Saturday, January 3, 2009

2000&GRIND (Cont'd) Julie's BDay

Yo Man, I could be here for years tellin you how much fun I had this weekend. So I'll just spare all of us the Hours of reading and allow each of the following pics to tell thier own story.

Just a lil description: Julie's Birthday (Jan. 4th) was celebrated over the course of Friday through Sunday. (Technically No pics of Sunday) So the weekend consisted of:
-A lot of beautiful women
-A lot of alchahol
-A lot of dancin and all else you could think of.
With all that Said we begin with pics of Friday Night. (The Whisky Bar) These are exactly the kind of pictures that would get me in trouble with my girl if I had one. lol

^ This is how I started my evenin' ^
^ Funky Fresh, Dressed to Impress! Its Needless to say I was already feelin a lil Nice ^

^ Killa, Myself and Mylez, in the whip en-route ^

^ It must have been a lil under 20 degrees that night ^

^ The ladies came out to celebrate Julie's 24th ^

^ We got it poppin soon as we walked in ^

^ Yea Perse! ^

^ This is my Family ^

^ Killa Ken & Eno Bull ^

^ Look Like Rude Boy Shotta ^

^ Let her Rock it was her Birthday ^

^ & Now Camera 3 ^
^You Got Money.... ^

^... And you Know it... ^

^.. Take it Out ya pocket and Show It! ^
My fav. pic of myself Thus Far

^ Me and Sir Persy Jones ^

^ Dont Hurt em' Cel! ^

^Umm... So... lol ^

^ Dancin wit Cel again ^

^ I swear I dont remember takin this Pic lol ^

^ Stace, Me and Cel ^

^ Dancin (looks like im sleep walkin) wit Tanika ^

^ They call him Severe Jones ^

^ On my John Travolta Ish ^

^ Mr. Buddy Mylez ^

^ The Girls lookin Beautiful @ Zip Code (This was Saturday) ^
We didnt take much Pics @ Zip Code, But it was a good Look. Lotta Ladies, good Music, over all good evening. After about 2 hours of partyin' we took the party back to Julie's crib!

^ Jun @ the After Party ^

^ You should already be familiar with these faces ^
^ Bianca and The Birthday Girl ^

^ Julie wore a Tu Tu for Part II of her Birthday. ^

^ Tiff ready for sleep for the next 48 hours ^

^ Lindsay Havin a Good Ol Time. ^

^ End of The weekend... I call this one "Bopped" ^
Stay Tuned folks, It only gets Better!

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