Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck Buds

YO MAN! Anybody ever see the movie "Good Luck Chuck" starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba? Aight well for those who haven't, its a Movie about a guy who was cursed as a child at a little kids party while playing 'Spin the Bottle' or some childish game of the sort. Anyway moving on, pretty much the curse that was bestowed on him (Chuck) was as follows: Any and ever woman who fell for him from that moment on was destined to leave him and fall madly in love and marry the guy that she would date after Chuck. So pretty much its was called "Good Luck Chuck" because Chuck was just the lucky stepping stone (for women) that ultimately led to thier one True Love, The Next Guy.

Well Folks I am here to testify that the curse in that movie was based on a hard to believe yet very true Illness or virus or whatever you choose to call it.

Allow me to explain:
I have a friend (who shall remain Nameless) who is the not so proud father of 7 children. The reason he's Not so Proud is because none of the aformentioned 7 children are his but really they are..... Confused yet?

It gets better

I, Your Host, and favorite person of all Time Eno Bull am expecting my first child as well. Although it is my first child (Sortof) it is not the first time I find myself in a similar situation.

Alow me to Explain....

in the mean time go and do a lil more reasearch on "Good Luck Chuck" if your not already familiar with it.

Stay Tuned for the greatest story ever Told!

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