Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kissin and Tellin'

Aight ladies, ya aint think I was gonna let ya slide right? Lol, sit ya beautiful asses down!
Ya read the last post and I know a lot of ya were grateful for the manual I left ya with... But you know I gotta look out for the fellas! Lol, I was just gettin ya out the way first, like I said, I'm a gentleman "Ladies First" but this one is for the fellas.

So fellas remember I said that the ladies go to the wolf to tell them everything about her and her man's relationship? Aight well what makes you think there's anything keepin her from sharing whatever it is you have with her?

This is to the fellas with or without girlfriends. For the fellas that's just bonin their main squeeze. For that nigga that's playin the game and going through as many females as he can. Ya need to know that for every girl you deal with there's 1.5 other people that know how you puttin it down. 1.5 Other girls (and even some dudes) that know all your strengths, weaknesses, short comings and where ever or whatever you excel in. TRUST me fellas.
I know some of ya may be thinkin "Nah, not the joints I deal with," Niggah! (Katt Williams voice) ESPECIALLY the ones YOU deal with! I do admit there's maybe 2 or 3 females that really don't share things from their relationship with their homegirls, but unless you the boyfriend or husband there's a good chance that ya shorty's homegirl knows about those funny faces you be making when you on top and all the posing you doin in the mirror while you hittin it from the back. Lmao. Females might say they don't kiss and tell but there's always that somebody that she shares her sex stories with. This is just how the game goes, which is why we should always be on our P's and Q's (Does anyone know what P's and Q's are? why do we say that? lol Anyway) If we on our P's and Q's then anything bad that she's sayin about us got to be made up.

See pillow talk is a dangerous thing, she may not just be talkin to her homegirl Sheila about it, she might even be tellin the next nigga about how whack you were. Either to boost his ego or maybe because she's so happy to be gettin somethin better that she throws you and your pipe game under the bus. Lol Woman are foul my nigga, but I think it's the bullshit that we love about em.
It doesn't end with just pipe game, it's almost everything. Take a group of like 3 couples all the fellas are tight, they boys, they go watch the game at Will's crib every Sunday and the girls go to the mall.... There's things about Will that Tim knows and Will never told Tim shit about it. Lol and there's def things about Tim that Steven knows and Tim never told him. So how do they know? Cause Sheila, Diane, and Heather is tellin their man everything that these other hoes is tellin each other. So now Tim knows that Will eats ass, and Steve knows that Tim had a gay fantasy about 2Pac back in the day! Lmfao!

Fellas it is imperative that you know who you dealin with and know what to share and what not to share. Cause the girls are definitely talkin! Don't believe me? I know two girls who have absolutely nothing to do with each other and they have both let me hear voicenotes that two completely different dudes sent them. Complainin about not gettin time with them and being head over heels for them etc. etc. Oh yeah, you making yourself too vulnerable is ALWAYS a topic of dicussion at game night. And I been to my fair share of game nights. Lol

I know this one was short and sweet, but it was simply a follow up to the previous post. Be careful with these lil cuties out here. Once you bag you are dealin with at least 2 people and you don't even know it. Lol, So keep doin what you doin but understand that your whole game is being reviewed by the front office and by front office I mean shorty's whole squad! lol.

Be Safe ya.
Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Like Deborah Cox and R.L...

Baby, "We Can't be Friends"
I'm baaaaaaaack!

What's good ya? Didn't I tell ya I was comin back strong? Well I'm here with another one.
So the other day I posted a status on Facebook and that status was:  


(Copied and pasted) It of course began to get a lil heated but I figured I'd spill all the beans via a blog post.  See ladies, I'm a gentleman, and a lot of guys out there are like me in that sense, but at the end of the day I am still a man. A predator and just because I don't attack does not mean I wouldn't, it simply means that I am not hungry enough to move just yet.
You probably don't follow just yet, so allow me to break it down. Ladies, understand that there are 3 different types of male friends.
There's the

This is the male friend that has been around for a while, he's sincere, he does care about and respect the friendship and he's got your back in the event of anything. Has he ever tried to holla? Nah, he hasn't but he has thought about it, and if ever you were to drop your pants in front of him his pupils will dilate. This is the dormant hunger being awoken. See, because he respects the friendship so much he's not gonna over step any boundaries prior to you giving him some sort of green light, cause he doesn't wanna lose the friendship.
So you can chill with this male friend, ya can go to the movies and go hang out, shop on 34th, people watch in Soho, whatever, but you trigger that dormant hunger it WILL go down. This doesn't make him any less of a person, it's just the way the cards are dealt.
*Ya sittin there thinkin "OMG, Mike would never!" Yeah aight, if Mike wouldn't either you ugly as shit or he's gay!

There's also the

This is the one that has told you he wants to do you. He's just like the lion in the sense that he's trust worthy as far as a "friend" is concerned. He got your back, he don't mind just chillen, but he done made it clear that he would put it on you 6 ways from Tuesday if you ever let him. In fact he probably has already boned, and now ya friends with benefits. And if the benefits are seasonal he at least knows "I got it before, I can get it again." You've chosen to keep him around for whatever reason, but his words should never be taken as a joke.

Then there's the

The wolf hasn't been totally honest with you. See the Wolf has come to you in sheep's clothing. He's ONLY around cause he wants to smash and once he's "Eaten" his prey he's out. The wolf might be around for years just waiting for that one moment of weakness. You know how you can tell which one is the wolf, or would have the most potential to be the wolf? The wolf is often the one you run to and share all your marital problems with. "Me and hubby aint gettin along cause xyz." <-Do you realize how dangerous this is? This man now has the Teacher's text book with all the right answers. So now the Wolf is just waiting for the hubby to slip up too hard to get back up. Cause now he knows all the voids to fill.
the Wolf is of course not limited to what was just sated, but he is the one in the shadows. Texts you every now and then asking "So how you been?" Trust me that nigga don't care, "Let's go out and catch up," he tryna get in your pants.
*You probably sittin there thinkin: "Well Derrick hits me up like that, but Derrick has a girl" 
Derrick is tryna fuck ladies! (Excuse my French)

I know it seems sneaky and conniving, but it's really not. Lol, it's just how we're wired. Like I said, the Lion and Tiger are really your friends. But they can't take you to the court to play ball with you like they can with their boys, so the extra circular activity in your relationship would be played out in the bedroom. Feel me?

So now that you know these things ladies, figure out what category all your male friends fall into. Cause I know the other day when I posted the status a lot of the ladies were ready to corner me and get answers. No need to corner me, I laid it all out for ya. Understand what I mean next time I say "Men and Woman can't be friends"
Please leave all your comments, questions and concerns, I'm ready, willing and able to address them all.

Stay Up, Be Careful and Stay Tuned.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Have you Ever Heard a Grown man Cry?"

First Single of the Honda Music Album....

No Need to speak on it! Check it Out:

You already know how we (B.E. Media) do. Please Follow:


I do realize that this past month has been heavily dedicated to videos and promotion but that doesn't mean I'm losing myself or leading any of you astray. To those of you who are my true followers I appreciate you very much and I promise you that I will continue to deliver what you have come to expect and love from 'Tha Bull Pen' as of now I'm just helping my brother reach any and all people he can via his music and my blog. So thanks to those of you who continue to support me/us. I've got some very compelling topics coming your way very soon.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buddy Mylez on the Cover.

Again, I'm back with some more Honda Music promo. This one pretty much speaks for itself so there's no need to bombard you with paragraphs and things of that nature.

I do however ask you to read where ever you see words! Lolol
"We aint frontin out here!"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, April 11, 2011

3rd Finger Salute

So you know how I like to share my tattoo stories right? Well the other day I was talkin to my homegirl Lenni and I asked her "What percent of people today do you think get tattoos just for the sake if it being trendy?" She gave me a number that I can't remember but it was somewhere in the high 80's-mid 90's.
Naturally, you know I agreed. Yeah, some of ya is just trendy hoes tryna be down! Yeah I said it LOL. But anyway, it got me thinkin, and it brought me to the promise finger on my right hand. This is the finger where the 3 letters "BXL" lie in ink. For those of you living under a rock BXL is my team. Also a 3 man rap group made up of my brothers Joe Dirt, Severe Persy Jones and Buddy Mylez.

More than just a rap group tho, it's a family. I know it sounds a lil cliche but that's really what it is. A large group of us who support and back the 3 man group. There's Che, Reg, Jazz, Penny, Ryan, Jun, Devo, Blaze, O, Zo, and about 15 other names I can't think of off the top of my head. So naturally 3 years ago while sittin in the shop watching my homegirl Bebe get her tattoo I thought to myself "It's time I got a tangible representation of my affiliation" and called Perse (who was one of the guys who initiated the idea of all of us getting the letters tattooed on our fingers) and asked him "Ayo, what side of what finger is it that we are getting the tat on?" And he told me "On the finger to the left of the pinky on the right hand. The letters should be facing the pinky"  I told my (then) artist, "Yo man I want my finger tattooed." Lemme tell ya something that shit HURT! Lol, but I got it, and today, 3 years later it's still one of my most meaningful tattoos.  (They're all very meaningful but you see what I mean.)

Initially, while the fellas were going by the name 4T'reign (Che kidd as another member of the group,) BXL was the name of the camp.

BXL = BronX at Large
BXL = Be XL (Be Bigger than Big)
But above all else, we're:
BXL = Brothers eXperiencing Life - Which is what it stands for today.

I guess I'm just postin this to show my love and appreciation for my brothers. Regardless of whatever we go through or whatever happens we all brothers and nothin is gonna break that up. So now you know why me and all the soldiers salute with the 3rd finger. Next time you see me take a picture like that you not only know why, but you also see my family name.


 ^Joe Dirt^ 



So for those of ya who know me, now you know what the "3 Finger Salute" is about, for those of ya who don't know me, understand and respect it when you see it!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Maybach Yet (Honda Music)

So a few months ago Mylez started workin on the new album (Street LP.) The album is called 'Honda Music' and is partially inspired by all the "Maybach Music" and "Aston Martin Music"joints being dropped, all the Phantoms and Maserati's in videos. It serves as a response in a more relatable way. So he decided to run with that title, real Hip-Hop coming from a real artist. Not to take anything away from anyone who does otherwise. So with that said I want ya to check out the the promo video.

Follow Buddy on
Twitter: @BuddyMylez
FaceBook: Buddy Mylez

^Promo Poster^
Picture taken by Me.

Also, if you would like a copy of the bootleg (hard copy, Leaked version) You can email your name and address to and one will be sent to you.

Get ready for this one folks.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That's my Baby

No Nigga, that's EVERYBODY's baby! Lol

What's goin on Bull Penners? I been meaning to type this one out for a minute, well now is the perfect time. Lately, despite my  never ending attempts to ignore Hollywood and all its nonsense I been hearing alot about this girl dating this guy, this guy going out with this girl etc. etc. etc. Pretty much I'm just witnessing the hallway rumors of high school all over again.

So pretty much (I'm not late, I knew about this since the beginning) Amber Rose (formally Kanye West's arm candy) is currently with Wiz Khalifa. We all know that before Marc Anthony J. Lo was all over the industry, Jennifer Aniston was a serial dater, and Mariah Carey went from an old man to a young with a few niggas in between (I think.) Trina was doin Kenyon Martin so good the nigga went and got her lips tattooed on his neck. That would have been cool but then she started doin Soulja Boy so good that he went and got the SAME tattoo... Aight, please, excuse my French, but, what the fuck fellas? Then there's Rihanna, who provoked Chris to beat her ass like a speed bag and now she may be fondling Drake... Check me out tho, my beef aint with the women on this one, it's with the fellas.

I think my beef stems from the fact that I don't appreciate sloppy seconds. And I appreciate it much less if I know who had the plate first, feel me? See when it comes to women, I'm the kind of man who wants my own. If she has too many miles on her, then at the bare minimum, I'd rather not know who was drivin her before me. I saw that back in high school and couldn't understand it back then, so naturally I definitely don't understand it on a higher level.  How are you comfortable being with this chick knowing that she was openly with the last nigga for so long? You know they were intimate.

Number One:
If she goes from rapper to rapper, beware, she could be the Silver Surfer of the industry. For those of ya who do not follow comics or their theatrical counterparts Silver Surfer is one of the "Fantastic Four's" villains. What the Silver Surfer does is arrives on a planet, depletes any and all of its resources and then literally destroys it before leaving it. 
i.e. Kat Stacks: Now  this bitch amazed me while she was around. We Allllllll knew her m.o. She found whatever relevant rapper she could, slept with him (possibly gave him something more then a good night kiss) and then exposed all his bad habits. Whether his habits were drugs, snoring or if homie just wasn't a great performer in bed she was puttin his business out there on video in HD Doby Digital, the works!
Now, do I think she was wrong for that? To an extent, yes, but I think any man who decides to go home with her knowing what she does to niggas is the fool in this situation. Feel me?

Then of course, Kat's predecessor, Super Head... Now if you don't know about her, Google is your friend! lol
But again these hoes (for lack of a more respectful word) are just gettin in where they fit in. My beef is with the niggas who mess with them knowing they were just with the last dude. And further more knowing that she doesn't have a genuine interest in me, but my pockets.

Am I making any sense? It's weird to me. Like I could never see myself messing with a girl who was recently with a friend of mine. Or even an acquaintance, its just not my style. In fact on FaceBook and Twitter, before I decide to initiate predator mode I see who my mutual friends are with this girl, and if any one of them had anything with her then I immediately fall back. So when I heard that Amber Rose is smart cause she's marrying Wiz, I thought to myself, "Ummmm, no she's not, we all know that these Hollywood marriages last for no longer than 6 and a half weeks." plus she was JUST with Kanye 4 and a half weeks ago. I just don't need to have a face to accompany the thought of your past lovers. Simple. To take it a step further the nigga went and tattooed Amber's name on him! Lmfao! C'mon bruh, you serious? lol

If this is your style then by all means, live it out. I'm not trying to throw jabs at anyone nor am I trying to insult anyone, just sharing how I feel about it. The same way I wouldn't respect anyone who's messing with any chick I was messin with, I couldn't respect myself knowin I'm messin with a chick that one of my mans was dealing with. But like I always say, this is just my opinion, you don't have to like it. Keep it movin like most do, movin into the last niggas goods! Lolol, Later ya.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Monday, April 4, 2011

No Trespassing (Feeding Time)

Yooooo! Do I have one for ya tonight!
Aight so around 6:20ish tonight I went to go walk Juno. So on the way back I see a kid going down into the back of a building nearby my crib. I automatically thought to myself "Oh boy, this can't be good" because where he was headed was death! See the sectioned off area where he was going to was the basement level of the building where a few guard dogs (pit bulls) live. So there's about 5 pit bulls (2 of which are puppies) and they all look like they don't take nonsense. Imagine the typical pitbulls, cropped ears big teeth, and adorable eyes but you know damn well they are not to be messed with.

So as I get closer I see the one boy hanging off the side of the fire escape while his big brother (the one in danger) was hanging off a ledge holding on for dear life with the fear of God in his eyes. So before I know it, the leg that was danglin was grabbed by one of the dogs and that's when it was feeding time. In my (almost 24 years) of living my eyes have never witnessed such gruesomeness. The alpha male began to bite the little kid in several places ripping his jeans right off of him while the others went for his limbs and face. they dragged him at least 5 or 6 feet and continued upon moving. The kid screamed "THEY GOT ME" while his little brother looking on in terror screamed "MY BROTHEEERRR, PLEASE DON'T LET HIM DIE! HELP HIM!" A couple had been standing there since before I got there and was starring on in amazement. I asked "Do you have a cell phone?" and the guy replied "She does, she's calling the police. While we waited the mauling continued. The guy gave me a look that said "Go down there and help him," I replied with a look that said "You must be out ya rabbit ass mind brotha!"

So some mauling continued and someone graciously threw a bucket of water out the window over the dogs and they dispersed for a minute. This gave the young boy just enough time to run away but instead of grabbing the ladder to the fire escape he ran further into the basement. I yelled "RUN! RUN!, NO NO, NOT THAT WAY, GRAB THE LADDER" in all the excitement the little boy surely couldn't hear me and ran to the other side of the basement, where the dogs followed. But this time he was okay, he managed to get up on the ledge and waited for the police to arrive as the dogs jumped like alligators  jumping from the water to reach some prey. In the blink of an eye literally the police managed to get the kid over to the other side of the fence.

He returned with 65% of his jeans ripped off, his snow boots eaten off his feet with his socks exposed and blood and tears all over. It was a terrible sight to see. The crowd grew while all this was taking place, but once the couple police officers were there I took it as a cue "I'm outta here, I don't eff with police! Plus I will not give a statement!" Lol, Plus I had Juno with me, and there was no way I was gonna let some pigs accuse my baby of anything lol.

Here's My thoughts on the situation:
Nah Nah Nah, Don't hit me with no "OMG" or none of that nonsense. The area (as I said) is not easily accessible from the street level, so there is absolutely no justification as to why he was there. What the hell was so intriguing that he wanted to get close enough to get bitten? I mean I myself am about 4 times bigger than the kid and I walk by there almost everyday, and I don't care if my basketball, hat or shoe falls back there, I am NOT going down there. Those dogs look like the bench press 250 pounds a piece and the alpha male barks at me regardless of anything when I walk through. Yeah it's unfortunate that this happened to the kid but I pray that those "GUARD" dogs are not put down over this, at the end of the day they are animals doing what they do, protecting their area and keeping intruders out at all cost. But yeah folks, just keep the kid in your prayers. He was seemingly okay but I don't know if the dogs had rabies or anything that could harm the child or worse.

A Reminder to the kids: Keep ya asses away from guard dogs. Don't be mischievous when it comes to risking your lives. And to lil man and his brother who endured this, my prayers are with ya!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Get it in Ohio pt. II

So Ya ready to hear the rest? Lol

That was Saturday, the day I met one of my long time Twitter Followers Em who came out to support the Empire's Concert. Don't you just love the internet? Lol.
So around 2am it was over and we headed out, hungry we all decided to hit the "Waffle House." If you didn't know, I Effin LOVE Waffle House. I had it for the first time when we had went to Atlanta. Why the hell don't we have at least one in New York, but anyway that's another blog post in itself.

We all got home and chilled for a lil bit. Discussed the show a little and watched some YouTube for a while. The next morning, we all hung around waiting for Sunday dinner. In the mean time Handz had a session downstairs in the studio while everyone else was chillen enjoying their beautiful Sunday. I don't really remember what time it was but Dos had suggested that we do a few videos, and so that's what we did.
D and Young Wise added verses to "NY to Ohio," Payne's song which already featured Buddy, Handz and Jus. Within an hour (if that) of Wise and D recording their verse we headed outside to film the video for the song. Cold as hell boy, but we made it look hot out there. Lol. When we got back in we set up Dos' Studio, backdrop, lights etc. and got started on shooting the video for Empire Livin.' Both came out dope, so be on the lookout for those very soon!

When that video was done we went to meet up with Buddy's homie Shake. Shake is a manager and producer of a few Ohio artist and we got to work with him and 2 of his artist. Brix and Chi City, on a song called "How it Is" I won't tell ya where we shot the video, but I will tell ya that the raw footage came out extremely dope.  So also be on the lookout for that one.
When we got back to the studio, Mylez did a few drops for the Bootleg to his up coming Street LP. As he mentioned on one of the drops, he must be the first artist to ever bootleg himself. Lol I mean the Lp is THAT Hot. So there's something else to look out for. Are you keepin track? That's 3 videos and one LP that is droppin very soon. BE Media is on the rise. And we owe a lot of thanks to our Ohio Family. The Empire/Deepest Ent. Family. Once again we can't thank ya enough for inviting us out. It was fun, it was memorable and it was most def productive. Can't wait to do it again soon, til then ya need to add them all on Faceboook and Twitter (Mentioned in pt. I) and check out all their work.
I see ya like family now ya'll. BXL/The Empire this is just the beginning.

Be Safe Ya'll

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.