Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Year

Yo, what's going on Bull Penners? Can ya believe that it's been about 12 months already sine the ball dropped in on 2011? What have ya done with the time? Lol, don't answer that, cause I probably wouldn't answer if I were being asked.

By now I'm sure ya can kinda see where I'm going with it, Yeah, exactly, this is my "Year in review" blog post. Although I'm not talking about national (News) or current events, nor am I discussing the whole year. However there has been change in my life since January of this year. I went back and forth with myself debating whether or not I was gonna even post one of these but at the end of the day I have to remember that this blog serves as a personal journal and I'd like to come back to it someday and remember the things that are fresh in my head at this moment. There was a few great moments for me in 2011, but I just wanna discuss 2 in particular.
So travel for a second with me:

What do ya know about FreeMasonry? Matter fact, don't answer that either, cause I'm not tryna hear all the YouTube and Google speculators throw in their two cents. But anyway, I have a cousin who became a Mason about a year and a half-two years ago and even shortly before that I had been considering getting into the brotherhood.
So I would ask him from time to time how I can be down. Shortly after, as life finds it's own ways, I found myself at a Lodge of Ancient and Free Accepted Masons.  

So I met with the brothers in August, to discuss a few things as far as being involved was concerned. I met with the Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Warden, and a few of my (now) other brothers. I was comfortable with them and the idea of being a member of their fraternity. So I came home and waited to be called back.

A short month later, I was accepted into the fraternity and all the beautiful things that can be learned were learned. I used to hear people say things like: "Yeah, Masonry is the most beautiful thing in the world" and men would say "Oh, best thing I ever did with my life," and it's not until you're in it, that you see why. I was never the type to believe the hype that you hear and read on the internet, so I felt I needed to be in it to win it. And, Now I'm in it.

So a few quick months after being accepted, I became a Master Mason. Boy was it hard work, but I made it. For the first time in my life I felt like I was in "School" and actually liking it. All I've learned has been so insightful and fulfilling. I know it sounds a lil over dramatic, but like I said, you gotta be in it to understand where I'm comin from.

So now here I am a Master Mason, I see the world differently than the average. Lol, am I bull shittin? Wouldn't you like to know?

^Peep Game^

Moving on to the very next week following the weekend I became a master, I finally found myself back into the world of regular employment. I had gotten an interview about a month prior to fill the position of 'Mail Clerk' for 'Yahoo,' yes, thee Yahoo, the internet company. Lol people's eye brows tend to go up about an inch when I tell em that and it's always followed by some genuinely interested questioning. For those of ya who have wondered the job is pretty normal. It's a lot to remember but over all its a fairly simply job. I love it so effin much and I'm finally officially out of retail. No more stupid ass customers unfloding all the clothes I've folded, no more stupid questions from people who are too dumb to think for themselves. And Finally I have a desk and a stead 8:30am-5:30pm schedule from Monday to Friday. And let's not forget to add the fact that I get paid a whopping--Hrmph-Hrmph, excuse me..... Lol, yeah wouldn't you like to know? Let's just say I comfortably made Christmas happen for me and my fam.

Speaking of which 
Christmas was pretty coo. I'm older now so it's not as much a big deal as it was when I was a kid, plus for those of us that are old enough, we know, Christmas is the time of year when you become Santa Clause and you go broke. Lol. But it worked out well. I got my brother and myself some Jordans and I got myself some "Beats by Dre"headphones. All in all it was a great holiday.
How was ya Holiday?

^All I want for Christmas^
is You!
I got Mine Nigga! Ha! 

As far as the rest of the year goes, Photography is still going great in case you were wondering. And now with steady pay I can build my empire even faster than before. A trip outta state once or twice. We went to Atlanta, and Ohio. It was a great look. A year older, and wiser, I mean you been reading the blog right? You know how my year has been better than I do! Lol be safe out there folks. They say this is the last year of life (If you believe that.) Just live it up.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She's a Freak!


So earlier today a random though came into my head. You know when that happens it must mean a blog post is brewing in my head.

[DISCLAIMER: This post is intended to make you laugh but it can come off a lil serious and borderline offensive. If you are the type to offend easy, please leave now!]

So earlier today I had a random thought. You know 73.6% of the time those lead to a blog post right? Lol. So I said on twitter:
"There's a few different way to determine whether or not shorty is a freak"
You know the ladies took the bait right? Lol. So they were askin me things like "Please do tell" and "How can you know?" I simply replied to them: "I'll blog about it" and so now, without any further adieu, these are the 5 determinin' factors in finding out whether or not shorty is freakin off (In no particular order.)

1. Girls with One letter Names:
(Even if you spell it out) That's right, we all know em Lol. These are the girls we call 'Dee', 'Jay', 'Kay', 'Em' (short for Emily), 'Q', 'T' and 'V'. These girls freak off and there's really no explanation as to why they do it. Lol Now it is important to remember not to confuse these with girls who have one syllable names, now those girls are fun, however they don't all freak off. So there you have it. Girls with one letter names. Q, call me girl!

2. Girls that hate Wearing Clothes:
You know about these? They walk around the house bucket nekit (given there is no company) and they have very little clothes. They don't necessarily dress slutty but they usually cannot wait to get home and get naked! You may even hear em slip up and say it some time. The most she wears around the house is boy shorts and there's no way in hell she is coming out of the house if she is already "comfortable" if you get my drift! Lol, No clothes = Freakin Off!

3. Girls with Children
Children are living, walking, and talking proof that shorty bones raw! Get mad if you want ladies but that's exactly what it means! Lmfao! I now know that you went raw AT LEAST (the amount of kids she has here) times. Ha!

4. Girls that Smoke
We've all heard it: "If she smokes she pokes." No need to go any further with this one, it's a scientifically proven fact, moving on!

5. Girls that get Brazillians
Think about it for a second b... Why else would she be gettin her whole joint completely hairless like Dr. Evil's kitty if she wasn't plannin on puttin the kitty on a nigga. Lmfao!

* So yeah I've given them to you all! Fellas pay more attention, look for these things when you dealin with a girl and take it from there. Enjoy.

Honorable Mention
Girls who Live with their Grandparents
If shorty live with "Wela" and "Welo" or "Grandma" and "Grandpa" or just one of the two  but not her parents she is Freakin Off, simple and plain. Don't believe me? Find you a nice young lady who lives with her grandparents. Good Night.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

New Era Old Ways

What's going on Bull Penners? How ya livin? Me? Oh, I'm doing very well thank you. Have a seat let's talk about these mean streets for a minute.

For those of ya who have been here with me since day one, you know that I am a huge SneakerHead. I sort of "left the game" for a while but this is something that has been in my heart since I was a kid. Yeah it sounds a little dramatic and over the top, but I'm just callin a spade a spade.
So last week was the 3rd release of the Air Jordan XI "Concords" (fourth if you consider the Defining Moments Package from 2006) and as history tends to repeat itself a few people apparently were harmed, some even fatally over these sneakers. All of this brought some sort of hate to Mr. Michael Jordan on my FaceBook feeds. I would quote some of the statuses of the people who are upset but I'm choosing to be lazy and pretty much go off the top.
So basically what seemed to be the consensus yesterday on my feeds were things like "When has Jordan ever done anything for the hood?" and "Wow, people going crazy over these sneakers and Jordan never did anything for ya"
Wow? Really? Aight let's talk about it then.
You're probably all right, *that we know of* Jordan probably hasn't done anything for the community. And I say "that we know of"because there are thousands of people that give back each day and don't go out of their way to promote it. So we don't know wether or not Jordan has ever done anything, but for the sake of this discussion let's say that he actually hasn't. Fine, here's the skinny.
Michael Jordan is a BUSINESS man. Before we go any further let's take a look at the definition of the word Business.


 [biz-nis]: a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commercemanufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.

Now please correct me if I'm wrong, but nowhere in that definition, nor in any other that you will find does it mention anything about charity. Correct? And why do you think that is? I'll tell you why, because it's not a part of the idea of "Business." Yes it is appreciated and sometime expected by rich people to give back to the communities from which they came, however it is not a requirement. So getting upset at Jordan cause he hasn't built a park for your children to play in is nothing more than displaced anger. I'm sure a lot of you are still upset that kids died and were robbed for their sneakers. I am as well however let's look at the play from all angles. Is Jordan really to blame? NO! You know who's to blame? The people who do these crimes. Stop pointing fingers at the ones who are making money and point the fingers at the creatures that are going out to do dirt. That's no different than blaming Eminem for the suicide of some kid somewhere in the middle of God knows where just because said child bought an Eminem CD and heard him say something about slitting his wrist. That's a song that has just been sung waaay too many times. I hate that shit, people are no longer thinking for themselves and the blame is spread all over the place instead of being slapped right back on the one responsible. 

But before I digress let's get back to Jordan. I believe the argument was him not giving back to the hood right? Okay, so let's play a game, name me all the celebrities that DO give back. And of those how many are still: selling out concerts, or having their music fly off the shelves, which ones are still selling clothing like there is no other brand. Oh, no, take your time, I'll wait. EXACTLY! 

*That we know of* Jay-Z hasn't done much for Brooklyn recently has he? Aside from mentioning the borough in a few songs he has not, and let's be real here, Hov can afford to buy every resident in Marcy Projects a Mercedes-Benz s550. Yet we still choose to go out and buy his albums, he still sells out Madison Square Garden... The Garden, do you know how fuckin huge the Garden is? Why does no one come at Jay-Z and ask "Yo, how ya go buy his album and he aint done nuttin for you?" 
*That we know of* Ralph Lauren doesn't give back to the Bronx, does he? No, but every nigga on my block thinks he is KILLIN it with his Rugby and Polo Boots. No one comes at Ralphies neck and ask, "Yo How ya go buy Polo and Polo don't do nuttin for ya?" Cause we know that Mr. Lauren can not only afford to rebuild our closet's physical dimension but fill it from top to bottom with Top notch quality threads. Am I right or am I wrong?

So where is all this hate really comin from? Are you mad that you didn't get your pair of Jays? Are you mad that you had to line up for 18 hours and when you got to the door your size was sold out? Well guess what that's not Jordans fault. You don't get mad at the company that produce Turkeys when you get the the supermarket on Thanksgiving morning and they're all sold out do you? All I'm sayin is, be a revolutionary across the board. If you mad at Jordan be mad at Hov, if you mad at Hov, be mad at Polo. Cause at the end of the day the only difference between the 3 are the names of the brand.

*And before I go I'll tell you why people don't ask about Hov and Polo, because deep down everyone knows that it's not their responsibility to give back to anyone. It's cruel to say it but Business is Business and business is Cruel. You have to take your personal and emotional feelings out of it whenever you're discussing it. Cause when its all said and done, no one puts a gun to your head and says "Gimme your money, go buy my product." No, society in our country is run by the economy. Make money! that's what it's all about, you go and buy what you choose to buy. So don't complain about the price. You don't like, you don't buy. Plain and simple, and if you just so happen to miss it, well then there's always next year.

Also, I hope ya realize that Jordan has indeed given back to Charities as has Jay-Z and Ralph Lauren. I mentioned what I mentioned for the sake of this discussion. So before you go and point fingers look at the 3 pointing back at you, and use em to type in "" in your web browser.
Don't Believe me? See for yourself:

To those who tragically lost their lives on December 23rd, 2011, over a pair of sneakers my most humble and sincere apologies go out to you and your families. I do believe that it is ridiculous that it has even come to that again. Something that we haven't heard of since the early 90's is becoming a reality again, hence me saying at the beginning of all of this, "As history tends to repeat itself." So again, my condolences, for the rest of you, know where to point those fingers!

That's Game!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Seed, No Roots

Earlier today I had a conversation with my brother about something that I'm just not ready to discuss with you today. However, from it, I came up with a quote that pertained to the subject discussed.

Ya know I don't usually do the short posts like that, but this is one of those that I would like to come back to someday and not lose right along with FaceBook, so while I'm at it, why not share it with ya!?

"Any man can plant a seed and watch a tree grow. But if he never took the time out to water and appreciate it, then he has no say when the lumber jack comes to chop it down" - Eno Bull

Feel free to speculate as to what this is in reference to. Lol, I however encourage you to apply it to yourself and your own life. take care.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Carry My Bags

What's going on Bull Penners? I know its been a while and I've been a bit negligent, but it's been because I'm a working man again... Yup, 40 hours a week, Mon-Fri kinda thing. Yeah I know I know, thanks for all the congrats and stuff. Lol. But anyway, we'll discuss that some other time.

So the other day I was scrollin through my FaceBook and realized that a few of the girls on my feeds were pregnant. Big whoop right? I wasn't at all surprised, I mean after all, around these parts every season is mating season. But one in particular definitely caught my eye. Why? I'll tell you why, I was shocked cause this one in particular has got to be on her 5th or 6th child and she's my age (I'm 24 by the way.) To me that's crazy. It wouldn't be as crazy if they were all by the same guy, or even 2 guys but.... You see where I'm going with this right? Shit just aint cute no more.
Right, so anyway, this post is not about pregnancy and young girls with Brady Bunch families. It's more about the guys that deal with them, but more so about me.
See at one point, I would say maybe 2 or 3 years ago I was the guy that always said "I would never deal with a girl who got a kid/kids" and believe me I meant that. But then the other day I was thinkin how un realistic that can be. Granted it's not unrealistic at all, there is probably more single women without children then there is with, however, taking into consideration my environment and the women I'm attracted to, it's quite a task finding these gems. Allow me to explain. See naturally I tend to find myself attracted to women older than me, and most of the young women these days are pregnant by the time they're 17 or 18. So if you do the math, by the time I come across them they already have kids that are at least 7 or 8 years old. Lol.
And I used to think to myself, the reason I cant deal with a girl that got children is cause I'm not a fan of the idea of raising someone else's kids. I mean I don't even wash dishes that I didn't eat in, imagine raising the next mans seed.
But I guess part of getting older is a change in mindset. I say that because now I be thinkin, "Damn she bad.... Oh she got a kid? Aight well, let's see what's up." Granted I still have my reservations, and there's no way its gonna be anything further than just sex if she got 2 or 3 kids and better. See there were a few reasons I felt I couldn't commit to the mother of a child without a father. Primarily there was the fear of becoming attached to both of em and then having to break up with two people and not just one. Then there was always the fact that I don't wanna have to deal with another nigga that has to be in my lady's life regardless of anythin. And overall, call me old school but I feel that whatever kid I have should be the first for me and the female involved. All that good stuff. Now it's more like that saying "Any man can raise his kids, it takes a real man to take care of someone else's" That used to just be bullshit to me, but now it just may be what it is. I mean, it can't be that bad right? A lot of men have raised other peoples children, and those children eventually call those men "Dad." I guess what I'm saying is, I can understand how some dudes end up step fathers and I realize now that my thoughts might have been borderline fantasy, only time will tell if I become a step father someday, as for now I just know that my mind has changed a bit.
But for all of ya with multiple children and multiple baby fathers and babies on the way, USE SOME FUCKIN CONDOMS! Especially if you Mexican! Next time I get on the train and see an entire row of Mexican kids with a pregnant Mexican mother woman and a stroller at the end I'm gonna lose my mind. But I digress... I feel I made my point. Be safe ya!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Over Throwin Industry Suckas!

I really don't have any words for this one, It doesn't need any words!
Check it out: The new "O.T.I.S" joint by @Deascent and @BuddyMylez
Click Play, Enjoy and comment!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Niggas Excuse

Written a few weeks back, published today. Enjoy:

Sup my people? How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty effin cool. Started on Thursday night and has been action packed til tonight. Lol
However, this post has little to nothing to do with my weekend.

So the other night sitting at home surfin the web I saw my little brothers glued to the screen watching "Beef." For those of you who don't know "Beef" is a documentary series that follows either rappers or sometimes real life drug dealers or crime lords what have you, and it documents either a particular incident or series of incidents that these people have endured. Of course it's always a senseless and ignorant rap dispute or matter of someone getting shot. Often as a result of doing something that they shouldn't have been doing in the first place.
You know, last night I was at my aunt's house with a bunch of my cousins celebrating my uncle (their father's) 62nd birthday, and my cousin (who shall remain nameless incase she doesn't agree with me sharing this) said something along the lines of "Ahh, these kids, why bother teaching them...?" It may sound really harsh to you, but I agree with her and I'll come back to this point in a minute.

See on this particular episode of beef there was a rapper by the name of Obie Trice and he was sharing his story of how he was shot in the head and had to drive himself to the hospital. I'd be lying to you if I told you I knew how that all unraveled because quite frankly, that's all "Nigga News" and I have absolutely no interest in it what so ever. So along with Obie's interview there are interviews with people who I assume where there or are close enough to him to know what happened. This is where it gets interesting. I'm sure I'm contradicting myself because I just told you I have no interest in this stuff but here I am telling you I was somewhat intrigued. Lol, Bare with me here folks.
So amongst other things some of the things I hear are bullshit excuses as to why these people become involved with crime. Drug dealers, killers, rapist or whatever crime of choice these people have chosen as a path in life being justified with pure utter nonsense.

"You gotta understand where we come from. We come from da hood and we aint have nothin growin up"
"See such and such didn't have a father, so as a way of filling that void he did xy and z"
"We were poor, so of course he had to steal"

This is where I get upset. Granted, there are hardships in life, and many people have it harder than others. But please, for the love of God and everything that is Holy do not use these things as justifications for doing things that you KNOW for a fact are wrong. If through some strange outcome of circumstances that life hands us, you do not have a moral code, I'm pretty sure you at the very least spent 3-5 years in school. Remember school niggas? That place your parents sent you and you sat in a room with 24-30 other kids just like you? And there was an adult person in the front of that room? That person was called a teacher, and I'm sure he or she taught you what's right from what's wrong if your parents (or in this case, for the sake of this post, your mother) didn't. So the whole "I had it hard" excuse is totally irrelevant. I get upset with these things because I hate the idea of people thinking they can get away with shit because they didn't have a pops or because their family was poor. Oh, so that makes it okay for you to rob an old lady on the train on her way home from God know where? "I don't have a father, so you know what, I don't know that mugging someone's grandmother is wrong." Or "Hey, me and my family are poor, let me walk in this store with my gun that I somehow managed to buy with my household's very low level of income and rob and kill the man behind the counter who's only working to provide for himself and his family in a legal and honest way."

See what I'm saying? What does being poor or not having a father, or being raised in a rough neighborhood have to do with morality? You seriously don't see anything wrong with these things being used as excuses? I know a few people who grew up without their fathers, and almost everyone I know is poor (in the sense that I don't personally know anyone who is rich or has and has always had millions in their bank account) and none of these people have ever been involved in some sort of illagal activity. So please spare me the "product of my environment" mentality bullshit. Let's try to figure out what this is really about. What is the real reason for these crimes and these people's overly inappropriate behavior? Are we gonna blame the music for the billionth time? Because honestly I'm tired of hearing that one. Or are we gonna blame the streets, and the bad influences found on them? Nah, that one is old too. Why don't we blame it on the real reason... The REAL reason... The parenting or lack thereof. That's right, it's not the music's fault, music is just music, it's not your child's peers or the negative influences of the streets. It YOU! The bad mother or grandmother, or father or whoever the hell you are raising children in today's world. Call me what you want but I blame the parents before anything. Granted some kids are just born assholes and no matter what you do they will somehow end up bad apples, but for the most part I feel a parent is the cornerstone of a person's character.
If you never sat your child down, told him/her to shut up and listen, if you let that kid be out at all hours of the night with those creatures he/she called "friends" if you worried more about being a friend than a parent and were too weak to discipline him or her then guess what, at least half of the fault for your child robbing that bank is yours. You didn't have to be involved to be blamed. You see it all the time, these kids end up on "Scared Straight" kicking and screaming and behaving like wild animals and all they have as an excuse is "I don't know who my father is" Stop it!
I feel like I'm being redundant but all I'm saying is that the parenting has got to improve is we're gonna have any good people in the future. So you see why I agreed with my cousin when she said "Why bother teaching them?" Cause I obviously doubt it's the schools and teachers failing them. It's the parents. I know I've said it a million times but it's because I truly believe it. I wish I could be guilty of some stupidity and look my mom in the eye and say "Mom we're poor, that's why I did it."

I'm getting upset just talkin about it. So I guess on that note I'm done. Please folks, especially you rappers, stop using these bumass excuses to do your dirt. I'd respect you so much more if you said something like: "Yeah I did it for the rush, you know I'm a dickhead and I just wanted to do it  for the hell of it." Than to blame your actions on anything or anyone else than yourself. I know sometimes there's cases where it's the right place at the wrong time, but unless this is your situation, stop the nonsense, you know why you got shit and I have no sympathy for you. Good Night.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Club DJ Lifestyle (Independent Woman)

What's going on Bull Penners? This one is a topic that I was saving for a video blog or an episode of "Bull for Mylez" but I been itchin to let it out for so long that I can't wait any longer. In fact, I'll probably still use it in a video blog but for now let me rock here. (Please be advised this is gonna be one of those topics that may pinch a nerve, if you're gonna be sensitive about it, close out this page NOW!)

This topic is about the "Independent Woman" in America.... Yeah, I got your attention now right? Lol, go have a seat and let this one sink in properly.
So I log on to Facebook (which for some strange reason has me "Subscribed" to half of my friends list, FB, please get ya shit together) and I come across a friends status update, rather, her update came across me. Among other things it read something along the lines of "We crush a man's ego everyday when we say "I don't need you" Hmmm.... I got the (Ed Lover "C'Mon Son") face on right now, so you know I'm serious here. Lol
Granted, I'm not sure what her inspiration for the post was, so I won't speak of her any longer, however I will speak about the North American "Independent Woman" as a whole. Now, it's 2011, if I had to put any money on this, I'd say that the "Independent Woman" came about somewhere around the year 2000. That's right, shortly after Beyonce and Destiny's Child released "Independent Woman" (the song) it became the anthem and the lifestyle choice for every woman, young lady, bird bitch, and or any other female in this country. A nigga couldn't compliment a woman on her shoes without her throwing it in his face that she bought them herself with her own hard earned money because she was Independent. Okay mama, I hear you, relax tho.
I hate to say it like this, but we live in a society, where music leads the masses. It's the reason many people dress the way they do, the reason why some fellas drive the cars they do and the reason why people order the bottle of liquor that they do at the club. In fact, it's the reason why people order bottles at the club at all. I feel like at one point it was okay to just buy individual drinks but if you don't have a waitress bringing sparkles to your table these days, I guess it means you ain't doing nuttin with your life. Pfst, Niggas I tell you. I hate to say it, but so many of you are sheep! Men and women alike. Don't front ladies, wether you choose to admit it or not, or wether you even realize it or not your life or many aspects of it is/are heavily based on something you copied from your favorite singer or celebrity. Oh, that's not true? How many of ya rockin a Cassie, Rihanna, or Amber Rose haircut right now? Stop It! You know damn well I'm giving it to you raw right now. However, I digress, we talkin about the Independent woman in particular.
So first Destiny's Child decided to release the record "Bills, Bill, Bills" in which these bitc..... Excuse me, woman are asking the men if they are capable of supporting them. What was that for, every woman from the senior citizens down to the 4th grade girls was going around actin like a nigga wasn't good enough unless he had a Benz AND was able to pay for her VoiceStream Wireless phone bill! The fuck outta here! I wasn't old enough to hit the clubs yet, but I'm pretty sure this is when the "Buy me a drink" fiasco got outta hand with these bitc.... Excuse me, woman! So at this point it would seem that the woman had a lil independence but they were pulling a Deebo from Friday and wanted to spend YOUR money! Lol, Comical shit if you ask me.
But whatever, that was 99... At the turn of the millennium it was all about "I can do this by myself, I don't need a man" and for the passed 11 years that's been the case!

And fellas, keep it real with me, the Club DJ's make situations worse. You can't party for an hour without the DJ droppin the beat and saying some shit like "Ladies, if you got a job and you got your own crib, and you know you paid for those shoes with your own damn money make some noise right now" at this point the ladies go ape shit throwing there hands up. So you would think that would be enough right? Wrong! Here come the DJ again "Ladies, if you know you don't need no man cause you drive your own car, and you pay your own bills and you taking care of your kids by yourself, make some Mother Fuckin noise right now" All the girl get on there "AaaaaaaaooowwW" shit, throw there hands up, slap there besties a Hi-5 and at this point they lookin at all the men in the room like they about to riot and revolt against us. So as men we thinkin aight he's done, he's about to get back to the music. But nope, wrong again, here comes the DJ AGAIN! "Ladies, if you don't need your baby father cause you know you got the Dildo in the top drawer and you can fuck yourself, never mind what he can provide for you and your kids MAKE SOME MOTHER FUCKIN NOISE RIGHT NOW!!" Drops mad bombs and shit, at this point the Ladies are dumb HYPE! And you standing there like "Well damn homie, who's team you playin for?" He goes back to playing a song and just like that, there is not a bitc, excuse me, woman who will even look at a man in the club, let alone dance with him..... What did I miss here? Lol, you standin there with your mans like "Ayo man, let's get outta here, the DJ must not have a penis and he just fucked the game up for those of us who do"

Ladies, hear me out here. Ya know I don't like to speak for anyone but myself, but I think I can safely speak for the fellas as a whole when I say this: We sincerely respect the fact that you are independent, nothing is more attractive than a shorty that can do for herself, hold herself down etc. etc. etc. But let's not go too far and act like you don't NEED a man. And when I say "need" I'm not saying you need a man to buy you a drink at the club, yeah we know, you got that. I don't mean you need a man to pay your phone bill, yeah we know, you got that. I don't mean you gonna die without a man, because we've seen ya, time and time again, raising your children alone, paying your rent, bills and car note alone. And we respect that truly we do. But all I'm sayin is stop frontin. You don't wanna die an old lady alone in her bed. A man naturally wants to do for his lady. A man wants to be able to provide for his lady. So a nigga steppin up and saying "Don't worry babe, I got this one" is not tryna clip your wing and stoppin you from flying, he's simply saying, "I'm doing this because I WANT to do it, or because you deserve it" xyz, this that and the third. Feel me? And I know ya sittin there thinkin this is an ego trip, It's not! I'm just being real, the same way men need women, women need men. If you being stubborn and you don't wanna agree just for the sake of being content in your own arrogance then by all means be my guest. But you know I'm right.
Especially if you so happen to be the one asking a nigga "Can you pay my bills" in '99 and six months later in 2000 it was all about you being Independent. Ladies, stop lettin Beyonce or any other singer/celebrity put the battery in your back. If you really as strong as you say you are, then be your own woman and set your own standards, don't wait to hear them coming through the speakers of your car while you drivin to work.
I hope I haven't been misunderstood. This is a topic that's been heavy on my chest for years now and I just had to get ot off.
So to you independent women out there, keep doing your thing mama, but don't be SO independent that you push every great prospect away thinkin "Oh nah, she don't need no love and affection, she has money and a great job....." Cause I'm sure that's not what you really want. I mean think about it, Even Beyonce has Hov. Lol! Imma leave ya with that one.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crossing the Bridge (Live Your Life)

What's going on folks? It's been a while, hope ya all been livin well.
Honestly, I'm not even sure how I wanna start this one out, so I guess I'll just dive in. The other night I was speaking with a beautiful young lady and amongst other things  the topic of tattoos came up... Don't worry I'm not gonna make this yet another blog post about tattoos, just bare with me. But we spoke about em and I told her I was gonna get one on my neck some time soon. The mother in her advised me to give it thought and I then explained that I give everything I do serious thought, not just tattoos, but every big decision I make is preceded by heavy thought and consideration. Honestly nothing less than 3 months passes by before I get a tattoo, or before I make a decision that could possibly change my life. However, the conversation reminded me of my homie Dirt who was against me stretching my ears.
As I remember it, Dirt asked me: "How are you gonna feel about that big ass hole in your ear when you turn 50? or 65? And honestly Dirt is not the first person to say something of that nature, I get it all the time from various people. "How are those gonna look when you get old?" "How do you know that what you feel right now is what you'll feel when you get married, have kids, start a family, yadda yadda yadda!"

I always tell those people the same thing: "I don't know" and it's not just that I don't know, but honestly, right now... I'd be lying to you if I said I cared. How will I like my tattoos when I'm 65? Hell, I'll probably still love em, but if I don't I'll know "When I was 24, I loved these tats." How will I think about my ears being stretched when I'm 45 or 50? Who knows, but I can tell you one thing I'm sure I may think something along the lines of "I'll never forget when I got these bad boys! Ooooowwweee, I thought they looked so good!"
You see where I'm going with this folks? I Eno Bull, am a man who lives for the NOW! I'm in no rush to leave this Earth, but I am not a foolish man, I know like (I hope) all of you know, that life is not promised. We don't know if we will be fortunate to see tomorrow. Only God knows wether or not this is my final blog post. Only God knows if I will ever see daylight again, because ONLY God knows what is to come in the future. So I live by a simple motto, "Do well, treat people right, and Live YOUR Life and Live for today!" People worry so much about tomorrow and they forget to live out today. People worry about tomorrow and for some people tomorrow never comes. I'm not trying to make this an issue of mortality or anything like that but I am trying to tell you that worrying so much about tomorrow kinda makes the sun shine a lil less today.
Like, remember in school, when we had that classmate that aced EVERY single test? They always had the right answer to every single question the teacher asked? To the point that the teacher not only never picked him or her to answer the question but the teacher also used his or her test as the grading guide for all the other test taken by all the students in the class.... That student never cut class, never took part in any of the class pranks or ever spoke outta turn. What do you think THAT person thinks when they look back on their lives at 65 or 70? What does that person tell their grandkids? "Oh no dear, I never really did anything worth mentioning, I was always in line and very well behaved" C'mon, who the hell wants to hear that life story. No one wants to hear "I didn't get tattoos because I didn't think I'd like how they would look now that my skin is droopy and hangs off my bones" I think everyone would much rather be the grandparent that tells their grand kids "I took my dads car for a joyride every weekend for 5 years straight and I even crashed it once, Boy was my dad upset" Lol. Or they wanna hear, "Well believe it or not I met your grandmother shortly after smoking a blunt with my best friend, she just so happened to be drunk herself from a bottle she snuck out of her parent's liquor cabinet!"
Lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying be a criminal or some sort of ruffian. But gees louise folks, we only live once, unless you practice Hinduism in which case you come back after death, but even then, the body you're in only lives once, so it works out for the sake of what I'm saying lol.

So what am I I saying here? Am I saying go break the law? No, of course not. Am I saying go indulge in drugs? No of course not. I'm not here to tell you how to live, and I am not here to preach, however I will, if I may, suggest that you remember to live a little. Life is very short, it's not promised at all, and at any given moment we could be taken up from this Earth. And even if we do make it to old or very old age, the point is you should live a life worth telling about.
Marijuana, despite all the truth commercials out to make it the next crack, is not that bad, try it once or 6 times.... Liquor, can maybe make you a lil sick, but it will not kill you (not if you're responsible) so go out and get drunk with your friends one time. Notice I said drunk, not pass out. Tattoos, they've been around for many thousands of years, and despite what anyone tells you it does not prevent you from completing any task that a person without tattoos can do. Will visible ones make things a lil harder for you? Yes, but that's because of society and their perception of them, not so much the tattoo itself. As for anything else, my stretched ears, your piercing, or anything else that may be "permanent" don't worry about how you'll feel about them tomorrow, enjoy em today. I'm not saying be like the grasshopper, but don't be the ant all your life either, because I sincerely feel that a full life of caution is not as great as one of a few experiments and mistakes.  You can save up for a rainy day, as long as you don't forget to enjoy the downpour of light from today's sun.

I hope I've made myself clear. I'm not trying to corrupt anyone, but it'd be a shame to look back and think "Damn, I never cut class, I never smoked grass, and I never got to discover what teenage angst was all about." And this is of course not limited to teenagers, this is for everyone! Live life folks. Be responsible, but take a sick day from responsibility every now and then.

I never do this, but I'll end this with one of my favorite quotes:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain-

Stay Up, Go out and Live, and Stay Tuned Folks!

Friday, September 30, 2011

New York, New York pt. II

What's going on folks? Episode 2 is here.
I realized that a few days had passed and I was starting to drift away from the desire to finish the post. So before I lose all interest in this topic allow me to finish up what i started.

So where were we? Ah yes, my thoughts on the fact that there is 2 different world within my city right? Well just like there is two different worlds within my city I have 2 different thoughts about it. I like it and I dislike it for several reasons.
I like it because it leaves my area a mystery to those who dwell in and visit the big city of dreams. When people visit they either hear from someone in the city or someone back home wherever they are from, that they shouldn't go to the Bronx, or to Brooklyn. It's like Manhattan is the Pride lands and all other places in New York are the forbidden shadowy area that one must never go to! (If you're not a Lion King fan, you may not get that last reference.) In other words, the Bronx, and Brooklyn and parts of Queens are just infested with drugs, crime, and it looks like some sort of battle ground from a movie. Or at least this is what people think.

I strongly dislike this because, well damn.... How would you feel if the average person who lives outside of you're area thought you came from some sort of ghetto where you're best friend is a crack head and you have to run home from work and school everyday. Or tell me this people, how would you feel if someone (from your city nonetheless) asked you "Wait, isn't the sky brown over there?" < Believe me when I tell you I'm not making this up. A girl from Brooklyn, BROOKLYN, right across the bridge asked me that one time.... She literally with a straight face, asked me "Ain't the sky brown in the Bronx?" Wow shorty, you need to get out more. Another one from Queens came to visit me and said out loud "I did not know that there were houses in the Bronx" or what about Buddy's homie in Brooklyn one time who literally looked us both in the eyes and said "Bro, I can't go to the Bronx man, I don't have a gun and it's night time." Or our homie in Ohio who dead ass asked me "What's the life expectancy in the Bronx? Like 16 years old?" After I gave him  a strange look he said "Nah, must be even younger than that right?" Damn B! Lol
You see where I'm going with this? It's this ignorance that my borough is a wasteland where only heathens and monsters live. Granted, I'm not gonna lie to you and say that there aren't areas that are bad.. Like Cam said "There's a war going on outside." Yes this has proven to be true, but this is EVERYWHERE..... Every state, every city has its tourist friendly spots and the areas where you don't wanna be caught in after dark.
Case in point whenever I go to Ohio (Columbus) I here that the West Side is less than friendly. In fact I wanted to go there (for reasons I will not share lol) and I was actually convinced that it wasn't a good idea. People from the East don't mess with people from the west in Columbus, Ohio, and vice-versa. So I'm here speaking to you on behalf of the Bronx and it's residents. The Bronx is indeed "The Hood" but when looked at through a different perspective it's freakin beautiful.... From the Grand Concourse down to Southern Blvd. To Morris Park back up to Fordham. From Cedar Park (The birthplace of Hip-Hop) back to Crotona Park. Tremont ave, Third Ave, University, the Projects, the Private Houses (That we DO have), the building and the shelters, My city is beautiful. You don't have to agree but that's what I'm tellin you. I'll vouch for the Bronx til I die because this is where I was born and raised and I turned out pretty damn good if I must say so myself.

So I guess what I'm saying is, the invisible barriers are there, and they are definitely felt, but It's not all that bad... Are there abandoned buildings here? Yes, are there crackheads? Yes in some areas, but that's not all we're about. There is a higher percentage of people here who are hard workers, business owners, talented artist, amazing thinkers and all around great people. So if you're visiting my city, don't be scared to get off the Tour Bus driving through Time Square hop on the 2, the 5, and 4 trains and come uptown for a lil bit. I promise you won't get shot. Come visit the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Shop at Bay Plaza or Fordham. Maybe catch a movie (even tho I watch movies downtown too Lol) Yes there is "Ghetto People" here, but to fully experience this city you have to take the good with the bad!

I guess those are my thought on the subject. In fact I've even considered writing a book about the Bronx, but I'll get back to you on that.
For now Enjoy these pics I took for ya.

I was Gonna let ya know which ones were taken in the BX and which were taken in Manhattan. But eff that, I feel the pics speak loud enough without telling you were they came from.

(Click Images to Enlarge)
All Photos taken by me. All Rights Reserved.

So which New York are you? Which one do you want to get to know? The Jay-Z and Alicia Keys New York or the Cam'Ron and Jay-Z New York? Lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take it Down!

What's going on Bull Penners? By now I know you know that to me this is more than just a blog. This is my personal journal where I express and share all my experiences, my inner most thoughts (not really) lol and whatever else.

So this blog post is no different. This time I'm using it more so as a documentation. Remember the post "Losin It" like 2 years ago? Where I bought some dope ass expensive Rock & Republic jeans that fit about 2 sizes small? I told myself rather than return the pants I'll challenge myself to lose the weight to fit into the pants. Yeah that didn't work, I hung the pants outside my closet, I looked at pictures of the niggas in the catalogue and seen how dope it looked on them, etc. etc. etc. After about 3 days of "working out" I said "Fuck it" I'll give the jeans to someone who can fit em, cause by the time I can fit em shits will be all types of played out" Some will power huh?

However, believe it or not, I'm tired of living in the body I live in. Don't get me wrong, I'm confident enough to take my shirt off anywhere, as I'm sure you've noticed once or twice, but I just feel it's time to prepare myself for my mid 20's and there's no way I'm going into them with the same attitude and look as I've been rockin since I was 11.
Furthermore I feel this will help a great deal with the ladies! Not that I'm doing extremely bad in that department, but you know. Lol, say what you want, but women are just as shallow as I am. Yeah I may be cool and have a dope personality but if they aint attracted then you're doomed. You will be considered "Just a Friend" forever. Let's face it, unless you drop dead gorgeous, or filthy rich, the girls aint checkin for you, and I'm neither or. I know not one female who has "Fat" on her criteria list on top of all that. So seeing as how I was just recently shut down by the last girl who will ever shut me down, (the girl of my dreams-Remember Kryptonite) I figured, "maybe if you started workin out, lost some weight turned your body into something straight out of a surfer magazines, this wouldn't happen again" < I'm hard on myself, I know. But yeah.... I've decided that I'm gonna cut out the juice, avoid all fast and fried foods, I'm gonna stop eating passed midnight and I'm gonna start running again. It's gonna be painful cause anyone who knows me knows that juice is my crack, and 2:45am is my regular dinner time. And if you know me, you know I wouldn't run to save Keri Hilson from a burning building, Alicia Keys? Yeah, but Ms. Keri baby? Sorry love.... Lol. Never mind me and my jokes, it's late. But yeah, I refuse to be 25 with man boobs, plus I've wanted to get my ribs tattooed since I was like 19 and that just wouldn't look right with love handles. Basically, there's a lot I'm missing out on here by having this body, don't get me started on how annoying it is to shop considering fashion stops at a sz. 36 for men. So with all that said I guess it's time for a weigh in huh?

 ^Here it Is^
Live &in Living Color
No edits no nothin, this is all me.

^And this Here^
This is my first glass of water.
It's gonna be a loooooong winter.

So there you have it, I've given you yet another in depth tour of what's going on in my head! Now what other blogger do you know gives you realness like this? Not many if you ask me! Lolol.
The Diet starts today! Just water, no fried foods, no fast food, no eating passed midnight, oh boy... I can see the mood swings now! Pray for me folks!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Nigga! (Denzel Washington Voice)

"What's going on my niggas?"

Lol, what's new Bull Penners....
Disclaimer: This, post may contain a little foul language so if you think you'd have a problem with that please see to it that you leave now. You've been warned, Thank You.

So the other day while on twitter I said something about someone or some people and used the word "nigga." Big whoop right? Ya've heard me say that word here, on facebook on twitter and in person a million times. However shortly after the tweet I received a mention saying something along the lines of "What did I tell you about the n-word, stop that shit..." from a good friend of mine, Angie (@Imani_Sublime) Lol, This is not the first time that she's expressed her anger and dislike/hate towards the word and of it's use... And honestly I respect her as a person, a friend and all that so I try my hardest not to use the word around her, but this is Twitter we talkin about, I tend to go off and not worry about what my followers may think of my tweeted thoughts.
Initially I brushed it off, but after some time passed I actually sat down and gave it some thought... I then tweeted that I would write up a post about it and so here it goes. First I thought to myself "I been using the word nigga for as long as I've been using all the other words in my "street vocabulary" folder." Since I was 9 years old the word nigga has been in use by myself right along with "shit, bitch, fuck, fag," and whatever other repulsive thing you can think of.... Do I use these words all day every day? No of course not, but amongst my peers? Oh, Mother Fuckin right. And just incase you wanna say "Well you must not have a big enough vocabulary..." C'mon, have you not read my words before? EVERYONE curses, or has used profanity at some point, don't sit there and lie like you're exempt from that category. So my question is: "Is the word "nigga" really as bad as all the others I just mentioned? Would you be less offended if I looked at your sister and said "Hey bitch, what's good?" Don't answer that.
I know that many people's reason for wanting to get rid of the word is it's origin. They say things like "That word was used to offend and oppress black people" and things like "that word is disgusting and offensive" "a word that signifies so much hatred and pain" as my homegirl Angie put it....

Alriiight! Here comes the assholes opinion. Imma tell ya like I told my homegirl, "a word, or words can, will and have always ONLY had the power that YOU give them!" I'm well aware that some of you still don't understand what I mean, or where I'm going with this. Check this out, if you CHOOSE to be offended, appalled, or otherwise effected by a word then I really don't know what to tell you. Different people say different things, especially considering that from generation to generation words take on different meanings.
Case in point: 'Artificial' used to mean: "full of artistic or technical skill’. Now its meaning has a very different slant. And even Nice, whose origin comes from latin meaning "to know" once meant: Ignorant or unaware.... Don't believe me? 
Do your research like I did.

Angie told me to: "Look up the etymology of the word "nigger"'s rooted from "Negro" which is in essence rooted from "Necro"... Which in Latin means death or to be dead. When the word "Negro" was used, it ewas meant to signify that Africans were dead because according to Christian faith they were soulless as they did not practice Christianity. So, basically to continue to call someone "nigga" or "niggaz" is furthering this concept that brown people have no soul... And we are living up to those standards. Again, true enslavement is when we accept their ideas on us as truth." Very well written and heart felt if I say so myself. But If I were to ask 5 people on twitter or Facebook or people at my corner store who use the word what it meant TO THEM, this would be the furthest thing from what they thought. Blame their blissful ignorance if you will, but that's just how it is. So I'm well aware of the other people who feel "Well people were disrespected by that word and it was used to keep black people down xyz" Okay, coo I understand that at some point the word wasn't a term of endearment as it's become these days, but which one of those people read my tweets? How many of them are my peers? Which one of those people who were once oppressed and kept down with the power of that word in the car with me when I say "You missed the exit my nigga!?" How many of them are listening to "Watch the Throne" with me while I'm in the house or on the bus etc. etc. And please don't misunderstand what I'm saying, I'm not trying to blame the music I listen to, nor am I trying to blame my actions or in this case my words on my environment, but at the end of the day it's all around me. By now, for me, using the word "Nigga" is like my accent. I can't control how I sound. I am indeed a product of my environment and I feel I'm a pretty nice guy if I say so myself. Granted, please don't mistake me for a disrespectful dude, I tend to watch my mouth around people I interact with and don't know well. I would hate for someone's first impression of me to be "The young man who couldn't stop cursing and using the N-Word," cause even I would hate to meet someone like that. However amongst my peers, in my comfort zone, on twitter (where the whole point is to talk your smack)I don't feel that I have to change how I speak. Especially to put anyone else at ease. So you telling me "Stop saying the N-Word" is like shoving your religion down my throat, and by now I think we all know how I feel about that! Some people say "dude" others say "pal" or "buddy" I say "nigga." Does this mean that I feel you should use it? Does this mean I'm telling you join me in my usage of the word? No not at all, it simply means that this is what I say, and I don't feel it's a bad word, however if you do...... Well, that's your issue. And I say it with all due respect.

But I will propose a challenge to those of you who would rather I didn't use it. Contact me in private ( tell me "Eno I feel you should stop using the N-Word," and I will give you a chance to try and get me to stop using it. You'll see how when you hit me up.

For now
Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

P.S. If you, out of spite or ignorance hit my homegirl up on twitter, just to bomb her @ mentions with the N-Word, you and I will have severe problems. This post was not intended to start a war but to find some sort of common ground. You've been warned. So know that if you start following her and she follows back, you should tred lightly around her and have the respect you have for me for her as well. You've been warned.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York, New York

(You may wanna Google lyrics or open up Youtube to read along with this one)

There's a few reasons why we say "New York" twice when we're referring to our city... The most obvious of course being the fact that New York is the name of a city in a state of the same name, but also because within this large city there is two different worlds, two different New Yorks. Are you drawn in yet? Have a seat let me explain myself.

For as long as I could remember, or at least since I learned there was a world outside of my beloved city, I've been very well aware that there have been two worlds within my city. In recent years there have been several songs dedicated to the Big Apple. Of course we know Mr. Frank Sinatra's classic and Ja-Rule, Fat Joe and Jadakiss got together to make a dope track dedicated to the big city as well. But two songs of them all have stood out to me and have all but put a literal and physical face to this fact. Both with Jay-Z. One alongside Cam'Ron and the other featuring Alicia Keys.

"Welcome to New York City"
Artist: Cam'Ron ft. Jay-Z & Juelz Santana
Album: Come Home with Me
Year of release: 2002

This one is talking about the city outside of the city (Downtown Manhattan. It relates more to Harlem and the outer boroughs) This song discusses the drug game, the loitering in project building hallways. Carrying guns, wars going on outside one's window.
Jay-Z says certain lines such as "Rucker Game Attender" "Niggas will drive by in the day, murder you in the dark" "Wet niggas up like the Johnny pump is open, Nigga I play hard!"

Then there's some of Cam'Ron's lines: "There's a war going on outside no man is safe from/it don't matter if you 3ft. or 8'1," "Carry 8 guns/2 in the trunk/2 on the waist/2 on the ankles/2 to just spank you" "It's La Cosa Nostra..." "...They'll toast your go-for, bread loaf your chauffeur"
"Rich black thugs"

You see, its the lifestyle inspired by famous mafia movies. The ambition of becoming rich fast so they deal drugs. It's a news report of war going on in the very streets that these reporters live in. It's a story of a day spent outdoors, from a basketball game at Rucker Park (Very Famous park in Harlem where the greatest street ballers and even some entertainers and professional athletes come to play basketball) to giving you a warning of what may happen. The Johnny Pump (fire hydrant) being open, which is a very strong visual of NYC in the summer. But it's also a story of brief success "Mink on a motorcycle, trinkets they're so delightful, blinging there's so much ice, (Bling!)" This is the New York that the tourist never sees. The New York that lies beneath the surface of the clean Empire State that you see on post cards.

"Empire State of Mind"
Artist: Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys
Album: Blueprint 3
Year of Release: 2009

This song is discussing the glamourous New York (Manhattan) Madison Square Gardens, no longer at the Rucker. Dreams coming true, Big Lights, High Fashion, Yellow cabs etc.

Jay-Z is quoted saying: "Now I'm down in Tribeca, right Next to DeNiro" "Sitting court side, Knicks and Nets give me Hi-5" "I made a Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee Can" "Statue of Liberty, Long live the World Trade" "I'm from the Empire State that's..." "Caught up in "the "In" Crowd, now you in style

Alicia's Hook: "In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, Now you're in New York, these streets will make you feel Brand New, Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York"

"One hand in the air for the big city, srteet lights, big dreams all lookin pretty, no place in the world that can compare, put your lighters in the air everybody say yeaaaahhhhh"

So triumphant isn't it? But do you see the vast difference between the two. One tells you that the streets of the city will make you feel brand new, the other suggests that if you're wearing anything brand new you may be at risk of getting shot over it in a mugging. "Remember the war going on outside?" That's what that's about. 

So if you haven't figured it out, there's the "I can be whoever I want to be, I too can have a beautiful Tribeca apartment next door to my favorite celebrity" New York and then there's the "You may wanna be careful walking down the street because there is a war going on outside and this guy has a few guns on him, ready to test you all in the name of his respect" New York.

There's the "I have to hustle to get what I want, because no one is gonna hand it to me" New York and there's the "I'm famous, so professional athletes give me their hand in respect" New York.

So what are Eno thoughts on this subject? We'll see. Part II coming soon! I may even have a treat for you. But for now I think I wanna end this like an episode of Sopranos and.......

Stay Up, And Stay Tuned!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Baby is 3 Years Old

Yooooo. I bet ya didn't even realize that last month was tha Bull Pen's anniversary did ya? Lol, It's all good. I didn't promote so I understand. But yeah, 10 days after my 21st birthday I put up "My First Post" lol... It's only a short 3 year later, but damn it feel like it went by too quick. Like I just started this. I feel I've grown before you, I feel like I've become a writer on the internet. However, instead of boring ya with my own words for a few paragraphs, this year I had a different idea. Rather than post pictures from the year, and rather than write out some boring "Anniversary Post" I wanted to put the blog in the readers hands for once. What do you mean? I mean I asked my readers, the ones who've been rocking with me since Aug. of 08, the ones who just started rocking with me, the ones who have rocked with me once or twice to write a testimony. I thought it be fun for the readers to see more than just one perspective for once. Feel me? It's almost a month late, but when you read all the things that all your fellow readers wrote, I think you'll find that the wait was well worth it. So with all that said, let's get started:

Eno Bull, if I ever created a list of my top 5 favorite writers, you'd be on it. I've told you before that you're really talented. Understatement maybe. I think it's awesome that you're so transparent and REAL when you write. It's inspiring, really. Visiting Tha Bull Pen is always an experience. Your posts evoke so many emotions. Your readers feel what you feel! "My First Love", "Untitled pt 1" and "A Song" are just a FEW of my favorites. Just keep doing what you're doing alright?

"What you mean you ain't got no malt liquor for the homies? Are you trying to get shot?" -The doctor that delivered Emilio Lorenzo Cortez Gutierrez. 

That's how awesome having a friend like Eno is. It makes you say cool intellectual shit you wouldn't normally say. I mean like, his blog is all like, funny and stuff, but mostly it's colorful and it has great photographs on it. He also told me to say that I learned something from his blog, or he'd kidnap my here goes:
I learned that Eno is a very good typist, he takes amazing photographs, and he likes to tell stories that help you get to know him better as a person. His entries just flow from the heart, it never feels like he's writing just to write, or blogging to get some fame. I know this cool dude offline..and he's everything his blog makes you think he is: tall, intelligent, and brown.
Congrats on the anniversary, and thanks for blogging and being an awesome friend homeboy.
You owe me like fiddy bucks. Love, Reese.

ps. Can I have my cat back now?

Apparently, we all have something to share. No, honestly - ask me to name people that have blogs and I can rattle 6 names of the top of my head: Sandy with travel, James with music, Ashley with her dating life, John on the art scene, Lynn on the Brooklyn life, and Lydia with whatever the week brings. In a word, exhausting. Now, having a blog site doesn't necessarily mean that your viewpoint is interesting, different, or relevant. A lot of these blogs are actually pretty dull, I don't mince words so I will label them all as "Generic" - Yeah, I said it. Around 1 year ago, I noticed that I kept returning to read Eno Bull's blog, Tha Bull Pen. Took me by surprise since I admit that I'm tired of blogs! But I realized that Eno's viewpoint, though different from my own, was actually quite interesting; he could be controversial, yet honest, loud, but sweet, a gentleman with a foul mouth. I found myself agreeing with Eno and wishing to give him a high five, then I wanted to punch him. Hey, I'm just being honest. Overall, the kid does a good job. He's my cousin after all and I wouldn't expect anything less. Love him (picture me with a grin in my face).

Ode to my Eno LL … What can I say about tha homie Eno?! Aside from being my brutha from anutha mutha … aside from being a photographer and videographer extraordinaire … aside from being so handsome… so cool … so GQ … :-) … he has impressed me with his ability to express himself, his thoughts, and his ideas through his blog, Tha Bull Pen. Eno never fails to keep me entertained with his ideas, rants, and opinions … which all end up being very thought provoking, no matter the topic! I loved the blog so much … I harassed Eno to take Tha Bull Pen to the video blog world … Being the character that he is, I knew that the visual would definitely compliment the voice, the thoughts, and the ideas of Tha Bull! With that said … ALL LOVE to Eno and congrats to the 3 year anniversary of Tha Bull Pen! Wish you the most success!!! #DoWork!! #Salute!!! ~Dosage!!~

His words, his wisdom, his individuality.....

Eno Bull's blog "Tha Bull Pen" is celebrating it's third anniversary and it is surely something to celebrate. Eno has blessed his readers with his thoughts which are innovative, true and invigorating. Eno is young but, unlike many in his age group, he is very gifted with the talent of written words from clear, educated thoughts. His blogs suck you in, makes you think, and leaves you satisfied with HIS knowledge. Every entry is unique and is an ode to his big heart and humble being. He is extremely family oriented and you can feel the love he has for his family through his words he shares with all of us. May Eno give his readers another year full of thought provoking, great reads.

Happy Anniversary to Tha Bull Pen!
Love you Eno!
Lady Ty

I have never been a fan of blogs or bloggers, mainly because quite honestly I dont really care what others opinions are about things. I feel like I feel and, especially being a taurus, I am stubborn and am usually set in my ways & opinions! With that being said, after the 1st time reading "Tha Bull Pen"...I was a fan and hooked! Eno's blog was different to me for this reason...he didnt care either. It wasnt simply a blog of "this is the hottest movie out but I don't like it because...." , it was more real life wow these are things that meant enough to take MY time "I EXPERIENCED this situation today and I felt like this, I UNDERSTAND ya'll might not feel the same but YOU wast there. So feel how you want but Ima be me" I guess what Im saying is he is REAL! He isnt a blogger just worried about the number of posts he has or about riding the fence to make his readers happy....he's Eno...& he is definitely an example of Quality in a world of Quantity!

Here's the thing, I've never met a person of the male species that I feel is my exact counterpart. Reading THA BULL PEN is always an adventure, reading about secret loves, bitches that aint putting out (frontin). To being pulled intensely into something that Eno is engaged in from his love of photography to his obsession with music (good shit that it is) So on your anniversary i want to say i Laughed, learned and loved through your words, Ive been pissed off at your opinions and at the same time respected and agreed. Ive appreciated how your able to speak from a womans point of view as well as give the males BRUTALLY honest (niggaz dont do that) view. Ive appreciated how youve let myself as well your other dedicated readers into your world, into your head, damn near into your heart; and with that I want to say Happy Annivarsary ill be forever a fan. (when are you going to take my picture? "immortalize my shit")

A modern day voice. Unmoved by criticism, hate, class, race or gender. Opinion is opinion. Like it or love it. I started reading these blogs since its birth and have watched it grow and take on a life of its own. Great writing will always find a way to make you question, understand and appreciate – although you may not agree with the discussions, and most certainly have your own opinion on the matter(s), one thing is always for certain Eno will state his case, present evidence and having you nodding in agreement before you reach the final period. The words spoken are “As Is” – so to speak. They are raw, they are lived and they are true. Anyone growing up in the hood can relate. We are all products of our environment and Eno simply puts life to paper in a way that is unmatched. Reading his blog is like having a conversation with him – right down to the expressions and tone. I love it! There is true talent behind these words and I ask everyone to take heed and watch these blogs because they will most certainly become something great. Eno does not write to make friends and that is what makes this a great blog. Keep up the good work baby brother!

I have said this time and time again, but again Eno is an exceptional writer, one would deem his writings poetic. His blogs give us, the readers a chance to truly experience "How Eno's mind truly works." His blogs express emotions and feelings that we are often embarrassed to express to the world. One blog in particular I truly loved (I love them all) was the Fathers's day blog... That blog was probably one of the realest, most emotional words I have ever read. It showed the world a different side to Eno.... His bravery in putting those words on paper helped me to put in prospective my life in terms of my relationship with my own father. I walked away in awe and tears as it made me realize that sometimes having no father is better than having a father who is emotionless and unsupportive (I'm referring to my dad) that blog amongst many others were my guide to implementing not only a new way of life but it forced me to be real with myself about situations and feelings I tried to suppress!! Overall, I don't think there are words that I can express to give Eno the props he truly deserves! Your an awesome, real, controversial writer and your writing should be on the Times best seller list. Keep up the good work!

As long as I've known Eno he's always been two things an asshole & a person with an opinion lol. But when he started his blog he found a way to combine both....and he did it in a brilliant way. I'm not just sayin this because he's my brother,but as a fan of social commentary, I've watched Tha Bull Pen go from a tongue in cheek rant to a clever well crafted gaze into the mind of a rebel. I've also had the privilege of being featured numerous times on the blog & hope I can be featured again in the future. So to my brother Eno Effn Bull & Tha Bull Pen I say.....Man Fuck ya blog, Add My BBM!!-Deascent

3 Years strong for tha Bull Pen!! An outlet much needed and so efficiently utilized by the man behind the posts , Eno mutha effin BULL!! From controversy to emotion-filled bloggin, uv kept me n the masses entertained bruh. Ya blog ain't a colorin book like most of these utha joints dat r heavily saturated wit pix, u capture the essence of expression thru literature, very eloquently. Keep doin it lil bro, much love, and u always have my support!

In the Nas and Damien Marley Distant Relatives album, on a song entitled “Friends”, Damien Marley says,

“Yes We Surely Had A Blast / We're Like Family / Me & You / A Nuh Every Path You Cross / Lead To Somebody Whe True / Of The Many That Are Called Only Chosen Is A Few”

That Practically explains my friendship with Edwin Gutierrez, known to others simply as Eno.

When I first met Eno, through Pers, and Buddy, he was quiet but very absorbent and observant, articulate in his own right, and only spoke when spoken to. These are my accounts, so he could disagree – but my memory is quite vivid. Eno was always down for a good laugh, and that is all that we did when the crew from Davidson Ave, gathered on the block or in an apartment.

It was the environment in which we grew up in that provided us with the creativity, experiences, and vocabulary that led us to make what we called “Music.” It was actually just rhetorical frustration on top of instruments that caught the ears of people that shared those same feelings, people like Edwin. Eno had the capability to interpret any bar that was spat from any section 8 / 4’ Treign / BXL member, in which I consider to be a skill, since I thought I was overly clever with words. It was this passion of his that allowed him to blend in with the crew.

When we began to perform at venues, Eno was there with a camera/video camera documenting everything moving. I can now look back and realize how important those times were to our development, and furthermore, how important the documentation was in itself. Eno took this craft and expanded, as any smart person would do with a talent that he or she is good at.

However, Eno has to accredit a lot of his maturity and growth to his large-supporting family: a large group of down-to-earth brown-skin people from Honduras, that consist of beautiful, fierce, loving females and talented, humorous, educated males. I consider myself - an African, from Ghana- extended family of theirs. And they have been nothing less than accepting of me and others alike. Therefore, as the junior, Edwin was somewhat forced to bare some of those traits to that of his immediate family – the gift.

The gift that was bestowed on this kid is one that he carried unconsciously through his actions and speech. If we as a circle didn’t curse, neither would he. If we didn’t go around bullying kids, neither would he. But had we pushed over a Street Fighter arcade machine for a thrill, he probably would have to, and eventually got caught trying to run because he was heavier than the rest of us, lol. But the point is, Edwin is a mold of positive influences, with his own twist.

Now, just like any individual who becomes educated, you beginn to make your own observations and draw your own conclusions to certain theories, and practices. Fredrick Douglas – after teaching himself how to read while in captivity – began to stumble across documents that revealed detailed information about the slave trade, and memoirs of his masters. In that instant, Douglas wished that he had never learned how to read to begin with. This is parallel to the complex that has now become of Edwin – a new “think for yourself” characteristic – which is extremely critical in this day and age, hence the beginning lines of this testimony, “Only Chosen Are A Few” Yes, it does deviate from the status quo, and so does he, but why should we all be alike? As long as you stay true to you, and have a positive purpose in life…then…live your life. But then we must ask ourselves, “What do we mean by the word ‘positive’?” I’ll leave that to the reader.

I envision great things for Edwin. Through his creativity, his options are endless. Take his blog for instance, and how far and popular it has become. He doesn’t ramble about how ‘fly he is’, or much he’s “balling” because that is not his purpose in life nor in his writing. Rather, his discussions vary from a wide range of topics from religion, and homophobia, to vanity and poverty. That makes for a good read. I personally enjoyed the “2011 Is Home” blog, which speaks about the small reunion that we as friends try to have once a year around January to make sure everyone is in perfect health and living right. I look forward to more of those. It allows us to reflect – through music, food, drinks, laughter, gaming and cutting, lol - how far we have come as simply FRIENDS. And you cannot put a corner store price tag on that. And it was Edwin who documented that event, which allows me reflect upon it, and laugh again – the literary double entendre. You can now return to the top and re-read the Damien Marley lyrics. - Che


Honestly, I know it comes off as if I'm just saying this, but I literally read each and every one of these testimonies word for word. Before I copied and pasted I took the time out to read and understand what each and every one of you wrote, the same way ya take the time to read whatever it is I write. Some of ya brought me very close to tears and I swear ya all made me feel loved. I can't begin to express how much I appreciate all your words. I say it all the time that when I started this blog it was simply a journal for me. Well it's obvious that I've read the words of my journal out loud so much that it's brought me an audience of great people. I promise to continue to give ya the quality blogs that you've come to love. And I'll continue to thank the man above for blessing me with such great family like all of you. Peace Ya'll Eno Loves you all!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my blog!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

I didn't plan it this way, but it just so happens that this blog fell on 9/11. With that said I want to take the time out to pay my respects to all those fallen on that horrifying day 10 years ago.
R.I.P to all those victims and my sincerest condolences to the families who lost loved ones.