Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Luck Buds (Fin)

So back to lecture at Hand:
Countless times I've been in a situation where I play the nice guy... Aight who am I kiddin'? I am the nice Guy. And so I treat these broads with kindness and respect and it ends up blowin up in my face. Follow what I'm sayin?
Peep Game:
You Ever been in a situation where you talkin to shorty and things are goin good? You done thought to yourself: "Nah this one is different, I don't mind payin her way" and after about $125 (A nice pair of Effin kicks) spent on dates, time spent, and countless hours of Phone Bonin' like we 15, you ask her "So whats Good?" (Meanin' you tryna see if anything permanent can come from this whole ordeal) and she gives you some Jive response like "I'm not really lookin for anything serious right now" or "I mean I like you but we just friends... I aint feelin you like that" DAMN B! ^ Look at this lil nigga here... Baby Eno? ^
That Shit Blows my High every time. So then me being the respectful young man that I am I respect shorty's Bullshit excuse and keep it movin.
For those of you who have been on this sinking boat, doesn't it kill you to find out that right after you done let it burn you hear about her either:
-Bein pregnant by some nigga she just met in the club last week? or
-Bein in a relationship with some lame she just met on the bus yesterday? or
-Bein engaged to some prick she saw on myspace 3 hours ago? or
-Married to the guy that she swore she hated from High School?
I'm 21 years old ma, trust me I aint gonna cry if you tell me "Yo I aint really feelin you like that and seein as how you aint as cute as I'd like my spouse to be I don't think it'll work" YO I'd respect that so much it aint even funny. I mean be real, we all vain (Me included) so just keep it real, dont have me spendin wild bread on you (Not that I mind if I feel a female might possibly be mine soon) and takin you around the world only to get the short end of the stick once you realize that my intention was to make you my lady. You taking that free ride for as long as it last just to get off and say "It was fun but I'm good" is foul.
The reason I'm bringin this all up is cause there was this girl, and It was more than clear I was feelin her, we spent some time together, went out and even almost went all the way one night. I (Bein the dickhead you all know and Love) thought she was feelin me too, but when the big moment came and I asked wassup She hit me with the "Nah I aint lookin for a man right now" Word? So why 2 months Later you got your sonogram up on myspace and showin off pics of you and your man all over the place. I mean whatever floats her boat right? But this aint the first time it Happened, I remember this other joint I had met at work was a cutie, so I applied the smooth operator method and bagged (Thank God I aint spend money on this one) and I had a good time with her for a while. Things were good, we were havin fun with each other and all was well, but before I even said anything about anything serious she told me nothin was gonna go down because of her current relationship status and cause we worked together. I was tight cause it all seemed coo just a week ago but once again I respected it. So I left that job only to hear through the Great Vine that the same girl who just shut me down: is toppin niggas from work off at parties, lettin niggas at work have thier way with her and doin God knows what else with just any and every other nigga in the break room. DAMN B! But you know what its all good.
For those of you who were wondering and concerened NO I am not gonna be a father soon, the reason I said that was because of the shorty who is now flaunting both her gay boyfriend and her growing stomach on Myspace, If you cant understand why thats my baby (In a sense) then you just havin been paying attention. Theres way more incidents like these but the post is already wild long and I've already come off as a women hating fag lol.
So with all that Said Im Out meng, Ya be coo like winter's end.

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