Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Weekend

"Lo que me Paso a mi fue tan ordinario, te voy hacer el quento....."
Lmfao, That was maaaad Spanish of me. My fault folks, I gotta be so real, That's my joint right now lolol.

But anyway this is, or should I say was it! The first weekend of the summer. If the calendar didn't remind you then I'm sure the sight of each and every pump open on each block and the 95 degree evening did. Once again my romance with the season begins... How was ya weekend? Mine was dope. So like I said Tessina had moved her appointment for her tattoo to Saturday and so I met up with her downtown and we walked over to Dare Devil/Fun City tattoo. We met up with her artist for the tattoo, Steve Vonriepen who was gonna Tattoo some dope wings and her Gemini sign on her back.
 ^Don't let this fool you, she was making some faces^
lol. Nah, she took it like a champ tho.

 ^You know I'm the spokes person for originality^
 so don't go copyin her joint

So we did that and when it was done we came back up top to my nephew Dejour's birthday cookout. He just turned 3 the other day and so his Mommy and Daddy gave him a Tom & Jerry party in the park.

[A Dope Double Picture of Dejour and Jayden was supposed
to be inserted here, but Blogger is acting brand new, so check it out here 

So that was Saturday.... I got to chill with Tessina, chilled with fam, Tattoos and Pics you know that's always a good time for me.

So Yesterday was my cousin Alex's HS graduation (Super Proud of her) and so I swung by and checked that out and spent most of the afternoon with the fam talkin, eating, laughing, you know the family thing. We (The fellas) were all supposed to play ball, but that didn't go through. Instead RyPlay, Mylez and myself checked out te BET awards.... Usually I don't watch it and speak publically out against it but I can't front this year was pretty dope. I must admit, Chris Brown shut it down! That's all I'll say tho.... So now I'm just chillen. Word on the street is I'm goin to 6 Flags tomorrow so that should be fun, If I do you already know imma have the story for ya! DUECES!


Stay Up and Stay Tuned
-Summer in NYC-

Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 1 Wrap-Up!

Whats good folks? Its been one (business) week since the summer started? How's it been treating ya so far? I for one am enjoyin it... I havn't done too much but I have been chillen with the fellas. Bull for Mylez Media Group (Me and Buddy) filmed and finished a Video for my boy Jayo (Stay tuned for that) and we just been chillen.

Today I chilled with my homie Tessina. She was gonna go get a tattoo so I was gonna roll with her. I checked my boys Rich, Parry, Trav and Reem (Run TMC Stand up) on the way. Well the tattoo shop had first said that they would have a time Slot for Tessi's tat at 6 and we got there at around minutes to 5. Apparently more walk-ins came and the slot was moved to 8... Ahhh well we walked to McDonalds had a coke and some apple pies and then to the park around the corner to chill while we waited. Time passed and we became inpatient so we left it for tomorrow. So that's what it'll be...

Some Pics of Tessi:

^This is when she was askin why I was taking pics of her?

^It must be the new Yorker in me, But I LOVE taking pics of Pigeons^
Peep homie sharing a sip of water with his lady!
He Loves her even tho she a Bird. That's Real!

So when I was comin home I was on the train thinkin "I'm sure my barber doesn't even recognize me: lemme pay him a visit and get a cut"
All was cool til I remembered "Damn, I haven't seen my face under this beard in about a year" So I told my barber to chop it all off! Why oh Why in the world did I do that? Lol, I didn't notice how attached to this thing I was. So its safe to say in 2 weeks when it grows back I will NEVER cut it off again!

 ^Ya So lucky I even posted this Pic^
Never again! Thug it Rugged til I die Baby! lol

Lol, So that's been my week. Come back to the blog soon for all my updates!
Today is the Anniversary of MJ's death, so make sure you have a moment of silence and pay some respects to the greatest entertainer of all time.
R.I.P Mike Gone and Never forgotten

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!
-Summer in NYC-

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Fun with Candace

Ya know who Candace is right? My baby.... My camera, Candace the Cannon... lol
I haven't given ya a set of new Pics since April (I think.) Oh Well here I am with more. I don't think I've ever loved anything as much as I'm loving my photography, check these recent joints out, hopefully ya like em, and if you don't well, can't pleas em all right?

^Aight, so this one I loved sooo effin much for various reasons. My homegirl Kierra who I worked with a while back contacted me and told me she had an idea for a shoot. (For the record when you come to me with an idea I'm that much more excited) Her idea was to slightly recreate the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' I had never seen the movie but I've heard of it a few times, so I did some research and decided that Bryant park would be a great spot to do the shoot. So literally after weeks of planning and not being able to do it, one Sunday we finally met up and did the shoot with my homegirls cousin Sabirah (the model in the pic) who was just as cool and fun as Kierra is. I edited it with this filter to give it an old school look, as if it were taken in the 70's or something. One of my favorites to date.

^Meet Nina! My big brother Chris (CFK Photography) hit me up a few days ago and told me we'd be doing a shoot on the beach. You already know I don't need much convincing at all.... Soon as he said that I had my flip flops and sun tan lotion ready to go! Lol. So this past weekend, he came and got me and we headed to the beach. This was my first time doing an outdoor shoot with the assistance of lights, and I gotta say I'm real proud of how they came out. Nina was real cool, easy and fun to work with, that's always dope and as you can see it resulted in some great images.

^Do you remember this little guy? It's Prince Dejour again, my 1 out of 2 favorite nephews (Jayden is the other in case your wondering) lol. I was at my boy Reg's house like always the other day and his energetic son (Dejour) was running up and down the house, bouncing off the walls and doing who knows what else lol. When I asked him if I could take a picture of him he said "Noooo" lol, so I left it alone, finally he came around and sat down for a few shots, I asked him if he would wear his shades and he did! This has got to be the coolest pic this young man has ever taken lolol.

^And do you recognize this Daredevil here? Lol Yup, its my big bro, my cousin Killa Ken. This is his second summer with his bike and he's been asking for a photo shoot since. Finally we both had the time to make it happen this weekend and he came over to my neck of the woods and we drove to the spot where we had done Buddy's Graffiti shoot. He took some great pics, so editing was a breeze, I especially like this one... What do you think?

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
and what do you know, today is the official first day of summer, so there a million more shoots to come. Hope you guys are ready, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll be back very soon, and I'm sure I'll find you all here.

Til then
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's in a Name?

Ladies, its no secret that I love you all, and if you know me, you know I do not believe in or follow astrology: BUT I got somethin ya might wanna check out:

Amanda - are Bubbly, they usually coo and are pretty much down for a good time if spoken to properly.

Ashley - outspoken, sometimes lacks sence of humor but appreciates a good joke. Can sometimes be fiesta. Always warm

Brittany - Freaks and Ditsy

Christines - Reserved Freaks, and they are pleasant, friendly, but never cross a Christine, it won't be pretty

Emily - Usually Domesticated, so they house broken, they know how to act.

Jennifer - are...... Confused, Very Sexual tho.

Jessica - entertaining. Thinkers, Usually have nice big round...... Eyes *wink*

Kimberly - Freaks but abusive, but they FREAKS. Usually very Well Put together.

Lisa - Sexy!

Melissa - Usually spanish, Always Freaks, they come is several body types, but all of em are built for comfort

Michelle - Usually smart, great sense of humor, and usually quiet freaks.

Stephanie - Super Complicated. So complicated, they don't even realize that they being complicated. They make for good conversation tho.

Samantha - Gorgeous! Always. Usually closet freaks.

Tiffany - Super coo, usually got jokes. Can Be one of the Homies, fits in with every crew of guys, but can also be affectionate and territorial.

YUP! I went there! The "Ladies name Rate" lolol. Feel how you want about it. lol
Get back to me.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned!

Summer in NYC Pt. 2

Aight ya'll whats goin on? I have a confession to make! lol.

I wasn't a huge fan of Tumblr because I felt it was more so a blog for those who rather Post more Pictures and random things as apposed to my style of bloggin which by now you know is sharing my thoughts on topics and what not.
But I had an idea.... Seeing as how "Summer in NYC" was/is intended to be sub-blog to the BullPen I figured... "Hey why not start a Tumblr blog so that it doesn't take away from 'The BullPen' and doesn't confuse the readers and followers as to what I have already established here? Get it? So that's what I did, Its been about a week now and so far I've added a few pics here and there, but we all know the best is yet to come. So with that said, check out my Sub-Blog "Summer in NYC." My summer journal that I'd like to share with you.

This doesn't at all mean that The BullPen is closed for the summer, I will still post the bulk of my thoughts and some journal entries here, but as far as the summer pictures, and random stuff, etc, those will be on my Tumblr, probably til September. So to all my readers, followers, fans, all my Bull Penners in general, I hope you will enjoy both my primary blog this summer and my Sub-Blog.

You can Check out here:
Summer in NYC
And I will also add it to my "Follow as I follow" list to the Left (<)
So enjoy folks.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wait in Vain

Aight ya'll remember the post from a long ime ago when I spoke to ya'll and told you how I played one song all day, the song by Lucky Dube? House of Exile? ( Well I guess its happening again. This time its another Reggae Legend tho, and in my opinion the best of them all! None other than Mr. Robert Nesta Marley. Better known to the world as Bob Marley.
The song in particular that currently has me in a  trance is "Wait in Vain"

I'm convinced that this song is the soundtrack to my life.
In the song Bob is explaining to a love interest that she's had his attention for quite some time now, and he's willing to wait for her, but he wants to know that he's not waiting for nothing. (Wait in Vain) get it? lol. I won't bore you with the stories and the connection that proves that this is my life, but trust me it is.

With all that said I'd like to share the song with ya:

To Mr. Marley, your music means more to me than I could possibly begin to explain. because of my parents I was introduced to you and your beautiful songs at an early age, and I am eternally grateful for that. Being that I was raised with you, its only natural that you became my favorite musician of all time.Gone but NEVER forgotten, R.I.P

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer in NYC

Eno Bull and Tha Bull Pen present: Summer in NYC

Summer in NYC is a sub-blog right here on my Blog where I document the days and events of the summer by way of pictures and a few words. It will basically be like a Journal, not very different from what the blog already is, except slightly more frequent and with a few more visual aids. I MIGHT upload videos from time to time but for the most part expect to read about what I did throughout the day, the people I hung out with or met, and a few pics to accompany the words wherever possible. I'll most likely even share what I wore with you. If not everyday at least at the end of each week for a full recap (you don't wanna know about my day if I didn't do anything so I'll spare you)

So starting someday soon (possibly on or before the official first day of Summer, June 21st) I will invite you into more than just the random thoughts that become Blog Posts in my head. Stay tuned folks.

^This is how I will end the journal entries to help you tell them apart from regular blog Posts.

Stay Up, Stay cool, and Stay Tuned

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What's goin on folks? No need to speak much on this one: aside from telling you how ridiculously proud of my brother I am, what more could you possibly say? Lol On June 5th he walked down the isle of St. Patrick's Cathedral Church, after hearing his name be called and was handed his Diploma (not really the actual Diploma, but the certificate thing, you know what I mean lol)

I still remember his first day of High School. Lil corny, chubby faced kid, in the dress shoes, mom bought him and his lil uniform.... lol. But lemme stop tryna play him. I say all that to say this: Rudy, I am beyond proud of you lil brother, I know there were ups and I know there were downs, but you hung in there, you made it through 4 long hard years and you earned yourself you High School Diploma. No words can explain how proud i am of you, regardless of what you decide to do from here, I am so happy knowing that my lil brother is a HS graduate.

With all that said, (before I get teary eyed lol enjoy the pics everyone)

^Right before the Ceremony^

^One of Rudy's best friends since^

^St. Patrick's Cathedral^
I swear Imma get married in here

^Proud parents^
Tight cause there were no seats.
"You Mad!" lol

^Find my Lil Man's name^

^Mad Far^

^Oh, I was... uh...^
Testing the lighting

^My Man Manny^

^I see you Big baby^

    ^Lookin to the future^

^Rudy and my man Keith^

^Kadeem, Rudy, Keith^

^Rudy and one of his Teachers^

^Rudy and Young Diddy Combs^

^Official Class Picture^

^Rudy and his Proud Parents^

^Momma's Boys^

^The Gutierrez Men^

^This young men had me feeling^
Under dressed

^Rudy and the Valedictorian Ruben^

^Barkin at the Driver^
Where in the F%$k is the
Maybach? Its hot out here!

^One last pic with a former teacher^

Once again, Congrats to my lil brother, all his friends and to the entire Class of 2010. 
Stay Up, and Stay Tuned

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've Missed you So much Baby!

And you told me I'd be back too....
I hope you not still mad at me, I know things got heated last time we spoke. For what its worth, it wasn't all my fault, you just packed up and left. Left me here cold, but the last chick I was with wasn't any better to me. No matter how hard I tried to keep the warmth between us she was always so cold to me. I told her that we couldn't be together, I outgrew her and I told her that my true love always was and always will be you.... Don't think I forgot you throw me the best birthday parties baby. Like I said before I know we had our bumps last time, but I'm older now and I truly believe that now I've learned how you should be and how you deserve to be treated. With all that said I hope your willing and able to take me back with open arms.... C'mon, remember the times we had? We've known each other since we were kids. And as we've gotten older we had hot days but we always cooled down by night time, we never went to bed together heated. You didn't forget these did you?:
^Us in 07^

^I Still remember this day! Lol, shhhh, 
Its still our Secret

^Boy what a Night right?

^Us in 08, Remember When I cut my hair
for you?

^You Bought me Everything but the white tee! 

^Our favorite place in the world:
The Parks of NYC

See baby, how could you say I don't Love you? I dedicated a whole Blog post to you... Something that no other female could ever say! So to you baby,
My Dear Summer, now that your back, lets make it last this time! Don't be cruel and Harsh and I'll promise to stay cool.

Stay Up ya'll and Stay Tuned!