Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Racism Still Alive?

I don't usually do this, but I've learned that part of making it to the Top (I have dreams of having the best blog of all time lol) is helping out others in the same struggle as you. So with that said I have not any words for you today, what I want to do is share the words of another with you!

My big Brotha Buddah who also has his own blog (follow Him) posted an entry that really picked my brain and made me think. Seeing as how that's what I strive to achieve with my readers, I want to share that with you!

So click here and enjoy! I'll be right back with some words of my own...

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Black Robe and a Gavel

What's goin on Bull Penners? I know I been gone for a while, I know you've been missing me so imma just get right into this one... I promise its gonna be good!

"Said where I would stop before I even started when I get to one brick, then The Game I will depart with Got to one brick then I looked to the sky, said Sorry God, I lied, but give me one more try"
-Jay-Z - Fallin'

Aight, now that line speaks mostly of greed, but it coincides with what I'm about to talk to ya'll about...

-Eno Bull - FaceBook status

Now you see my FaceBook (where I drop many Jewels -- I suggest you add me just search: Eno Bull) status messages usually generate a lot of attention, and this one was no different. Now, the reason I said this was because although I don't support or agree with drug dealers and what they do I can definitely understand the feeling of wanting and or needing more in a shorter period of time. I can most definitely understand feeling like there is no other way out, overall I just understand. On top of all this I (a young man with a legal job) often stand around at work thinking to myself: "Damn I'd rather be selling drugs" not because its been glorified in movies, music and other general industries, but because I know they work (labor wise) a lot less and get paid almost double what I make a week in a day! Lol, am I wrong for being real?

I'm not saying I'm going to do it but hey, we all have daydreams about things we think we cant do right? ;0) Now, as you can see I didn't specify why I said what I said, but it was instantly taken as something else, something much deeper, so I thought it would make for good blog material. So it quickly became a matter of in a way defending the Drug dealer and I guess I was but allow me to explain why.

See it was mentioned that the drug dealer is a "destroyer of homes, a taker of parents" etc. and yes I agree BUT, I personally feel, that you cannot blame the dealer without blaming the user... Disagree with me if you want, but I'm sure that 95% of the people who use and or abuse drugs are either adults or children old enough to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. See I'm sure many have lost family or close friends to the evils of drugs, but were they forced to do those drugs at gun point? No. See, like it or not the drug dealer is no different than a business man, one who owns a clothing store, or a restaurant. He is there to provide a product, a service or a good(s). So the question becomes "How powerful is the Drug Dealer without the Drug user" you can even go as far as saying that the product (the drugs) are harmful to the user and can kill them, but hey, so can cigarettes and alcohol and you see that 'Newport' and 'Corona' are both not only still running smoothly but becoming more expensive with even more clientele each day, and no one says anything to them. Is it because their products are legal? Is this why the Drug Dealer gets a bad name? Well I say all that to say this: many things in life revolve around the idea of 'Supply and Demand' as long as there is a need for it, there will be a provider for it, be it illegal, legal, moral or immoral.

^Real Drug Dealer, and the Tools of his Trade^^
Photo by amazing Photographer: Boogie
(whom was mentioned in past blog post)

Plus its not our responsibility to Judge, that's reserved for the Lord above. So with that said folks let nature take its course, and please feel free to comment or contact me to discuss this issue. Take care, be safe and God Bless you all.

Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things Changing!

Aight ya'll we're gonna open this one up with a video... Peep!

I know right? Buddy Mylez with a BlackBerry, who would have thought we'd see the day! First and foremost I want to give him one last birthday shout out, cause it just passed this pass week! My big brother just turned 26, and I'm sure ya remember the post just a short year ago entitled "Beating the Odds" where I mentioned he beat the statistic by being a black man in America turning 25.... But enough about his Birthday, visit our various YouTube videos ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VZYZgEuthk&NR=1 ) and you will see that this man was anti-BlackBerry ALLL the way. But just a few days ago he posted a picture on his FaceBook of a concealed package (Pause) that arrived to him that day. I Instantly knew that it was a Blackberry, don't ask me how I knew, I guess I just have a third eye for these things.

Now seeing as how he was (as he mentioned) the Advocate of the Anti-BlackBerry Movement, seeing him switch sides to the better end of the spectrum was a great look from my point of view.

But that's not all that has changed:
As you all know back in April I voiced out my opinions on Twitter and how I disagreed with what it stood for! Well like I would have said to Buddy Mylez prior to purchasing his BlackBerry "Don't Knock it til you've tried It." I did like Buddy did (who was also Anti-Twitter) and gave it a 24 hour chance.... and I can see why people are hooked to it and continue to hook to it like the Matrix! Yes I was against it, but I've realized that for an Over Opinionated person like myself, it's the perfect platform (second to my own blog) to express how you feel about certain things throughout the day.... but what really threw me over was the fact that it's a great place to network and get your name and business across to a different Demographic. Me, also being a Photographer it's important to keep up with the world of business and network with other who are in the same or even different fields.

So how about you follow me, I promise I won't lead you astray www.twitter.com/EnoBull

As far as breaking my "Anti-Twitter and Anti-BBM 5.0" Pact with Imani, I'm sorry and your apology Blog Post is up next lol.
So the moral of today's post folks is to give different things a try, don't go to extremes but "DON"T KNOCK IT TIL YOU'VE TRIED IT"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Need Moore

Happy Labor day Folks! And I wanna give a birthday shout out to my Baby Girl Diana.

How have you all been? First and foremost I apologize for the lack of posting these past few days but I haven't had time to post in a while. So today I had another photo shoot with my Rebeca and felt I should share it with ya'll.

We've been talking about this for quite some time but we finally got it done today.... We were running a lil late so the lack of time was in the back of my mind during the whole shoot but despite all of that I felt the shoot came out pretty cool!

Peep her Video Drop!:

^Ms. Rebeca^

^Oh so Sexy^


I had a lot of fun on today's shoot and I Think it'll be even better next time! Rebeca I see you baby!

Stay Up and Stay tuned Folks!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bull for Mylez

What's going on ya'll, It's a lil before 12 so before the whole day is gone first and foremost lemme give a birthday shout out to my favorite Jamaican, my brother from another, my big homie Reg! he's 24 today. I luv you big bruh, don't let nothin stress you, we about to be so rich it's not even funny.

Now onto you folks! What's good?
So as you (should) know I have a partner in crime who goes by the name of Buddy Mylez. More often I call him my big brother but he is my cousin. He and I have always been close but these past few years have been the ones that have bonded us closer than we were before.

So about a year ago, we came up with an idea for a reality show. A show that follows the life of him and I. The concept of the show, in our opinion, would work very well because

Buddy: Is an aspiring artist and member of a three man Hip-Hop group named "BXL" and he also tries to juggle a life of work, family and friends outside of the music. He's also a comedian who always knows the right joke to pull out of his back pocket at any given moment. But of Course all pros have their cons, and That's where Eno comes in.

Eno: Is an aspiring fashion designer and photographer with dreams of being a household name in both fields. A down to Earth 'go with the flow' kinda guy who often has to play the personal assistant role to big cousin Buddy Mylez (who can be forgetful at times)

The Show is called 'Bull For Mylez' because while watching you will swear you are watching Bull crap for days (all while laughing of course) and because Eno often works for Mylez as far as being somewhat of an assistant and Side kick goes. Did that make sense? Well with all those ingredients you get a great show that will have you thinking: "What will they do next?"

Sadly to admit, Mylez and I have been sitting on this idea for about a year now, why? I guess it's because we've been running on false hope that someday soon VH1 or MTV will discover us and want to put us on TV with our own show... lol, yea right. So we decided, no more sitting around thinking and saying "We need our own show." Because with all due respect, he and I are cooler than any other duo you can name, on TV, in Music history, at your school or even on your block lol.

The show will also feature a supporting cast consisting of:
Severe Persy Jones
Joe Dirt
PBM (Reg)
Killa Ken
Supa J
'The BXL SisterHood'
and who ever else gets caught in our lens

With all that said, I'd like to share with you some of our recent Youtube videos.

"BSPN Presents Eno Bull vs. Killa Ken"

^This Webisode Features 'Killa Ken'^

"KJ Dance"

^This one features 'Killa Ken' and Eno and Buddy's Nephew 'KJ'^

Enjoy every one and be on the look out for the best show to come to the internet since who knows what!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!