Monday, May 31, 2010

What's Your Sign?

Oh man, turn your speakers down on you computer, if you reading this on your phone, stop walkin and grab a seat, I am about to turn it all the way up on this one!

Ladies lemme tell you about yaselves for a minute:

[Quick Background]
So I'm at the bar last night talkin to a beautiful young lady, all is well, we're talking, I'm joking, she's laughing, everything is goin good til (cue dramatic soap opera music here) she asks me: "What's your sign?" And in my head while still maintaining the smile on my face I'm thinkin "Ahhh Fuck! Of course she would ask that!"

Aight ladies, let talk about it, a lot of ya gonna dislike what I'm about to say but I feel it has to be said. I feel too many women rely on astrology to tell them what they need to know about a person when in all reality, astrology doesn't  have anything to do with anything. (This is just my opinion of course--take it or leave it)
You see, I'm convinced that women are and will forever be confused. You can't ask them what they want because they don't know what they want: perfect example:

Guy: So what do you look for in a man?
Girl: Well you know, he should be honest, a good listener, have ambition, and should be definitely be educated.

Meanwhile this bitch stopped dealing with Jerry, the handsome brother at the office with a masters, who was understanding, caring, a great listener, for the nigga she met on the 6 train one night who just so happens to occasionally beat her ass now. Oh but the sex is amazing, and she feels he loves her so its okay that he hits her. But I digress.

Now that you see how confused women are, feel me on this: they don't know what they want and they're scared to try to find out on their own, so they use a man's zodiac sign as a "Description Label" like you find on the back of a book or a DVD.
C'Mon baby, do like the song says and "Take time to know him." If in the end he turns out to be a jerk and you don't feel like dealin with him fine, but you shouldn't miss out on what might be "Mr. Right" because yours and his signs aren't compatible according to a table of contents that someone ages ago created out of bordem.

See me personally I don't feel that when I was born has anything to do with who I am. The positions and alignments of the stars at 5:42pm on Friday, August 14th, 1987 has nothing to do with me being an asshole. I'm an asshole because its a defense mechanism that I've picked up in 23 years of living. The only thing I know that keeps me from being too hurt when anything doesn't go my way. So this is why, when I'm asked: "So what's your sign" I rather not tell a female, cause that's when her smile turns into a straight face and I have to hear "Oh, your a leo?" with that disappointed tone in her voice.
Wasn't I just making you laugh? Weren't you just impressed by my career path and admiring my ambition? Sheesh, and then they always have a justification as to why they feel this way. I wonder how many women have missed out on "The One" all because he said "Oh, I'm a Libra." Damn. Another thing they do is use their sign as a justification for the dumb shit they do: "Oh, I'm a Capricorn, this is how I am" but that's a whole different blog post all together. Lol

In conclusion: (Takin it back to HS essay writing on ya asses. Lol)
I don't believe in Zodiac signs, and signs being compatible, and I feel anyone who does is a fuckin idiot. I say this with all due respect. And I just hope I got across to someone, anyone.
Thanks for comin out, Good night, drive safely, and if you come across any Leo's out there, tell em Eno Bull said: "What's good baby?"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Monday, May 17, 2010

Five Oh Two

(This Entry was typed out and ready to be Published on the 3rd of this month, it was delayed for Undisclosed reasons, in other words: Mind ya Business, lolol. Enjoy)

Damn ya, Its May 3rd already? I missed the Anniversary of the day I almost met my maker. Lol

First and foremost, Thank You Dear Heavenly Father for giving me another day of life today, Thank you for blessing me with breathe everyday for these passed 22 years. You and I both know I count my blessings each day.

So last year on May 2nd, I was rollin around with Buddy, drivin around. It was a regular evenin, nuttin major. So we headed to the block like we usually do. Stopped at Paul's to get some Chinese food and Buddy was goin to see a girl on the other side of Davidson. For those of you who don't know we are all from the Burnside area, and our street is Davidson. Davidson is a long street and our side is divided by a big school. That's why we call it the other side of Davidson. So that side is still the same street, but it might as well be another world. Remember in Lion King when Mufasa was showing Simba the Pride Lands and explained to him that the shadowy area is the area he should never ever go to, well that's the other side of Davidson for us.

So, now that you've got the picture allow me to continue.
We picked up our food and we drove around the school. When we got there we both looked at it as if it were a different planet lol. We saw these lil rowdy niggas outside of the building in front of us, but either way, we paid it no mind. Buddy parked the car, I told him "Make it quick nigga, you know we don't bang with this side." He said "No doubt, its a Hi and Bye Thing" and walked into the building where his lady friend was.  Which was on the passenger side of the car, one buildin behind the car. I opened up my food and began to put all the duck sauce and soy sauce on it, and the lil rowdy niggas had disappeared, but only for a few seconds.

Outta nowhere I hear Bullets from behind the car, I was startled and I jumped. I saw a kid, no older than 16 or 17 pointing and shooting a gun at the lil rowdy niggas that had been standing there, then ran back. One of the rowdy niggas returned shots and ran passed the car to catch him, but as he passed by the truck he looked at me, we locked eyes and everything was moving slow. I saw him, and he saw me, and I swore my body got cold. I ducked down and sat on the floor of the car in front of the seat, my head was under the dashboard and I swore I was a dead man really soon. I was down there with nothing to clutch to but my plate of Chinese food and I began to make my peace with God. Just as I said/thought "Amen" the door opened. In my mind it was the kid I had locked eyes with, he pointed the gun at my face and pulled the trigger.........

Phew, but then I opened my eyes and it was this tall nigga Buddy. Oh man! I can remember putting together the only words I could "Yo Buddy, Let's Go Nigga, DRIVE!" I saw the fear in his wide opened eyes, without saying a word he got in closed the door, put the car in drive and sped off, he did that all in One seemless move. Lol. We got to the corner and saw two cops harrising someone that surely wasn't doing anything, and Buddy said "Look at these niggas, they didn't hear that? They should be up the block" finally we make a right at the dead end and back around the school, and never again returned to the other side of Davidson.
That is not until earlier today when Perse said he had to go there to meet someone. In fact, that's what reminded me of the incident. Funny how God works huh? Its almost as if we were supposed to return to the scene of the crime a year later, to remind us of it, and give thanks that we are still alive and well.

Shortly after the incident me and Buddy were dying laughin. But we vowed not to tell the fellas about it cause they'd be pissed that we almost met our demise over somethin as dumb as going to see a girl in an area that we know aint safe.

Lol, crazy right? But yea man, I just wanna Thank God again, I realized it wasn't our time and not until it is will we go. It was just a wrong place wrong time kinda thing. So with all that said, be safe out there.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Mugz

What's goin on ya'll? My New Yorkers, ya enjoyin this weather? lol.

Anyway, for those of ya who personally know me, ya know that I am a really tough critic. I don't co-sign for, suggest or recommend anything that I myself wouldn't deal with. That goes for everything from people, products, and music. This post is of the ladder.

So a few months ago I was chillen with Buddy and he got a text or call from our brotha Freddy Fiya (of 'New Regime' check out his clothing line:  from Montreal Canada and he informed Buddy of one of his friends music video. So we hit YouTube and checked it out. We were both impressed by the quality of the video and also liked that the song was actually dope. So shout outs to Mugz for havin this dope ass video and above all else being a great artist. He told me he tryna do it big for Canada, and that's exactly what he's doin!

Check out the video:
Guardian Angel

BONUS: This one looks BANANAS!
Toxic Love (Trailer)

So to all of ya who support Underground Hip-Hop (I know a lot of you) Support my man Mugz, Ya know I wouldn't put ya on unless it was hot.

Follow him on Twitter:
Mugz - @justmuGz
also follow my bruh Freddy Fiya:
Freddy - @NEW_REGIME

You fellas is doin it big up North and I'm proud of ya meng! Keep the hunger alive, make it all happen!

Stay up and Stay Tuned Folks!