Saturday, December 27, 2008

Generation YZ

Where do I begin this one? I guess I might as well just start:I am a 21 year old Black man living in America. I was born and Raised in the Borough of 'The Bronx' in New York City. As I'm sure I've mentioned once or twice before on this very blog site, I greatly appreciate my mom for raising me the way she has/did. The reason for that being that my mom is a simple woman, who lives a simple life and couldn't possibly care less what anyone thinks of her. Seeing as how that's how she was/is that's how I am/always have been. I've never been tempted or otherwise persuaded by Peer Pressure, and till this day I've never cared one bit what anyone other than my mom (and that's an exception in very few cases) has ever thought about me. Although this is the case with me I feel that I am one in a billion who has views like mine in my entire Generation. Maybe I'm wrong but the things I see are results of mothers who were/are nothing like my mom. I mean of course I understand finding a mother like mine (One who's perfect) would take 15 Forevers and a day, but Damn!

In my day I feel I've seen it all with people in my age group. Teenage Pregnancy, Juvenile incarceration, High school Dropouts, Under aged Drug Use, etc. the list goes on... Now, I'm no Angel, nor have I ever wanted to give off the impression that I think I am. So if ever you felt that towards me I apologize. But one thing is for sure and that is the fact that I'm a young man with a slightly brighter future than others because I've chosen to have a well illuminated past.

For example in the case of Teen Pregnancy, Has anyone realized In today's world its more acceptable for a 17 year old Girl to give birth to a child as apposed to getting married? At 17 I feel a girl is too young to truly understand what it means to be a mother. They're still at an age where they wanna party, hang out with friends, and not worry about taking care of another person, because they can barely take care of themselves yet. This is the case with girls even older than 17. I think girls just love the idea of babies cause they're cute and soft and they smell good. Its like wanting a dog cause you think they're cute and playful, not realizing that the person walking that dog has to deal with Vet Bills, Food for the dog, cleaning products, time invested in training it, house breaking it, walking it, etc. etc. The grass is always greener on the other side. But that's just one topic in the idea of this Generations Eff Ups.

Another one is the fact that 13-17 year old walking around with guns and starting trouble over things so simple like what another person said about them or their "Crew" on myspace. Stop for a few seconds and think about how insignificant that sounds. I know of a lil dude in my neighborhood who can't possibly be older than 15. I'm not sure of what all his crimes are but among them all one is selling weed. Needless to say he's a heavy smoker. Whatever b, make ya money lil man but that alone should show you the very dim future we're headed in. At 15 as bad as I wanted to have money for new clothes and sneakers the thought of selling drugs was nothing more than that, 'A Thought.' This young person who I am discussing is currently serving time in jail, idk for what, (I'm sure it was more than a charge for having drugs on him) I don't know for how long, and frankly I don't care either. But this is just one case in the sense of these lil kids behaving in a terrible manner.

Another thing that's been bugging me is people's aim talk and terrible grammatical errors all over the place. Myspace, Aim, or anywhere else where a computer or other instrument of technology is used in order to communicate with the outside world. Its one thing to type things the way you speak it, I do it all the time, but I hope you don't go to school (Those of you who still go to school) and type out your essays that way. In other words I hope you all still know that there is a major difference between "Know & No", "There, Their, and They're." I hope you all realize that using 3's as "E's" is wrong, I'd be here for days correcting all of you.

I don't even feel like talking about it anymore. Just that I find it sad. The people my age are gradually becoming smarter and thinking more before acting but anyone who hasn't turned 18 yet is a member of a lost, and what I feel to be the last generation. A society of illiterate, disrespectful, dyslexic, short tempered, misguided youth. Don't believe me? Cool, we'll see what happens in American society in the next five years.
Please Stay Up, and Please Stay Tuned!


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