Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts

So long ago I grew tired of this monarchy. The one that makes me a surf or a peasant to a king, a queen and thier precious prince. To hell with it, soon i'll sit in the thrown of my own kingdom, where I won't have to eat from the Prince's left overs...

That was something I needed to get off my chest. But while I'm here, so rarely do I get the chance to blog my thoughts as they come to me. So I guess I can do that now.

Favoritism is a bitch and I think I'd rather have one child and spoil him rather than to play favorites with one. It's 6:06am right now, I'm hoping this young lady will wake up and call me and tell me to come over, cause if the sun comes up before she does I'm staying in.

The other day while waiting at the bus stop I came up with the idea for the tattoo I want for the right side of my neck. See I've always wanted a neck tattoo but I didn't want to use that space for any words or names. I feel a neck tattoo should be a dope image, no offense to any one who has otherwise. So for me it's been hard because I'm a sucker for angels, but I didn't want to be accused of copying Pharrell's neck tat. Hmmmm, so what should I get? I love the idea of wings but I'm not gonna just put a set of wings on my neck.... So that day at the bus stop an idea landed on my shoulder, an idea to have a neck tattoo that incorporates wings with my love for my great city NYC! BAM! What was it? Lol you'll know sooner than later. And before you go preaching about how I should think about it because neck tattoos aren't professional, please save your breath, I thought it through and I want nothing to do with corporate America any way. I'm gonna be professional in my own way. Although there is this girl I like who said she dislikes neck tats. Hmmmm ya wanna know about her?

Lol, I'm not gonna drop names, plus if she's reading this she knows it's about her cause she's sharp. I think that's one of my favorite things about her. I see you baby. (Moment of weakness, moving on)

I fucking hate liars yo, and I know everyone says that but I'm dead serious I can't stand em.... remember the frontin force blog? Yeah, LIARS. But I guess I can't be mad some people are just wired differently.

I feel like I've been betrayed by a man I've called my brother for over 10 years, over a piece of ass. I can't be mad at the female in the situation cause a whore will be a whore, but damn homie, just like that? Let's play Eno for a fool huh? Aight.

My ears are killing me, and I don't even feel like they're stretched out to the size I want yet. Why did I start stretching my ears you ask? Would you believe me if I told you I've loved the idea since I was a 12 year old in 7th grade? Yeah, my teacher had her ears stretched and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So after having my ears pierced for the past 8 years rocking the studs that I loved, I figured "try something different" and so the stretching has begun? Got a problem? Get in line.

I have some ideas for some photo shoots, I'm, gonna make it happen. As hard as it may be, I'm gonna make a living out of being a photographer. I believe in myself.

People please stop putting every last aspect of your life on facebook, it's getting ridiculous.

Well it's 6:34 now the sun is gonna start creeping soon and I think I'm done venting. So thanks for spending this time with me.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Those the new Jays?!!"

Dude A: (Looking at Dude B's Feet) "Ooooh snap son! Yo money, those are the new Jordans?"
Dude B: "Yeah man, these the new Joints"
Dude A: "Them joints right there is fly son! Where you got them?"
Dude B: *Laughs* "Nah c'mon, you know I can't tell you that!
Dude A: *Laughs* You right, Imma find em tho, Peace G.
Dude B: Peace.

to the Good Ol Days

Lol, Whats going on man? I know I'm not the only one that remembers those good ol days am I? This one is more for my true Sneaker Heads but I'll try to make it so that everyone can relate.

So today is the release date of the Re-Retro Cool Grey XI's. For those of ya who don't know what that is, please hang in there I'll post some pics later in the post. Now I had seen pictures of them on a few sites, and I saw one or two people wearing them and I must say "I am NOT impressed" maybe I'm just getting old and been out the sneaker game for quite some time now but I think those sneakers looked 10 times better when they originally released back in 2000. (This of course is just my opinion) I feel like Jordan's Empire has been slowly crumbling for a few years now. Allow me to explain to you why I feel this way before ya come at me with the pitch forks and torches.
See I'm an 80's baby, I came up in the era of ORIGINALITY. When I was a young buck Jordans were the crem de la crem baby (Spell check on that.) Of course being under Nike's wings, Jordans were nothing less of mind blowing quality. Premium leathers, top quality suede, new technology and innovation with every pair. Shout outs to Tinker Hatfield (Google him.) Back when I was a kid the biggest complain I had concerning Jordans was the price tag, and that was simply because I didn't have it to spare, but even at that age I understood that my mom was payin $100-$150 for some great quality product, not because of a name brand. Feel me?

I feel like ever since Gentry Humphrey (Google him) came into office we've been (excuse my French) Fucked! See after a while the Retros (re releases) were using cheaper leather, slightly altered shapes, and we lost the "Nike Air" logo on the earlier ones. Don't get me wrong they weren't all bad but for the most part quality was reduced in an effort to make more profit. No one can convince me otherwise. I mean how else do you explain the same exact pair being re released 5 or 6 times? And how do you explain Spize'ike after Spize'ike and all these bumass Fusions! No offense to anyone who owns or wears these, but c'mon, they could have stopped at the Dub-Zeroes. 

I mean its like my cuz Z said, Jordan just keep raping the hood. I feel that by now most people don't even care for the sneakers its just more of a status thing. Niggas wanna feel like they doing it with their Jordans and matching fitteds and skinny jeans. Again no offense to anyone who does any of this, just voicing my opinion. So I'm sure you wanna ask me "So you don't buy Jordans anymore Eno?" Truthfully? nehhh, I've either had them already, never wanted them or don't like the post 2006 version. So if I come across some 99 retro White Cement IV's I don't mind droppin $400 for them and I'd do that before I drop $150 on the new Space Jams. Then again, like I said earlier, maybe I'm just getting old and I been said I was retired from this sneaker game anyway.

I will admit tho, I miss the days when you didn't even have to look at the logo, you KNEW that was the new Jordan. You aint have to see Jordan even play in them you just knew. If the Fresh prince of Bel-Air himself, Mr. Will Smith wasn't wearing them, Martin  sure was. Oh, I'm sorry, was I the only one looking at their feet? I remember when my cuz Perse got his XIII's, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't mad I aint have my own pair. I remember when I saw Buddy in his True Blue and his White Cement III's, yeah, you know I was tight. Especially when he came through with the Quick Strike low cut black/metallic VI's and the Tim Duncan Spurs Jersey! OOOWEEE! Jun had the Laney blue and the Black metallic 5's OH SHIT! I'm sure she doesn't even remember it, but my homegirl Jaquita came through to New Years or Christmas (can't remember which one it was) with the OG Retro Cool Grey XI's CLEEEEEEEAN! Oh man. Lemme take ya back real quick. I remember back in kindergarten (92-93) this one kid in my class Jeffrey used to get allll the Jordans! lol, Fly lil nigga, and I remember I asked him "Those are the new Jordans?" He picked up his foot and placed it on top of the table and said "Yup" lmfao! Yes man, I been into this since I was 5. Ayo Perse if you reading this, remember Edwin used to stay in some fresh Jays, he had the Columbia XI's? the all white joints with the baby blue strip on the tongue? Oh man. See man, I'm smiling right now just remembering all this shit. Those days are gone tho. My cousin Mario had the Aqua 8's when they first dropped in 93. His brother Kelvin damn, i can't think of the pairs he didn't have. Original taxi XII's, OG White/red XII's, in the OG red and black Nike Box.  OG Black/Red XIII's, and this is back in the days when niggas was getting robbed for their Jordans, we still wore em proud with the baggy jeans and the matching shirt. LOL My mom bought me 94 retro I's and I didn't even know what they were til years later when I saw myself in a home video wearing them. My lil brother had OG Indiglo XIV's, OG Cool Grey XV's. Oh man, good times for kicks baby!

Am I just getting old, cause I def don't feel that way anymore. The era where you just had to walk into your local sneaker store and ask "Yo, the new Jordans is out yet?" or check Jordan's feet, or check the sneaker magazines are gone. We have the internet now, which shows you the picture 6 months in advance, which in turn creates mad hype for a pair of kicks that aint even as hot as they were when they first came out. Yeah I think I'm just getting old. Its's coo, I guess everything in life has its run right? I just wish this generation knew what it was like back in my day, back when  it was quality over quantity. The feeling you got when they FIRST came out. I guess I say all this to say Retros were coo, but they don't hold a candle to the Original, so you can Imagine the Re Retros don't hold a match to the retros lol, Where will it end? What are my son's Jordans gonna look like? Well I guess that's my rant for now. Mr. Michael Jordan, I will forever love you sir, and I will continue to be a fan of your early production of sneakers, the ones that YOU played in and a few of the retros you released. Mr. Tinker Hatfield, THANK YOU! I can't thank you enough sir. Mr. Gentry Humphrey, my mom once said :"If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" but my mom aint here: "Fuck you dude!" Good day sir. lol

Peace ya'll:
Check these pics out before ya go.

^AJ I^

^^All images provided by the Flight Club website^^
Flight Club 

I want to take this time out to remind you: "Wear what you want, this is just me voicing MY Opinion. After all this is my blog, I can say what I want Motha Lovah! lolol

Stay Fly, Stay Up, and Stay Tuned Folks!
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loose Screw

So I get a text from my big sis Imani earlier today. She was telling me that she wanted to be a guest blogger tonight. I was very excited... I've always been a fan of her own blog "I'm just Saying..." *COUGH even tho she neglects it like a step child *COUGH lol. And the fact that she wants to bless all my readers with a guest appearance made me feel honored. So with no further delay my big Sis' Imani's post.

One day I decided that I should try therapy. It’s not that I couldn’t have used it before then but at the time in my life it was nearly mandatory. I had seen people on tv and in the movies with a therapist and figured it was the new black and I should have one immediately.

Session one:

I went in and cried through my story just like on the movies. It was great! I took long pauses, stared at that ceiling- every woman knows that there you gather the strength to stop tears- and generally looked to this woman for help. She took notes, listened intently, took more notes, handed me the roughest tissues my eyes have every felt, asked a couple of background questions and told me that she was going to do everything she could to get me in every week. I was a grade A mess.

I finally had a therapist. Mission accomplished and I couldn’t wait to tell people.

Session two:

I didn’t cry too much but I was all upset like I’ve seen in the movies. She told me that I was probably feeling anxiety because I wasn’t breathing and she was right. I was literally holding my breath. She gave me breathing exercises. I felt pretty cool because I had therapy homework and I called and told everybody all about it.

Session three:

I’m totally over this woman. She is not probing me like they do in the movies and we are literally just staring at each other. Granted, it was insurance paying for this, but I had free staring contests on the school bus in grade school. Hell, I still stare at the people that stare at me. It became obvious that this just isn’t going to work.

Session four:

There was some a water outage in the building so the session was cancelled… fine by me.

Session five:

What session five? I called in and cancelled all remaining sessions.

In conclusion:

Do I still need therapy? Probably, but if its not going to be like it is in the movies then there will just be one more emotionally unstable person running the streets. When you see me, say hi. I bite but I never break skin.