Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hunt

*This one is in the honor of my Big Sister, My Cousin Roxanna. Luv U Cuz*

Aight everybody, this one is mainly for the Fellas: Ladies Feel me on this one.

So I was speaking with my Beautiful Cuz Roxanna, (who by the way is an avid reader of this blog) and she expressed to me how much she HATES when young men approach her completely wrong. She said and I Quote: "I hate it when men tap me on the train askin me some dumb ass question about me not smiling! Dude! Wtf!!??!! Wut I look like walking around wit a big ass smile plastered on my face for no good got damn reason?? Ugh fuck outta here!"

LMAO, I am not mad cuz.
Fellas like she said, "WTF?"

Don't worry my dudes, I got ya. I told My cousin that approx 45% of my bags are on the train and my man JKissi (Check his Blog site is a witness to the swag. Aint that right J? Now Fellas, you should know to be a Great Predator, you have to First Know your Prey.

Step 1: "Rely on the Eye" - This simply means that if a female is interested in you, she will let you know by simply giving you an inviting look a few times. But wait, you have to know how to read that look tho. It could mean your starring too hard and she is uncomfortable, and it can also be Permission and an invitation to approach her. So use discretion and read the look correctly.

Step 2: "Show her the Pearlys" - This simply means that you should look back at her and give her a Slight smile. Depending on your level of cockyness you can even slightly wave. This can also be part of Step 1, if she give you a stink attitude after you've smiled, she is NOT interested fellas. Keep it moving.

Step 3: "The Texted Greeting" - Follow me now, Take out your BlackBerry, or whatever phone it is you use and open up a new Text Field. Upon arriving to the Text field type out some sort of Greeting.
I.E. "How you doing Cutie, this is as discreet as I can be but I find you very attractive, would you mind me texting you tonight?"

Step 4: "The Hand-Off" - Put your phone in the young ladies hand with the opened Pending text and allow nature to take its course lol.

* Given that you've followed the steps correctly she should Smile or Giggle in awe of your creative approach and proceed to input her number, and or BlackBerry PIN into your Contact List.

Now before handing her your phone you might feel your heart race, and your palms might sweat, but this is completely normal. It just the adrenaline you receive when you think: "Damn I'm the smoothest nigga this girl has ever come across"

Step 5: "The AfterMath" - I forgot to mention that timing is Key. You have to do all of this before you or your prey gets off the train. But once successful it is ill advised that you play it cool and actually hit her up. Your on your own from There.

This has Been an Eno Bull P.S.A
Ladies thank me later
Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Been Doin' This

Photography that is.

Whats goin on Everyone? So for those of you who didnt know, or have never read this Bio here on the Left side of your screen (<), I am and in a sense have always been an aspiring photographer. The reason i say I've been doing this is Because I've always loved the idea of a photograph and have always wanted to be the one responsible for capturing that moment in time by way of a picture.

If you've been paying attention you would even know that I have been working with the very talented CFK (Photographer) and have been trying to learn the ropes. Well now after about a year of speaking about it, I finally bought my camera. I got myself the Rebel T1i and I couldnt be happier. I havent worked with any official Models but I've been snapping away like theres no tomorrow. Mainly pics of Buddy and the rest of the team, But I feel i've gotten some decent shots non the less. So if its okay with you (Not that I would do otherwise if it wasnt Ok) I would like to share some with you guys.

^My Mentor CFK doin' his Thing^

^C'Mon, you know who this is.^

^This is my Home Girl Jess from work^

^My Cuz Ry Play If you a real Bull Pen Fan^
then you already know who he is

^This is Buddah and Juno^

The 3 photos in the Middle were Edited by CFK. Come back soon cause there's more to come. Stay up and Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

What's going on everyone? How have you been?

So A few days ago at work I was chillen in the fitting room, when one of my co-workers (who shall remain nameless) was complaining about a stomach ache and all other type of minor discomforts. So me being the insensitive jerk and clown that I am I said: "Maybe your just Pregnant" and she responded "That's impossible" and I say, "How the hell is it impossible? What you tryna tell me? Your a virgin?" And she said "Yea, I am" so in my sarcastic disbelief I say "Yea, and I'm studying to be a Pope" but she just stuck to her story like the Virgin Mary did.

I'll come back to that but moving on to another friend who also happens to be a Co-Worker. (Who shall also remain Nameless) hit me up on FaceBook one day and she saw it fit to inform me that she is a squirter (for those who don't know what a squirter is, Take a New aged Sex Ed. class, I'm not here to teach you.)

So what Boggles my mind is that The Virgin is 19 and the Squirter is 18. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with being a virgin, in fact hearing that in this day in age is quite refreshing. But because we are in this day in age, hearing someone say that they are a Virgin is unheard of.

So it all lead me to a question. 'Are all the people in my circle, My cousins, my friends, my siblings, aunts and uncles wrong for being the premarital fornicators that we are?' Which immediately lead me to my answer which is: (Drum Roll please) NOPE!.... lol. You see in the good book it states that we are all put on this earth to procreate. If memory serves me correct I believe its in the book of Genesis. Now given that all means that we are here to procreate once and after we have been married but lets look at some other things here: We are now living in a generation where the average person lives for "the Now", people no longer search for the "Right One", they search for the "One Right Now." If you journey back into my blog and find the post entitled "True Religion" I attempt to justify the fact that I have tattoos by explaining that in the same passage where it says tattoos are wrong, shaving ones beard or hair from their temple is wrong. So again I Present this to you:

Somewhere in our glorious Bible it states that we are here to procreate. BUT it also states that while homosexuality is ok, carrying out the temptations of homosexuality is wrong, yet we all know we have Gays and Lesbians fighting for the right to get married, and its no wonder what they are doing behind closed doors. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that although The Bible (Which if you did not know stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) is telling us these things its a whole new day where the standards of Yesteryear no longer apply in the same manner. So being a virgin like my friend is ok, but I just feel that saving yourself for marriage is over rated and for lack of a better word, boring. I'm sure Billions out there agree with me, and I'm quite sure that's why this planet is headed to Hell in a Hand Basket but hey.....

So for all of you out there who are practicing Celibacy, I honestly respect and commend you on your choices, so long as its understood where I'm coming from on behalf of those who practice being promiscuous. In the end what I'm ultimately trying to say is that we are all just Sexual beings, its simply human nature. Inn fact a little known fact is that Dolphins are the only other creatures that have sex for pleasure and not just to procreate, so if we're wrong, aren't they wrong as well? So shoot me a comment or something and tell me how you feel.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Sunday, May 17, 2009

And Some Other Ones

First and Foremost although its late, I wanna dedicate this one to my Mommy. Buddy Mylez, my cousin dedicated this to his mom and so the words may not be the same ones that I would have chosen, but the feelings are all the same.

I Love you Mommy....

And now for a Horse of a Different Color:
This is a video of us when we arrived in the Hotel Room in Atlanta.
Notice Perse Humpin the hell out of the corner. LMFAO... Too Damn Funny Man!

Stay Up man, Millions more where this came from.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Having Money's Not Everthing... Pt. 2

What's going on Folks, I'm gonna just get into this one so peep:

Like I've told you before, I don't have the best luck in the world. I tend to find myself in situations that rarely end in my favor.

Chapter 1:
So Recently I've been praying more often: Saying Grace before my meals, and I'm getting back into the habit of Praying before I go to sleep, and I've never stopped thanking the good Lord for granting me with life each morning.

Along with giving thanks for another day of life I usually ask God to Please allow me to find UN marked Money somewhere in the street. I know that's not something to pray for but hey... I always pray that I find $300-$500. Its yet to happen but you never know.

Chapter 2:
As you all Know I'm an aspiring Photographer but all I have is a regular point and shoot Digi Cam, and even that broke. So On May 5Th I vowed to stop bull shitting and save up for a Canon SLR and a Mac Book told myself I needed $2500 total which would take a while cause I had no money left over from my road trip.But by Friday May 8Th I had $1400 in the bank, and its none of your Cot Damn Business how I made it lol.

Chapter 3:
I could have taken that Money and bought my camera, but I figured I'd wait another week to get paid again and have a Lil more to fall back on after the purchase. So I've been real tight with spending since then. A few days passed and now I'm getting closer and closer to my next check (Friday, May 16th) and buying my camera is looking real promising. I'm planning on buying a Canon X1i by the way.

Chapter 4:
May 11Th, 2009 at approx. 10:30am

So I was at work bored out of my mind, when a young lady walks into my section looking for a pair of jeans to exchange with the pair that she had. So I go over to help her which is something I don't do unless its an attractive young lady who I am helping. So after I assisted her with what she needed she turned around and then bent down and picked something up that she then gave to me. She then said "I wish this was mine, but its not, so here you go." To my surprise it was an envelope filled to it capacity with Money. In the matter of one second I literally thought of a billion things, a Million of them being me taking the money. The lady then began walking away saying "I have good Karma in the Bank and I don't wanna F*%k it up now" I then said "Thank You miss, we appreciate your honesty" while walking over to my managers who I had seen standing in the spot where the money was found just 10 minutes prior.

Chapter 5:
So I walk up to my managers and say "Hey guys, look at what I just found on the floor. A customer found it and was honest enough to give it to me" My manager then said "Well it must have been another Customer who dropped it cause it doesn't belong to the store" I immediately thought "F*%kin Shit, I could have taken this and been good" any how, I left it in their hands and walked back to my section.
Shortly after my 15 minute break I saw a Security Guard and 2 Police men standing in the area where the money was found. The Security Guard points at me and then one of the officers calls me over. Just so ya'll know I HATE Cops, but anyway for the first time in Life I was I.D'd by an officer and it was for doing a good deed as opposed to Probable cause. He then explained to me that if the money wasn't claimed in 60 days that it would be mine. Although with my luck I didn't get excited.

Chapter 6:
So while I'm at lunch in the employee break room, thinking about that cash of course I lock eyes with the security guard who was at the scene and he simply tells me "'The dude came back back and he claimed it"' I said "Yea, I figured that would happen, How much was it?" he replied "$836"
For every time I've asked the God Lord above to put money in my path he put a Dollar in that Envelope. But like they say Every Good Deed will be payed back double.

It all comes down to doown to what Buddy Said: "theres no such things as coincidences, everything happens for a reason. And this test from God happened for a reason as well now what that reason is only time will tell.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8Hundred & 50 Interests

What's good folks? How ya Been? I been aight, I've been well, at Work where all of my time seems to be spent lately, in fact what I wanna write about actually took place at work.

I was hangin' out with my man Josh, Chris, and our HomeGirl Lauren outside of Duane Reade across the street from Work. While standing outside and all these smokers smoke was killing me a Black BMW 850i drove by lookin' as clean and as cool as can be. Don't worry: for all you non car knowin' ass niggas I have a pic at the end of the post.

This instantly took me back to my Deep, life-long, undying love for Cars. Especially BMW's, if you didn't know it is my favorite make or cars.

So seeing it pass by and thinking of how much I love cars reminded me of how many Interests I have. It literally ranges from women to Art, to Photography to Music. Anyway that's what I wanted to speak about, How I have Millions of Interests in more than several things and how most are awoken at random points in my everyday life. So if ever you have an interest that you may wanna share with someone why not share it with me, I might even teach you something about it you didn't know.

BMW 850i
^Bet you Never seen this Bad Boy on the Road^

^Mean, Corvette, eat your transmission Out!^

The car was discontinued in the Early 90's due to heavy Maintenance required and because it was BMW's first V12 and most knew not what to do with such a powerful machine. Well That's my blog for today.

tay Up and Stay Tuned!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Wats Hapnenin' Folk? Lol
How's life everyone, and did you miss me? Well I didn't miss yo Ass! Lmao. J/K well I'm here to Testify. Yes I have hated on ATL's culture, I have said that the music is terrible and I have said "If ever I go there I'm just looking forward to seeing the ladies" well. For the most part I still dislike the music, but the culture and the women are guaranteed to keep me coming back. Lol.

Since the moment we crossed the S. Carolina and drove into Georgia and saw the sign that said "Welcome to Atlanta" I was in Love. It was nice and warm, the City's Skyline was a sight to see, and all the women in the cars around us were BEAUTIFUL.

We arrived and we loved our Hotel Room. In the First room it was Reg, Jazz, and Dirt, and in the second room was Perse, Buddy, Penny and Myself.

We instantly went out on the town, and although I could go on for days telling you what we did, I won't. I'll just tell you: "I Loved it, The City, the Love we got, The Southern Hospitality, the Women, the cars, the Culture, the Women, oh and I can't forget the Women.

Most if not all people were shocked to hear that we drove out there. Regardless of what the reason for avoiding a flight was I had fun as I often do on Road Trips with my boys. We were in 2 different Cars and we all had fun as if it were one. A major reason why I like Road Trips is because it brings you closer to your boys, even if for a few hours. In Fact, I want to leave you with one of a few Video Clips taken while on the trip.

This is (From L to R) Jahmaul (Penny) Myself (Back Seat) and Perse, on the drive back home.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!