Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Let's Get Rich!"

Those were the words said to me by Mylez in a loud and very vibrant club on a Sunday night.

What's goin on Bull Penners?

I think I might have touched this topic a few times before, but some things really don't get old, at least to me. And maybe the more I talk about it the more I'll remain motivated to achieve the goal at hand.
I know I've probably lost you so let me get you a map.

I was at club Amnesia a few Sundays ago with Buddy to celebrate a friends birthday party. If you didn't know, club Amnesia is literally designed to stunt. For those who are slang impaired (I want everyone to be on the same page with me on this one,) stunt means to show off and basically make a spectacle of yourself in public. The club has very little dance floor room, and everything else is a bar and V.I.P areas. So basically, you walk in and your in a large, dark living room. I can live with that, most times I don't need a whole dance floor to cut a rug, that is if I even feel like dancin that night. The bar is to the left, and everything else is your space to roam, that is if you and your friends are spending money on bottles.
This is basically why I don't like clubbin. Bottle service and stuntin ass niggas who don't mind spendin money on bottle service ruined the club scene. I like to imagine that before I turned 18, clubbin was different. You could go in, and admission wasn't $40 (which is what is was for me that night) buy a drink for 8-10 bucks, find a girl to grind on and V.I.P was reserved for the club owner conductin whatever form of meeting he was having with potential clients or whatever. But then again I have no idea if this is all my imagination based on old movies or if that's actually how it was. Regardless the point is clubbin today sucks.

That night tho, it sucked even more! Lol. Don't get me wrong, the party itself was very poppin! Mad women, a few horses, and the drinks were definitely over flowin. However I found myself in V.I.P with Buddy and the birthday boy. I found myself feeling the way you would when you were a kid and your mom couldn't find someone to watch you for the night but she was still gonna go on with her plans. So you ended up being the only kid in a room filled with adult, smoking and drinking and telling jokes you wouldn't get for another 15 years. Laughing living life like it's golden, meanwhile you're somewhere in the background bored out of your skull with 3% battery life left on your GameBoy! Lol. Vivid enough for you? But I'm sure you're askin yourself, "Well, you're old enough to club, and everyone in the club is your age at least, why would you feel so out of place." I'll tell you why:

I work a regular 8-5 day job. I wake up at 6:06am every morning just to be able to make it to that day job at 8am sharp. I get ready, I take a train for about 35-45 minutes, and I work from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. On Friday when I receive my check there's responsibilities I have that need to be taken care of: rent, phone bill (once a month), a Metro Card (Weekly--although I should buy monthly) gas money for the weekend (cause I drive more than I should on the weekends) and of course money for food to last me til the next week. (I know I should cook and bring in my own lunch but leave me alone, we aint talkin about that right now) Lol. So after all those priorities are sorted out I'm left with enough money to hang out and chill, I budget so that I don't have to live check to check, however I don't have enough to live as lavish as I'd like. This is where the point of the blog comes in.

That night at the club we were surrounded by niggas. I don't mean young black men I mean Ignorant Niggas! Lol.

The club is dark, the floor has a pulse, the speakers are blaring, and the DJ is shouting out all the big names who are present. The darkness is momentarily pierced by the sparkles coming off the top of expensive bottles of liquor being brought to people standing on couches. The strobe light from the ceiling shines bright enough and for just enough time for you to notice the young nigga in the middle of V.I.P 2 ft. behind me burning a $100 bill with the same lighter he just lit his blunt with. Wow!
As if that wasn't enough, money starts to magically fall from the sky, $50's and $20's float and flutter by as if they were party streamers and confetti at a championship game set prior to the party. Guys rippin up money and throwing it into the crowd. A guy comes up to the birthday boy and hands him $500.00 and tells him in his ear "That's for you!" The party continues around me, shortly after the Birthday boy grabs the mic and asks the DJ to turn the music off to make an announcement. As about 8-10 more bottles and sparkles pass by the birthday boy says "Shout Outs to 'Such and Such' Team, they spent $9Stacks in here tonight!" ('Stacks' means thousand for those who are slang impaired again, so that's $9,000)

No ladies and gentleman, this is not a movie or a dream. I am telling you a real life story that I personally experienced alongside Mylez with my own two eyes, and ears. Now remember the break down I gave you of my work week and check etc.? Well now at this point I'm left with my own thoughts completely mentally alienated from the party and wondering "What the fuck do these niggas do?" Lol. It's a hypothetical question of course cause I know what they do. No way in hell that these dudes wake up at 6am to be at work at 8am, to work hard from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, receive a regular 3-digit number check, pay off their phone bills for their expensive iPhones and pay rent and still manage to spend $9000 on a random Sunday night just for the sake of stuntin. They have to be drug dealers. So Buddy puts his arms around me and says "Ayo, Let's Get Rich b!" I know he had to be thinking the same thing I was, I immediately responded "Let's do it!" The night winds down and the club is letting out. Buddy and I begin our walk once block up to get back to the car only to see a fleet of brand new expensive cars driving by. Yup, you guessed it, same niggas from the club driving Maserati's, BMW's and Mercedes-Benz's... Keep in mind none of these dudes is older than 23, 24. Brooklyn is obviously gettin it huh?

Lol, I don't know how me and Buddy gonna do it, cause we damn sure aint gonna sell drugs, but we gotta get rich. And not for the reasons you may think. I don't wanna do what these dudes are doin, I don't wanna have money just to show out at the club, I don't want it to be able to buy a $900 pair of sneakers that I'll only wear once, but I wanna know that I can put money in my moms hand just cause. I wanna know that my mom has no debt and her rent is paid off ahead of time. I wanna by able to provide for me and my fam, take a few vacations and not have to worry about that same ol' Monday-Friday, 8-5 vicious cycle. I just wanna be comfortable.

This post might have came off with an envious tone, but that's not it at all. It's not envy, jealousy, hate or anything like that. It's just a realization that I can be doing a lot more than I'm doin with myself. This whole thing balls down to ambition.
I obviously don't know how I want to end this post exactly but I guess I'll just say 'Get Your's!'


Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sup Bitch!?

Yeeeeeeaaah Nigga! I'm back! Lmao.

No but seriously...

That intro made me feel like a comedian, "Women be shopiiiin!" lol.
Please everyone, be seated. We're gonna have fun with words on this one.

I try to always give a little disclaimer with these topics so I'll say now, if you are easily offended, please move your curser to the upper right hand corner of your screen (left if you're using a mac) and click the big red "X" (red bubble if you're using a mac) lol.

So bitches... what's up? Lol
I was thinkin about this topic while at a rest stop on the way back from the Jersey Shore while talkin to D. I remember a time when we used to put females on a very high pedestal and would never use the word "bitch." Then we turned 16. Lol Aight maybe a little older than that. I realized that using the word is something that came from my experiences with women in that transitional period between young man and adult.
I remember a time when I would think and say "That girl" and when dudes said "bitch" I'd be like: "Chill" lol. Back then I think I might have only used it when really mad at a girl or while rappin along to Hip-Hop lyrics. Fast forward to now, it is a part of my everyday vocabulary. Why you ask? Why the eff not bitch? Lol... Nah, lemme slow it down.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents or other adults used to curse around you, but would turn the heat up under ya ass if you cursed? What would they say to you about cursing? "I'm grown, I can use those words, you can't." I never understood that and to a slight extent still don't. But then I became grown. We get older and we begin to see life differently, things aren't as innocent as they once were and guess what, some of us start using profanity. Lol. Think back to when you first started cursin. I can remember when it was. I was 9, in 4th grade. C.S. 92 public school was the setting. Somewhere between havin project kids as classmates, watchin black comedians and watchin a whole lot of South Park (if it was even out that year) I sorta picked up and adapted to my environment. However, I'm not tryin to point fingers and blame anyone for my behavior or actions, I'm just givin you the facts.
But I know I'm not the only one. Think about the first time you fell and scrapped your knee while roller blading, or got hurt doing something stupid as a kid, I'm sure you held on to the aching body part and said "Ahhhh, Shit!" or something to that effect right? Lol. Or think about a time you woke up and hit your toe on the corner of the bed frame. Uh-huh, I bet you cursin right now just thinkin about it. Lol. I say all that to say that cursin has just become a part of our everyday vocabulary, for a lot of us at least. So "bitch" is no different. Especially once you actually start dealin with women.

See on the path to finding the right woman a man will date many many many females, as a woman would date many many males in her path to meeting Mr. Right. It's the natural order of things. Naturally during this time we meet some bad apples, which are all very necessary in helping us weed out the qualities and traits we want in a mate or life partner or whatever the hell it is you're lookin for. So in dealin with these females we tend to come across bitches. Now here's where we have fun with words. Have you ever heard the song "Bitches and Sisters" by my favorite rapper Jay-Z off his album 'The Blueprint 2'? Lol, well if you haven't I would suggest you open up YouTube and give it a listen so that it will serve as an audio aid in this discussion. In the mean time allow me to give you an excerpt:

"Sisters get respect, bitches get what they deserve
SIsters work hard, bitches work your nerves
Sisters hold you down, bitches hold you up
Sisters help you progress, bitches will slow you up
Sisters cook up a meal, play their role with the kids
Bitches in street with their nose in your biz
Sisters tell the truth, bitches tell lies
Sisters drive cars, bitches wanna ride
Sisters give-up the ass, bitches give-up the ass
Sisters do it slow, bitches do it fast
Sisters do their dirt outside of where they live
Bitches have niggas all up in your crib
Sisters tell you quick "you better check your homie"
Bitches don't give a fuck, they wanna check for your homie
Sisters love Jay cuz they know how 'Hov is
I love my sisters, I don't love no bitch"
                                                                            - Jay-Z

You tell em Hov! Lol. 
So you see we deal with Sisters:
These are the girls we like, regardless of whether or not we stay with them for the long run. The ones who we use as a prototype or standard to what our lady should be. Easy to talk to, little to no arguments, funny, caring, sex is great, and whatever else. She may be or might have been your girlfriend for a while but the break up would be mutual or for reasons that aren't as toxic as they would be with Bitches. Which you might call her at the break up point, like you might have while you were fightin with her and were talkin to your boys about it, but you never really saw her in that light. Over all, she was cool and in retrospect she was/is a sister.

Then there's the Bitches:
Usually the bitches are the ones with amazing puddah (vagina, for the slang impaired) but they're crazy, selfish, manipulative, extremely moody, retarded, basically all the harsh words you can think of that mean she aint worth bein around for longer than it takes you to nut, get ya clothes back on and hittin the road! I know it sounds crazy, but this is the crazy world we're livin. The thing with bitches is, we don't really know they're bitches until it's too late in the game. I mean by now she probably already threatened to kill you a few times, has probably pulled a knife out on that ass, keyed your car, taken your credit card and all the cash out your wallet, spent that shit, called your actual girlfriend and told her all about ya affairs!
Don't look at the screen like that, as if I'm the only one this has happened to! Lmao. After all that, you're not gonna call her a queen, or a beautiful young lady or nuttin else, you know what you gonna call her, what are you gonna call her? Let's all say it together a BITCH! Lol.

So now you see where the usage of the word bitch comes from right? I know a lot of you feminist out there are thinkin: "No! This is rude and disrespectful to women." Oh yeah ho? So you mean to tell me you've never used the word? You don't talk to people about your best friends and say "That's my bitch!" You don't get into confrontations with other women at the club or at the super market or in church and say "Fuck You Bitch!" Yeah you know you do. It's no different than the word "Nigga." I can't openly use it with my boys around white people and then be uncomfortable with them using it with theirs. Same way you can't be all open about it with ya homies and be mad when I say it. Feel me?

I know the rest of you feminist are sayin "Well a Bitch is a dog." Well ladies lemme tell you, I have dogs, both female, and I'll tell you, I don't see a huge difference in behavior, but I won't dive into that one right now! LMFAO.

Have I offended you? It's just words bitch, pull your skirt down.

Just to further help you out I've come up with a list of Sisters and Bitches so that you can further easily identify when it is acceptable to use the word:

Claire Huxtable, Michelle Obama, Oprah, My Mom, Your Mom, All the women in your family, all the women in my family, Hermione from Harry Potter, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Hilary Clinton, Mary-Jane Watson from Spiderman and Maya Angelou.
Just to name a few.

Ursela from the Little Mermaid, Rihanna (I'll still do you girl!), The main bitch from the Twilight movies, Kim Kardashian, Mystique from X-Men, Jenny from Forrest Gump (til she got her act together), That bitch that lives on the 5th floor of your buildin, and Rose's mom in Titanic.
Again, just to name a few.

Lol. So what have we learned in all this? Profanity is not a big deal. And "bitch" is a word we use now that we're grown. If you've been hurt by anyone who ever used the word towards you or around you, remember we are only responsible for what we say, not what others feel.

Hope I covered all bases and explained this topic well enough for you.

Peace Bitches

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is Sparta!! (My 300th Post)


What's going on ya?
So I was gonna talk about Bitches on this post (You'll understand in the next post) but while putting that post together I realized I've reached my 300th post mark.

Sheesh, where does time go? Even with my multiple hiatuses I managed to reach 300 in 4 years. So I started thinkin. What you ask? Well how every milestone I reach on this blog I decide to go back and see how far I've come, see what it is people may want me to speak about and or re cap on what I've posted in the passed.

Well no more, granted I may do that again at some point however in the current moment I do not want to look back. I don't want to live in the passed, I want to enjoy the now and hop in my DeLorean (which I've owned for over 15 years in my mind) and fly into the future for a lil bit. So what am I gonna do to celebrate this 300th post? Something I've done before, just a lil different this time around. I'm gonna write a letter to myself. You're more than welcome to be nosey and read it. Lol, so here goes:

Sup Meng?

When you look back and read this, (which I know you will) I just want you to know that this was the short time period in your life when you sat down to think of the following

-You had just turned 25, so you were thinking about all the things that society tells us we should have, and the things we should be doing by the time you reach that age. However you didn't dwell on that, you were more so just feeling blessed to have made it to the quarter century mark. Fully content with life and ready for whatever curve ball it had intended to throw your way, you were walkin around with a fresh tattoo on your neck, a smile from ear to ear, just lovin the fact that you were breathin. By the time you come back to read this I hope you still feel the same way.
-You had just come up with a plan for the following year, to get your first car. Preferrably that 1987 Bimmer. Mmmm, are you reminicing what it was to drive her and get all those looks on the street? Did you fix her up like you wanted to? Brownish red, metallic paint job, with the gold BBS rims? Are you still driving it? Or did you get your hand on the wheel of that 64 Impala already? Lol. You also had plans of getting a motorcycle for the followin summer so that you could ride out with Kenny, Ryan, Perse, and Penny... How they doin? And what was it like hittin 160 on the West Side highway on that bad boy? I bet you got a few speedin tickets on that motha f%$kah... Yeah right!? Why would you let the boys catch up to you while you on a bike right? Lmao. Yoooo, Remember those Yeezy's? You paid more for those sneakers than you've ever paid for any one item your entire life, possibly til this day, and that's including all the cameras you've ever bought. By the way, how's the photography goin? Have you reach Johnathan Mannion status yet?
-Remember this was the time period when you knew that 25 was gonna treat you great. You didn't have a care in the world, yet you still had a plan that you were gonna follow. This is right around the time you met Ash. This was the moment in your life where you felt you had been given a fresh start, all because the calander landed on the 14th of August yet another year. After all, they say a black man in America isn't always fortunate to see 25. Is that still a belief? Ah, well who cares. You made it, you graduated from young man to that good ol' 25&Older bracket. It felt great, and like I said I just hope that when you return you feel the same man.

Get back to whatever it is you were doin man! You aint get rich by sittin around reading old ass blog posts and tearin up being proud of how far you've made it! Lolol.


Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Back for the first Time

*blows dust off the page*

*looks into camera before getting on stage*

Eno: "Hope I still have an audience!"

*walks out the curtains*


What's goin on ya'll? I know its been a long time and I'm sorry. But I'm back like a spine baby! Lol. Did you miss me? I sure missed ya.

I guess it's only fair that before I get back into it I give ya a lil update huh?

Well that's coo.

So check it right, on the 14th of last month I turned 25. Woooooo, I felt so blessed and still do. I really meant to blog about it but I been so busy livin that I kinda just let it fly under the rug. Lol. But in case you were wondering, I had a great effin time with my cousins and my friends that whole week. We went to the Jersey Shore for the weekend, smoked, drank, played games, partied, etc. It was pretty effin dope. So with my blog being born only a few short days after my 21st birthday, you know what that means right? That's right my baby turned 4 on the 24th... Can you believe I've been blogging for 4 years? Crazy, I can almost remember each post. And I know I didn't make a big deal out of it but I did think about it. For those of you who have been reading it for all four years, I cannot thank you enough. You all know how therapeutic writing is for me, so that fact that you sit in on my sessions with myself means a lot to me. Thanks again.

But movin a long, ya know I'm the man when it comes to re inventing myself. Since High School I've gone through at least 4 looks. The mini fro tot the braids, the braids to the caesar, the caesar back to the mini fro, the mini fro to twists, twists to dreads and dreads back to caesar. All while I still wore glasses and didn't have an ounce of facial har. (Wish I had more pictures of all those transitions.) Shortly after the dreads, it was the caesar again when I was 22, and it's when I realized that my hair was thinning. At first I had assumed it was cause of all the different hair styles in such a rather short period of time til recently I realized it was my genetics that I was cursed with. Basically I been goin bald since I was 22, and so a day or 2 before my birthday this year I decided to walk into the barber shop and get a full baldie. Yup, I am now the newest recipient of a completely bald head, and of course a very proud member of the Beard Gang. And the 2 cuts in my left eyebrow have become somewhat permanent. So 25 met me with a new face; so to speak. And you know what, I feel it looks pretty damn good. Also, as you may or may not know, for my last 5 or 6 birthdays I been getting myself a tattoo for my birthday every year, an this year is no different. What did I tattoo you ask? Well I'm glad you asked, I got my neck tattooed! Yup, remember the pigeon I had mentioned I wanted tattooed on me? Well that's what it was gonna be, however the mazing artist I went to, (Lalo Yunda from my shop Sacred Tattoo Shop) suggested that the bird may not have worked on my neck the way I envisioned it. So I ended up getting a single wing with the Yankee logo in it. It's so tough, when I finally do the photo shoot that I wanna do with it I'll show it to ya. I think I used to say that I wouldn't get my neck tattooed, but I think this was back when I was a lil more conscience of what  society thought and how I would be looked at, but now, I'm older and I really don't give 2 shits what society has to say. I plan on going in to get another tattoo at the end of this month and at th top of October. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Well, what about work?" Well, it's still going great. Lol on my birthday I made 9 months there, making it the longest I've ever kept a job, I must say I'm proud of myself. Bye bye retail! Lol.

So what else, I turned 25, I got a new look, new tattoo, work still going great. Oh yeah! Laila lives here with us now. Lol Laila is a (now) 5 month old Pitbull/Boxer mix puppy who was supposed to stay here for a weekend. A friend of Rudy's brought her over to stay here while he and Rudy tried to find a permanent home for her. Well, I believe that was a month and a half ago. Lol. It seems that unintentionally she has found her permanent home. We all love her and we can't wait til she is grown so that we can say "She is fully house broken" lol. Til then, her and Juno will continue to be best friends, making noise into the late hours of the night, Go be with us all! Lolol. I'm still an unlicensed driver, but I plan to go and get my license in about 2 weeks. Just need that hook-up, cause there's no way I'm sittin in nobody's classroom for 5 hours watchin a 20 year old defensive driving vhs tape and takin a 5 hour class. Yeah right I'd rather ride dirty for the rest of my life! Lol Also, I hear "Bull for Mylez" is coming back with a season 2. I guess last but not least, I'd like to let ya know (and this is technically the first time I'm going public with it, cause I had to let my fam know before I shared it with the world! Lol) I am now someone's boyfriend! Lol. Yeah man, ya boy Eno got himself a nice girlfriend. Still sounds new but real cool. Damn, I had been single for about 7 years now. But good things come to those who wait, and I really wasn't willin to settle down with just anyone, but now Ashley is here and I plan on ridin out with her for a long while. Are you surprised? Don't be, lol. So I guess that's a good start to catch up with. I didn't offend anyone with this post, but it's still early in the day! Lmao. I'll be back a lil later with a fresh new post and some more bs to spit at ya!

Hope ya aint been missin me too much, I gotta admit I've been missing writing for a while now, so it feels good to dust off the top page of this blog and share some thoughts with ya. So with all that said, I'm about to hit the post button and open up a brand new window to discuss my new blog topic, so come back very very soon.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!