Monday, January 26, 2009

About Me (28 Facts about Eno)

I've been seeing people post things about themselves in list form, whether it be here or on Facebook or anywhere. I love reading things like that because it gives you a lil more on that person. So I figured I can do that too... so I guess these are things people may not know about me:

-I got my first job at the age of 19 or 20 (I don't even fully remember anymore)
-I say I hate Kids (anything older than 5) and I mean it, But I love baby Kenny like crazy.
-My Bank account stay on E, but I get my money anyway I can.
-I've only had one serious Girlfriend in my whole life, but I've got a shit load of female friends.
-I Love Sex but I tend to be selfish with it (sometimes), you figure out what that means for ya self.
-I'm scared to fall in Love again cause it never ends in a death bed next to your spouse.
-Theres only 2 couple on this entire planet that I idolize, and I Bet you a billion dollars you'll never guess who they are
-I'm a Huge Sneaker Fanatic, and even though I hate where the sneaker game is now I still have an undying love for kicks.
-I wish I could live life knowing that I'm not gonna lose another family member or friend but we all know life is a bitch.
-I don't care what anyone Thinks about me except for (in a very slight sense) my mom.
-In 21 years of living I've never nor will I ever succumb to Peer pressure.
-I love my mom more than I love myself and I honestly cant see what she sees in my father.
-My father is the reason I'm scared to be a father.
-I've smoked weed about 4 or 5 times but I've only been High Once, I don't inhale properly.
-I've never been in a fight, but damn I be itchin to start one.
-I wish I was funnier and a lil bit taller lol
-I feel I'm smarter than so many people.
-I eat my cereal with Warm Milk, yea I know weird
-I have soft hands and I love it. Don't get it twisted I wont hesitate to ball em up and shoot the 5 witchu.
-I use to keep a journal but one day a teacher read it, exposed me and I didn't write another one for about 6 or 7 years Till about 2 years ago... but I still don't write in it as often as I used to.
-My handwriting is good enough to pass for a females handwriting.
-I love writing so much that one day I offered to write one of Perses' essays for school. He passed with flying colors lol.
-I miss my dreads like crazy, I just love havin long hair
-I am Lazy as Hell!
-I graduated with an English Award... but I am a terrible speller.
-I'm an old soul, but i'll always be a Kid at Heart.
-It took 5 years and 3 different High Schools for me to graduate.
-As outgoin as I may seem im still a shy guy slowly comin out of his shell.

You wanna know more?
Stay up Folks, and Stay Tuned.

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☆Reese✮ said...

Yo, took your advice and came over here to read this.
Love it!
Especially this:

"I've smoked weed about 4 or 5 times but I've only been High Once, I don't inhale properly."

I thought I was the only one!! ;)