Friday, December 28, 2012

Rich Forever (Prayers)

Do ya listen to Rick Ross? I been a fan of his for a while but my appreciation for him grew when I heard his mixtape "Rich Forever." One song in particular was "Keys to the Crib." It has the type of beat I fall for, the drop was tough and the lyrics were dope! But this post aint about Ross or his song, I just brought it up cause at the end of the song, no longer rapping, Ross asks:
"Okay, so if I'm rich now, is it too much to pray to be rich forever? Forgive me Lord!"

It's in that very moment when I first heard the song (and every time after) that I awoke from the trance the beat had put me in and I could only think to myself: "WOW." I'm sure you're asking "Why" or "What's the big deal?" That question hit me so hard because I had asked that question both to myself and out loud a million times before I ever heard that song. I've grown up in this very traditional Hispanic family and I was in catholic school all the way up until 9th grade, so I'm not unfamiliar with prayer. However I was always taught to pray for things like strength and pray for the less fortunate and basically pray to express my gratitude for what I do have, not necessarily for material things or the superficial earthly pleasures. So naturally when finding myself in a position of being "less fortunate" myself I wonder "Would praying to find money on the street be wrong?" With all the sick people dying of hunger and disease, is it wrong to pray for wealth and fortune? Forgive me Lord but at this point I ask you what Nas asked you in one of his songs: "Why wasn't I born to a doctor who left stocks to me?" Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for what I have, not a day passes by when I don't open my eyes and thank you for giving me another day of life that we all know isn't promised. I am grateful for my parents my family, and all the things I have, both material and otherwise. Health, ten fingers ten toes and all that good stuff. But for the love of all that is Holy can somebody please explain to my why its so hard to come up financially?

A quote that my brother loves to use all the time is "You're Alive" as to say, that's more than enough to be grateful for. I never argue with it but I always think to myself "Yeah, I'm alive, but do you realize how much being alive is costing me?
I start to think about the greatest job that I ever had, where I was actually happy. Of course it was short lived. After 10 months, with no warning and for no particular reason my job was taken at the end of September. So I was broke by the end of October, through the grace of God and the help of my cuz Mylez, I started another job at the beginning of November. Again, I'm grateful, but with my new job I've had to take a $6 pay cut and don't receive the same 40 hours I was at the last job. Also, I get paid bi-weekly, so the adjustment that I have to make is huge!
I know it sounds very wrong to complain about these things, but these are my problems. I'm also not trying to make them your problems nor am I reaching for your sympathy, I'm simply thinking out loud.

I can't help my mom around the house the way I want, I can't spoil myself the way I want, that business that I want to start up gets further and further because things always come up and I can't save up the way I want.
I'm living check to check and it's killing me! All I want is to be rich! And If I can't have that, I at least want to have enough to be able to do the things I want to, when I want to. I see people living good knowing they make as much as me or only a little bit more, and it doesn't add up! Lol, shit b, I want a tattoo and I have to wait for weeks and months to be able to get it. I want sneakers and clothes and a car, and well.... You see where I'm going with this. So it should be no wonder why those who are brave enough to do it go out and sell drugs. I know I always go back to that, but It's cause I find it to be true.

I know I'm coming off as a brat, complaining as if I have the biggest problems in the world, but.... So what? Lol, This is how I feel and I just felt like expressing it. So I ask: "Is it too much to pray to be Rich Forever? Forgive me Lord"

Stay up and Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's do a Line

What's goin on ya'll?

This is not a drug related post, so relax! Lol.
Last night at work (what seems to be the inevitable topic of discussion these days,) sneakers came up in conversation. A few of us in the office are kick addicts. Anyway, I spoke with a co-worker and explained to him that if I picked up the new pair of Jordans, I'd sell them to him for $500.00, he said he'd be able to do $450.00 so we shook on it and he went about his merry way. Shortly after walkin through the door he was being ridiculed by the rest of the people in the room. "He's stupid" "What!? I would never pay more that $150 for a pair of sneakers" yaddah yaddah yaddah. Not only did I not appreciate it because they waited for him to leave to talk their shit, but they were gettin at him for spending too much on sneakers which HE wants!

They started talkin about "Kids making lines...." and all that other shit.
Stop it right there.
Needless to say I was getting upset, not only because they were talkin about him, but they were talkin about me and everyone like me. An entire sub culture of people who sincerely love sneakers and will do what they have to, to acquire a pair that they want. Further more, I just LOVE how all these men and women can poke their noses up talkin that mess about people lining up for sneakers when JUST a month ago they were on line on a cold night waiting to be let into a store so that they can buy TV's on discount. So you sit at a table for dinner with your family giving thanks to God and expressing your gratitude for all that you have, only to leave to go buy material things. Of course, the women in the audience said "That's different." No the fuck it's not. It's the same exact thing. A line is a line. Be it for sneakers, TV's, concert tickets, I don't give a flyin shit what it's for. If you're argument is "They stupid for lining up" then you stupid for the same thing.
Do I agree with the lining up for kicks and being out there campin out for weeks? Hell no, but I defend their right to do so. Who's to say anything about em? When it's all said and done, we're ALL materialistic. Don't judge others for being materialistic with different materials than you.

Let em do they thing, especially if they aint gettin the money out of your pockets.
Every time I come across this discussion I try to end it the same way, with my very own quote: "Everyone has their vice... Some people like clothes, expensive jeans, and clothes with big name brand logos. Gucci this, Prada that. Some people like bags and purses. Some (who can afford it) buy multiple cars and some spend money on antiques and art and other expensive things that they don't need. If a man wants sneakers and can afford them, then by all means, let him rock."

Like my man D says, "It's only an addiction if you can't afford it" so if you can afford it..... Yeah.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flight School pt. II

So ya already know about the "Flight School" I did back in October with Buddy's help and the help of my boys.
I continue to be proud of the results of the shoot, and at last, the Mini Documentary is complete.
So without any further adieu,I present to you "Flight School" the Mini Documentary.


"Flight School"

And for more photos from the shoot go to my "Flight School" Album on Flickr.

So That's it for now. Hope ya enjoy!

Stay Up, Fresh and Stay Tuned!