Monday, November 24, 2008


I was at Grandma's house yesterday with Mylez and em and I saw something on YouTube that left me completely disturbed. First and foremost let me say: Ron Brows (Idk nor do I care if that's spelled right) is Trash, I predict that his career will be over sometime shortly after March 09. That song 'Pop Champagne' is mad whack but what left me disturbed was the video to the song.

Jim Jones and Juelz Santana are seen towards the end of the video pouring champagne on Freaky, and then Jones proceeds to pour champagne on Juelz. Juelz not only accepts this behavior but proceeds to chimey his chest from side to side as its goin on. STOP! WTF is this now? You mean to tell me that when Dre and Snoop made 'Aint Nothing but a G Thing' the video was all in vain. What part of the game is this? Any man pour Champagne on me and you better believe I'm gonna be offended beyond words and we WILL fight. I am NOT a female. I'm not sayin its cool to pour champagne on a girl but in this cruel corrupt world called Hip-Hop that is the only Gender that gets 'Poured' on. This just goes to show that Artist or rather Celebrities get away with WAAY too much. Cause I'm willing to bet there's a clown ass nigga in Harlem watching that video as your reading this blog thinkin: "Oh nah that's not Gay tho, cause these niggas is Wavy" C'MON MAN! Gay is Gay, if this behavior is not accepted on your block then why is it accepted in your living room when it comes through via your TV?

Same thing with Weezy! I'm willing to bet all the money in my bank account that if I came on the Block wit a Lip ring I'd get cut on. "Eno you mad gay for that," "Yo Eno you a SoHo fag boy now?" and you know what? I feel that my niggas would have every right to feel that way. How is it a man strives so hard to establish himself as a "Gangster," has Tattoos all over his Body, Tears Tattooed on his face, but he Kisses a Man and gets a Lip Ring and is NOT considered gay cause he has and I quote "Swag?" C'MON MAN!

Stupid niggas please pay attention: Gay means Gay regardless of who is practicing the Homocity. Stop giving these artist and celebrities G Passes on the strength of being celebrities. If Paris Hilton wanna be a dick and commit an action she knows is a crime then throw her in the same effin prison where thieves and murderers go, If Jimmy wanna pour Champagne on his man and his man is wit it then call em Butt Pirates the same way you would to niggas doin it at your mans house party, If Wayne wanna kiss a man on the mouth and wear a Lip ring afterwards then tell him that He in the same boat as Clay Aiken the same way you'd tell your lil Brotha if he came in the house with his Belly Button Pierced.

Peace Niggas I'm done with Ya.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey Girls!

Whats going on folks, I know its been a while but I'm alive and well. How ya been? Ladies, Hate it or Love it I'm bout to Air ya Out! Fellas feel me on this one! My lil brotha Devo reminded me that the blog has been getting a lil cold lately and he's right. I started worrying more about the pics to accompany the posts for the sake of those fags who don't read anything without pictures, so in a sense I kinda drifted away from being myself (by straying away from the real issues on my mind on the blog).

Allow me to retort: the reason I started a Blog was because I am Highly opinionated and I don't always open my mouth to share with people, so with a Blog only those who want to know what I'm think will know what I'm thinking. Now getting into it.

Ya know ya done Effed up now right? WTF has been going through ya minds lately. (And by lately I mean the past few years) ya been buggin. I have no idea how to get into what I want to say so I'm just gonna start letting my hands do the typing. I'm a good dude, but apparently too much of a good dude, since I realized I was attracted to women when I was about 7 or 8 yrs old I have been under the impression that what a woman wants is: A nice Guy, a guy who listens, a guy who would never cheat, a guy who is never gonna hurt her and there for a her no matter what: in good or bad, day or night, rain or shine. BULLSHIT! Trust me that's not what these girls want. They want a nigga who's a jerk, ignores her, one who constantly cheats, and on occasion slaps the shit out of her for no apparent reason. I hate people who blame their actions on music but in this case I'd have to say that it does hold partial blame. The Beyonce's and female rappers and T.I. telling ya "You can have whatever you Like" and things of that nature is starting to get to ya heads. That's not real ladies, Its a business, The shadiest business there is... The Music Business. An Artist is gonna say whatever he or she feels you wanna hear to make that dollar. You think T.I. walks up to a groupie and says: "Washannin' Baby? Wanna Pack ya bags and go to Aruba with me?" You think Sir Rick Ross pulls up to a drive through window, orders a Burger and a Minimum wage Worker like in his videos? Be real!

Don't for a second get it twisted. I LOVE women but I'd rather not deal with ya sometimes cause Ya so confusing for no reason. And ya let way too many people and other things put batteries in your backs.

The reason I'm rambling on is cause I AM that guy or at least I was. The one that is a "One Girl" kinda guy, the one that remembers your birthday and calls you even tho you only told me your birthday that One time like 8 months ago, the one who is not thinking bout bonin' until you are. But what does that lead to? I'll tell you what it leads to... The single dude who has a million and one BAD female friends who he never ever gets down with. Why? I guess its cause I aint Usher or Omarion in the face. "Yea Eno's cool but he's like my brother" or "Yea Eno is my boy, but he not my type" lol I don't mean to come off like I'm crying either but just be real ladies, if you want a Trophy Husband who's a sucker for love and is willing to shower you with dollar bills than say that. Don't go around saying you want a good guy when you know COT DAMN well you aint a good gal. Feel me? I know there is a lot of jerks out there, and I feel they ruin it for real niggas like myself but ya overlooking us good dudes (whether it be cause you been scarred in the past, or cause we aint "cuties") and cheating yourselves out of happiness with "The One."

And stop thinking ya shit don't stink cause honestly Global Warming has affected more than just the weather. Ya don't Switch when ya walk no more, Ya don't grow ya own hair no more, Havin' a ceaser one day and Rapunzel length braids the next day. If you want a good dude than act like a Lady and that good Dude will find you. I Feel like I've gone on for too long and I still have more to say but don't know how to say it so I guess the remainder of this post shall remain Pending. Until then take care Folks, If I've offended you then good, cause that's what Good Art ought to do. OFFEND!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eno's Driven

Whats good folks? I just got home from chillen with Mylez and Reg (P.B.M). We went to (our spot of course) IHOP, they should cut me a check as much as I mention them. But anyway... In my never ending quest to continue to give society my middle finger I (an un-licensed driver with a learners permit) drove tonight. I've Driven millions of times before but tonight I finally drove on the Highway. It was fun, and just as easy as driving on the local streets if not easier. I'm gonna get my license sooner than later but I feel society is way too hung up on paper work, a license doesn't make a person a good driver, experience does. I feel the same about Diplomas, there are many people who have Bachelors Degrees but have no knowledge beyond the hard cover text books they purchased. The first time I put my foot to a pedal I was 13 years old, since then I've known the basic science (if any) behind driving, and have driven very well on numerous occasions. Before I ramble on for hour the basic idea behind what I'm trying to say is: Yes driving without a license is illegal, yes not having a degree is frowned upon.... But shouldn't my word be enough. If I tell you "I went to school and I learned something" why do you need a piece of paper to validate that? If I say "Yes I know how to, and can drive" why is it that a piece of plastic with my picture on it is proof? Is a mans word not worth anything anymore? Anyway, Society, if you didn't already know, is my worst enemy and those are just a few reasons why. With that said, I'll give ya some pics and call it a night.
Nah But I do have to get my license so I can take this off of Pop's Hands
^ 97 Nissan Pathfinder. Looks Blue in the pic But its a deep green
Its Only right that my attire matched the wheels I was pushin
Me Behind the wheel, Lookin straight Smooth...

Friday, November 14, 2008

My First Love

I don't even remember the day I met her, I just feel she's always been there. She was older than me but she spoke to me in a way that I could always understand. Shes always been a real good friend of the family, I was introduced to her by my parents. I instantly fell in Love in that moment. Not even knowing what Love was at the time I knew I'd feel this way for her for my entire life. She always knew what to say to me to cheer me up, calm me down, or even make me smile. I could come home from school and she'd tell me about her day. It got to a point that I would sneak her into school and talk to her durin' lunch time, sometimes even during class. She had a melodic voice and still has a melodic voice that just danced on my earlobes every time she spoke, and her stories were amazing. She thought me so much and I learned to Love all the things about her even the things that were sometimes less den admirable about her. She watched me grow older and always helped me through the bad times as well as the good. When I was old enough and started realizing there were other girls in this world besides her she even helped me communicate with them in a way that was appropriate. In other words she thought me how to talk to the opposite sex ofcourse with somee help from my older brothers. She knew that she was, and still is my first Love and no one could or would ever take her place. She was there to help me through my first heartbreak, and I'm sure she'll be there for my last. That's just the kind of girl she's always been. When I lost my baby Cousin and my Grandmother she wrote a song that was specifically written for me, and I know it came from her heart. People have claimed to have relationships with her, but I know that ours was and always will be the strongest. One of the reasons being that I never asked her for money like so many did in the past nor did I only befriended her because of her fame and riches, our bond was always pure and above the petty material things she had to offer. With all that said I just want her to know that I Love Her, and no matter what she'll always be there for me and I'll be there for her.

^If you Read 'My First Post' then you know the significance of this Pic

To My First Love, MUSIC, Thank You for always being there for me. I will continue to Love you for as long as there is air in my lungs and wen I'm gone I only hope u tell the world the story of our lives together.

For ever yours:
^ My Playlist is more Infinite than Nick's & Norah's ^

Say Cheese

Whats goin on folks? Its been a few days, sorry for the lack of updates. Im pretty sure im gonna have some stuff to blog about tomorrow (Later on today) so for now i'd like to leave you with some of my recent pics.

^ This is a Pic of me @ Work. I call it: 'Me @ Work' lol ^

^This was taken a few weeks ago, it was still a lil Warm. ^

These Last 2 are of Che. I took these on (What I like to call) Obama Night. When I took the pics I was goin for one of those Magazine shoot/Retail Store ad kinda pics... I dont feel I captured it the way I wanted to but I feel they came out well nontheless. Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Entourage

Whats new Bull Penners? I'm actually sitting here in BXL Headquarters as we speak and I just felt like sharing some words with ya'll. Today was coo, I chilled with Perse most of the day. P.B.M was around for a portion of it, and now I'm chillen with him, Jazz, and Mylez. Not much goin' on but I was goin through the Headquarters Computer and came across some pics from a recent Photo Shoot. I'd LOVE to tell you guys that I took these shots but I don't have the proper camera, nor experience to pull these off yet.
^ BXL Lookin like Brand new Currency ^
^ Buddy 'Motha Effin' Mylez ^
^ Joe Dirt a.k.a Peligro ^
^ Producer Extrodinaire Severe Persy Jones ^
Stay Up and Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Know...

Whats good Ya'll Just felt like posting some Miscellaneous pics.

^ Eno Bull is the name (Google that!). I love this Pic. I took it myself and then Mylez Photoshopped it. I feel its a classic.
^ This is 1 0f 2 of the last pics that I took as a Dreaded man. If memory serves me correct, I took this in the batroom right before the the scissors cut the second dread.
- This is me and My brotha frrom anotha: Rich. We took this at work right before our shift. That Cold Stone Ice Cream is Poppin B. Ya need to get up on it.
^ Exactly who are you if you dont have a '7Days7Nights' Pic? Eno, Mylez, Jahmaul. Celebrating Mylez' Birthday at Sylvias.
^ My New FaceBook Main Pic. This is a Desktop Banger. Copy and Paste Ladies.
^ The day I felt Re-Born. My President is Black baby!
^ My Uncle Barack. Better known as the 2008 Presidential Elect. We Movin on Up like Curtis Mayfield.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Fourth, 2008

(My President is Black Pt. 1)
I had a 2 paragraph long Blog post written out to publish yesterday/last night. But with all the overwhelming excitement of the countries events last night I couldn't stay home nor use the same words that I used around 2:15pm on Tuesday, because around 10:45pm those weren't the same words I felt. In fact I didn't feel any words. What I felt was something beyond words. I felt and thought "Is this what it feel like to exit the birth canal and enter the world?" "Is this what people feel on their wedding day?" "Am I awake? Is this a dream? Or is Barack Obama (An African American Man in America) REALLY The 44th President of these United states?"

^ The Days Newspaper^

Well it was a dream last night.... The Dream that Martin Luther King had decades ago that came true last night on November Fourth in the year Two Thousand & Eight. Sorry it took so long Doctor, we all wish you could have been here. You would have been proud. To my Uncle Ostin (R.I.P) I only wish you would have atleast made it this far. But I know you both are looking down in awe and pride.

Young niggas, its time to grow up and become Black Men. Don't give any member of any other race ANY reason to feel that last night was a mistake. Pick up your Pants, expand your vocabulary, stop bringing in more children into poverty, go out and find ways to be a better human being. If Obama, a Black man who claims was once a Goof Ball who had dreams of being a ball player can become the first Black President of this white mans country there is nothing that we as individuals and as a people can't do!
^ I decided to get my "grown man" on to go vote ^
I'm still for the most part Speechless and in a state of Shock with what happened last night. So until I can collect the million and three words I have floating around in my head and place them in the order they are supposed to go in this is the Blog post I leave you with.
Stay up and Stay tuned, more pics on Pt. 2!