Thursday, October 20, 2011

Club DJ Lifestyle (Independent Woman)

What's going on Bull Penners? This one is a topic that I was saving for a video blog or an episode of "Bull for Mylez" but I been itchin to let it out for so long that I can't wait any longer. In fact, I'll probably still use it in a video blog but for now let me rock here. (Please be advised this is gonna be one of those topics that may pinch a nerve, if you're gonna be sensitive about it, close out this page NOW!)

This topic is about the "Independent Woman" in America.... Yeah, I got your attention now right? Lol, go have a seat and let this one sink in properly.
So I log on to Facebook (which for some strange reason has me "Subscribed" to half of my friends list, FB, please get ya shit together) and I come across a friends status update, rather, her update came across me. Among other things it read something along the lines of "We crush a man's ego everyday when we say "I don't need you" Hmmm.... I got the (Ed Lover "C'Mon Son") face on right now, so you know I'm serious here. Lol
Granted, I'm not sure what her inspiration for the post was, so I won't speak of her any longer, however I will speak about the North American "Independent Woman" as a whole. Now, it's 2011, if I had to put any money on this, I'd say that the "Independent Woman" came about somewhere around the year 2000. That's right, shortly after Beyonce and Destiny's Child released "Independent Woman" (the song) it became the anthem and the lifestyle choice for every woman, young lady, bird bitch, and or any other female in this country. A nigga couldn't compliment a woman on her shoes without her throwing it in his face that she bought them herself with her own hard earned money because she was Independent. Okay mama, I hear you, relax tho.
I hate to say it like this, but we live in a society, where music leads the masses. It's the reason many people dress the way they do, the reason why some fellas drive the cars they do and the reason why people order the bottle of liquor that they do at the club. In fact, it's the reason why people order bottles at the club at all. I feel like at one point it was okay to just buy individual drinks but if you don't have a waitress bringing sparkles to your table these days, I guess it means you ain't doing nuttin with your life. Pfst, Niggas I tell you. I hate to say it, but so many of you are sheep! Men and women alike. Don't front ladies, wether you choose to admit it or not, or wether you even realize it or not your life or many aspects of it is/are heavily based on something you copied from your favorite singer or celebrity. Oh, that's not true? How many of ya rockin a Cassie, Rihanna, or Amber Rose haircut right now? Stop It! You know damn well I'm giving it to you raw right now. However, I digress, we talkin about the Independent woman in particular.
So first Destiny's Child decided to release the record "Bills, Bill, Bills" in which these bitc..... Excuse me, woman are asking the men if they are capable of supporting them. What was that for, every woman from the senior citizens down to the 4th grade girls was going around actin like a nigga wasn't good enough unless he had a Benz AND was able to pay for her VoiceStream Wireless phone bill! The fuck outta here! I wasn't old enough to hit the clubs yet, but I'm pretty sure this is when the "Buy me a drink" fiasco got outta hand with these bitc.... Excuse me, woman! So at this point it would seem that the woman had a lil independence but they were pulling a Deebo from Friday and wanted to spend YOUR money! Lol, Comical shit if you ask me.
But whatever, that was 99... At the turn of the millennium it was all about "I can do this by myself, I don't need a man" and for the passed 11 years that's been the case!

And fellas, keep it real with me, the Club DJ's make situations worse. You can't party for an hour without the DJ droppin the beat and saying some shit like "Ladies, if you got a job and you got your own crib, and you know you paid for those shoes with your own damn money make some noise right now" at this point the ladies go ape shit throwing there hands up. So you would think that would be enough right? Wrong! Here come the DJ again "Ladies, if you know you don't need no man cause you drive your own car, and you pay your own bills and you taking care of your kids by yourself, make some Mother Fuckin noise right now" All the girl get on there "AaaaaaaaooowwW" shit, throw there hands up, slap there besties a Hi-5 and at this point they lookin at all the men in the room like they about to riot and revolt against us. So as men we thinkin aight he's done, he's about to get back to the music. But nope, wrong again, here comes the DJ AGAIN! "Ladies, if you don't need your baby father cause you know you got the Dildo in the top drawer and you can fuck yourself, never mind what he can provide for you and your kids MAKE SOME MOTHER FUCKIN NOISE RIGHT NOW!!" Drops mad bombs and shit, at this point the Ladies are dumb HYPE! And you standing there like "Well damn homie, who's team you playin for?" He goes back to playing a song and just like that, there is not a bitc, excuse me, woman who will even look at a man in the club, let alone dance with him..... What did I miss here? Lol, you standin there with your mans like "Ayo man, let's get outta here, the DJ must not have a penis and he just fucked the game up for those of us who do"

Ladies, hear me out here. Ya know I don't like to speak for anyone but myself, but I think I can safely speak for the fellas as a whole when I say this: We sincerely respect the fact that you are independent, nothing is more attractive than a shorty that can do for herself, hold herself down etc. etc. etc. But let's not go too far and act like you don't NEED a man. And when I say "need" I'm not saying you need a man to buy you a drink at the club, yeah we know, you got that. I don't mean you need a man to pay your phone bill, yeah we know, you got that. I don't mean you gonna die without a man, because we've seen ya, time and time again, raising your children alone, paying your rent, bills and car note alone. And we respect that truly we do. But all I'm sayin is stop frontin. You don't wanna die an old lady alone in her bed. A man naturally wants to do for his lady. A man wants to be able to provide for his lady. So a nigga steppin up and saying "Don't worry babe, I got this one" is not tryna clip your wing and stoppin you from flying, he's simply saying, "I'm doing this because I WANT to do it, or because you deserve it" xyz, this that and the third. Feel me? And I know ya sittin there thinkin this is an ego trip, It's not! I'm just being real, the same way men need women, women need men. If you being stubborn and you don't wanna agree just for the sake of being content in your own arrogance then by all means be my guest. But you know I'm right.
Especially if you so happen to be the one asking a nigga "Can you pay my bills" in '99 and six months later in 2000 it was all about you being Independent. Ladies, stop lettin Beyonce or any other singer/celebrity put the battery in your back. If you really as strong as you say you are, then be your own woman and set your own standards, don't wait to hear them coming through the speakers of your car while you drivin to work.
I hope I haven't been misunderstood. This is a topic that's been heavy on my chest for years now and I just had to get ot off.
So to you independent women out there, keep doing your thing mama, but don't be SO independent that you push every great prospect away thinkin "Oh nah, she don't need no love and affection, she has money and a great job....." Cause I'm sure that's not what you really want. I mean think about it, Even Beyonce has Hov. Lol! Imma leave ya with that one.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crossing the Bridge (Live Your Life)

What's going on folks? It's been a while, hope ya all been livin well.
Honestly, I'm not even sure how I wanna start this one out, so I guess I'll just dive in. The other night I was speaking with a beautiful young lady and amongst other things  the topic of tattoos came up... Don't worry I'm not gonna make this yet another blog post about tattoos, just bare with me. But we spoke about em and I told her I was gonna get one on my neck some time soon. The mother in her advised me to give it thought and I then explained that I give everything I do serious thought, not just tattoos, but every big decision I make is preceded by heavy thought and consideration. Honestly nothing less than 3 months passes by before I get a tattoo, or before I make a decision that could possibly change my life. However, the conversation reminded me of my homie Dirt who was against me stretching my ears.
As I remember it, Dirt asked me: "How are you gonna feel about that big ass hole in your ear when you turn 50? or 65? And honestly Dirt is not the first person to say something of that nature, I get it all the time from various people. "How are those gonna look when you get old?" "How do you know that what you feel right now is what you'll feel when you get married, have kids, start a family, yadda yadda yadda!"

I always tell those people the same thing: "I don't know" and it's not just that I don't know, but honestly, right now... I'd be lying to you if I said I cared. How will I like my tattoos when I'm 65? Hell, I'll probably still love em, but if I don't I'll know "When I was 24, I loved these tats." How will I think about my ears being stretched when I'm 45 or 50? Who knows, but I can tell you one thing I'm sure I may think something along the lines of "I'll never forget when I got these bad boys! Ooooowwweee, I thought they looked so good!"
You see where I'm going with this folks? I Eno Bull, am a man who lives for the NOW! I'm in no rush to leave this Earth, but I am not a foolish man, I know like (I hope) all of you know, that life is not promised. We don't know if we will be fortunate to see tomorrow. Only God knows wether or not this is my final blog post. Only God knows if I will ever see daylight again, because ONLY God knows what is to come in the future. So I live by a simple motto, "Do well, treat people right, and Live YOUR Life and Live for today!" People worry so much about tomorrow and they forget to live out today. People worry about tomorrow and for some people tomorrow never comes. I'm not trying to make this an issue of mortality or anything like that but I am trying to tell you that worrying so much about tomorrow kinda makes the sun shine a lil less today.
Like, remember in school, when we had that classmate that aced EVERY single test? They always had the right answer to every single question the teacher asked? To the point that the teacher not only never picked him or her to answer the question but the teacher also used his or her test as the grading guide for all the other test taken by all the students in the class.... That student never cut class, never took part in any of the class pranks or ever spoke outta turn. What do you think THAT person thinks when they look back on their lives at 65 or 70? What does that person tell their grandkids? "Oh no dear, I never really did anything worth mentioning, I was always in line and very well behaved" C'mon, who the hell wants to hear that life story. No one wants to hear "I didn't get tattoos because I didn't think I'd like how they would look now that my skin is droopy and hangs off my bones" I think everyone would much rather be the grandparent that tells their grand kids "I took my dads car for a joyride every weekend for 5 years straight and I even crashed it once, Boy was my dad upset" Lol. Or they wanna hear, "Well believe it or not I met your grandmother shortly after smoking a blunt with my best friend, she just so happened to be drunk herself from a bottle she snuck out of her parent's liquor cabinet!"
Lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying be a criminal or some sort of ruffian. But gees louise folks, we only live once, unless you practice Hinduism in which case you come back after death, but even then, the body you're in only lives once, so it works out for the sake of what I'm saying lol.

So what am I I saying here? Am I saying go break the law? No, of course not. Am I saying go indulge in drugs? No of course not. I'm not here to tell you how to live, and I am not here to preach, however I will, if I may, suggest that you remember to live a little. Life is very short, it's not promised at all, and at any given moment we could be taken up from this Earth. And even if we do make it to old or very old age, the point is you should live a life worth telling about.
Marijuana, despite all the truth commercials out to make it the next crack, is not that bad, try it once or 6 times.... Liquor, can maybe make you a lil sick, but it will not kill you (not if you're responsible) so go out and get drunk with your friends one time. Notice I said drunk, not pass out. Tattoos, they've been around for many thousands of years, and despite what anyone tells you it does not prevent you from completing any task that a person without tattoos can do. Will visible ones make things a lil harder for you? Yes, but that's because of society and their perception of them, not so much the tattoo itself. As for anything else, my stretched ears, your piercing, or anything else that may be "permanent" don't worry about how you'll feel about them tomorrow, enjoy em today. I'm not saying be like the grasshopper, but don't be the ant all your life either, because I sincerely feel that a full life of caution is not as great as one of a few experiments and mistakes.  You can save up for a rainy day, as long as you don't forget to enjoy the downpour of light from today's sun.

I hope I've made myself clear. I'm not trying to corrupt anyone, but it'd be a shame to look back and think "Damn, I never cut class, I never smoked grass, and I never got to discover what teenage angst was all about." And this is of course not limited to teenagers, this is for everyone! Live life folks. Be responsible, but take a sick day from responsibility every now and then.

I never do this, but I'll end this with one of my favorite quotes:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain-

Stay Up, Go out and Live, and Stay Tuned Folks!