Monday, December 28, 2009

GoodBye One Last Time

As some of you may or may not know, I've never been good with public speaking, and despite how outspoken and blunt I can be, today I still can't find the words to share.

With that said there's no way I could get up in front of my peers, and the family and friends of a friend to share some words about who he was last night. But since writing has always been my best way of communication that's how I am choosing to say goodbye to a friend one last time.

A friend of ours (BXL, other friends from the neighborhood) was gunned down and hit with 8 bullets back in the summer time. The assailants objective was without a doubt to kill him. But my friend was blessed with the mercy of God and survived only to make a slight recovery and be stabbed to death a few months later.

My friend wasn't a saint, in fact none of us alive are, but despite that fact, no one alive deserves to meet their demise at the hands of another human being, which is what happened to him. Despite so many things in our lives, we fail to realize how much we mean to so many people. All it takes is for someone to take the life of another to take away a piece of so many more people. In killing that one person, you've killed someone's parent, someone's child, someone's sibling, someone's cousin, grandchild, aunt or uncle, someone's friend, and the list can go on forever. I've realized today how 24 years can be a long time for many things, but can be so short for a persons life. I feel that no parent should ever have to bury their child, and yet again, I've witnessed that very event taking place.

As I walked into the funeral home last night I passed many familiar faces... but these familiar faces all displayed un familiar emotions. People that I had never seen shed tears were short of breah from crying with blood shot red eyes. To hear a mother scream in Spanish "Lord why did you take my son? Lord why?" hurt my heart and reminded me of other mothers in my own family that had lost their children. Death is never easy and of course I assume that explains why I despise funerals, but of course I feel my respect to my friend is due. When I walked up to his casket the first time I looked at him in complete dis belief, i didn't know how to feel, i just know that my depression, anger and sadness consumed me. Our friends, his family all around me crying and trying not to shed tear only made me cry. A few people had been asking me details of the event during the past week and I answered to them all the same way: "It doesn't matter, my friend is gone and how it happened won't change that"

I could say more but I feel I've shared enough, so with a very heavy heart I say goodbye one last time.

So To Ronnie Garcia (Better know to us as Ron G) R.I.P brother, you will be missed and never forgotten.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Asshole is Here!

Disclaimer: This one aint pretty!

I find it hilarious how quickly people forget. they forget who was there for them in times of need, forget who had their backs, forget who picked them up when they were down, forget who their real friends are... For a While now I been saying that I'm gonna start being an asshole and start cuttin people off and I've yet to do so. Call me Kind Hearted, but I'll tell you this when (what's left of) the little light in my chest goes out you better stand clear. I'm about to be on some next level ish and if your on my "S*&t List" you've lost me forever.

My kindness has been taken for weakness one too many times. People forget that no matter how tough my skin is, I'm human, I have feelings too, just because I don't wear my emotions on my sleeves doesn't mean that certain things ESPECIALLY from certain people won't get to me. I'm human B! theres only so much I can take.... So that's why in situations like this I cut people off, why? So that you never again have the opportunity to hurt me. Trust me I've cut people off before and just like that a friendship sinks to the bottom of the sea, and I emerge from it all without ever looking back even once. As we speak a 7 year friendship is at stake and the friend on trial has one chance to correct his/her actions.... if he or she doesn't then bye bye! You wanna know why? The world doesn't deserve a man like me; and I say that with all the confidence and with the biggest balls the planet has ever seen. Because I'm so kind hearted, and because I'm not violent, and because I let the world be I've realized I am not deserved, cause I damn sure aint appreciated. I'm honest, I'm genuine and I've realized I am a diamond in a world full of garbage and waste! And why the fuck should I be all those things if no one cares enough to return the courtesy?

Once you start cursing me out over something that aint that serious in the first place is the moment where you have disrespected me and will probably stop at nothing to continue your vendetta. Take that shit somewhere else Homie! I've said my piece, every year people say they gonna do this and do that, I don't make resolutions because I'm not the type to talk about something that I may or may not do, but I can guarantee you I take action. Find out which one of my list you wanna be on. You've awoken the beast that I so desperately try to keep in deep slumber. With that said I'm out!

Stay Up!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Song

I was on the train headed downtown and forgot my iPod, but you know I'm a music fiend so I got my headphones plugged them into my phone and as one of my songs played this poem came to my head.

A song is by far the greatest example of 'Turning Nothing into Something'

What was once nothing more than thin air turns into a sound, a sound followed by more sounds creates a composition. Then words, lyrics and melodies are added and in the end we are left with Music.

Something with the natural un forceful ability to make the people of the world, cry, laugh, dance, and sing.
And that's why I love music so much.
Beautiful isn't she?

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the Grind

What's going on everyone? My cousin Brian was in town for the holidays from Atlanta. It goes without saying that he brought his Skate Board along with him, as he has been doing for the better portion of a decade now...
Along side him was my brothers best and oldest friend JC who is also a skater. JC and Brian have been good friends as well for quite some time so whenever they meet up you can expect to hear skateboard wheels cruising over the pavement.

Well I've been dieing to take some live action Pics of skaters and BMX riders for some time now so with both JC and Brian being in my house the other day I saw the opportunity and grabbed it.

That day I made an observation and mentioned that Skate Boarders aren't much Different than Photographers in the sense that they see the world around them differently than the average person. But enough talking I wanted to share some pics with you guys from that day.

^ My cuz Brian ^

^ My lil Homie JC ^

I'm proud of the images I captured and I hope you guys like em... The pictures speak for themselves so I decided not to put captions under them. Like I said Hope Ya enjoy and keep grindin. And as always I wanna thank ya'll for allowing to share my passion with you.

Stay up & Stay Tuned....