much the first portion of an application process to a job that I already know I aint givin you! Lol. Cause truth be told you know what I'm after baby girl and it shouldn't require taking you out first! (Wow, even I think I sound like an asshole, but that's okay) Granted I would like a gf in the near future but even still my $24.86 budget is relevant. Allow me to tell you why. Now a days "dating" is different, with all the technology dumbing people down, there's not much to talk about anymore on a face to face basis. With all these texts abbreviations, social networking sites and girls showin off their titties on blogs, Skype and Oovoo, there's really no need to meet up downtown somewhere and discuss your week over a nice plate of Chicken Alfredo, and some wine. Pretty much, people don't know how to speak to humans anymore because life has become a conversation via text message and Tweets. And the ones who do know how to speak to humans have forgotten how to formulate a sentence thus making them appear dumb as hell.

So imagine how I'd feel knowing I spent $35.00 on shorty and at the end of it all I didn't get anything out of it, not even intelligent conversation.
I know you sitting there thinkin: "you wrong for that cause you're expecting something out of it!" Uhhhh, DUUUH! No one spends money without expecting something in return for it. NO ONE!
So if I'm treating you to some grub and you gonna bore me with your one word responses, and annoy me with the sight of you textin' every other second the least I expect is for you to touch my penis.

Let's give this just a lil more thought folks, we live in an era of technology and social networks. With Facebook:
I know who you've dated in the past, I know whether or not you have children, I know who you hang out with, you even tell me how you feelin and what you had for breakfast, and when you get out the shower.
On Twitter:
You voice out all the frustrations that you can within 140 characters. You talk your shit, you twitpic your outfit so I know what you wearing today, I see you tweet your friends and you tell them "Hey, let's meet up on Union Square tomorrow at 4."

Let's be real here, I know you already, only thing left now is the love scene, there's no such thing as Courtship anymore. The internet has done that all for us. So naturally if I decide to meet one of my FaceBook friends or Twitter followers in my head I'm thinkin: "I damn near know shorty already she's a go, let's do this." Feel where I'm comin  from folks? So there you have it $25 is my spendin limit. Lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ewwl Nigga! (Bimmer, Benz, & Hookers)

I was walkin out the house a few hours ago to get in the car with Mylez to go run some late night errands, you know the usual. When I got outside I saw a nice all white 2004 BMW 325i parked in front of Buddy's car (I'm a car guy, I know cars and BMW is my all time favorite make, I'm gonna notice it.) All white, clean, white rims, Dark tints in the back stock clear windows in the front.
So check it: as I'm walkin to the car I see a huge naked ass in the passenger seat of this beautiful machine. And I think to myself "Ooooh snap, sombody got them a nice lil hooker and didn't have the decency to drive 2 blocks down to the Howard Johnson!" Come on Fam! A room is about 80 bucks from around 11pm to 7am (cough) I know that because I used to frequent it with a lady friend, but I digress. So I ask Buddy "Ayo, did you see that?" "Nah what?" "Somebody gettin busy in this car." "Where right here in front of us?" "Yeah, I saw a huge naked ass ridin someone in the dark" So we both laughed. In an attempt to humiliate whoever it was, I turned on my phone, faced the screen out my window as we drove by! LMFAO! the look on homies face was PRIIIIICELESS! He had the look on his face that said: "Oh man, I can't believe someone caught me out here fuckin my prostitute." Yup, you got caught homie, and I'm a lil concerned because I happen to know that most of the prostitutes in my area that I have seen are trannies! Ewwwwwll Nigga! You nasty.

So when I get home I tell Keith about it and I describe the car, and Keith said "Oh yeah, I know that car, he's always picking up that big gay tranny hooker that we see at the store" Ewwwwwwwlll Nigga! Lololol

So I thought, This is wrong on so many levels:
  • You're in a residential area, you're chances of being caught are about 87%
  • You're sitting in a very nice, attractive and to an extent, high profile car. You're attracting attention
  • You gotta pay for Pussy?
  • And the pussy you payin for is actually Dick? C'mon homie!
  • There's a Howard Johnson right down the block you could have took you're tranny there.
  • The hooker is a Tranny, a known and noticeable Tranny
  • The hooker is a Tranny, a known and noticeable Tranny
  • Damn homie, you just effed up in the game Lol....
Anyway, I just thought the whole thing was hilarious and wanted to blog about it before I hit ya with another head scratcher this week. Hope ya laughed like I did. I'm sure homie will be back for more and when he does come back I WILL record him for eal and expose his ass on World Star Hip-Hop. Later ya, have a good clean STD free day.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!