Thursday, December 4, 2008


I wouldn't say it was a bad day cause God Gave me life this morning so I'm grateful, but it was 'One of those days.' woke up on the wrong side of the bed, made it to the train station only to realize I forgot my wallet on my bed. I was done from that point on. The shit that normally bugs me damn near made me all but kill myself. So what do I do? I blog about it.... Don't like it? Well then please direct your mouse towards the 'X' on the upper right hand of your screen.

Here it Goes:

On The Train:
- Of Course the never ending 6-14 yr old in a Stroller (Pick that lil big nigga out that COT DAMN Stroller and make him walk)

-People who wait til RIGHT before the doors close to get up and push everyone out there way like a Bowling Ball goin through Pins to get off. (Where the f*&^ were you when the train stopped you freaking mongoloid?)

-People who see that your obviously about to get off when the door opens but still make it their business to push you and say "Excuse me, getting off" (NIGGA ME TOO, YOU DON'T SEE ME TONGUE KISSIN THE DOOR? Relax b, we ALL getting off fam, Its the last stop!)

-People who are as big and heavy as the train itself and still wanna sit in that seat next to you that is just big enough for a 12 year old, and then have the nerve to look at you like you buggin (Big man you know good and cot damn well you don't fit here, we all tired b, stand up you can use the exercise)

-That nigga who is feeling the music in is headphones so much that he HAS to be HypeMan and ad lib every line out load. (Yo man, give it up your dreams of being a rapper were crushed ages ago, that's why you working in the Grocery store stock room.)

-Mexicans on the train with enough kids to film a whole new 'High School Musical' Movie complete with cast, extras, producers, writers, directors and promoters. (Get a Van you fucking Rabbits. I swear Mexican couples are the exact equivalence of Puppy Mills. Yes I said it!)

-and of course who could forget the loud person on the train who (for some odd reason) still has a Nextel or just a plain phone with the speaker on and is having a conversation in full volume for everyone in the next car to hear (I don't even have words for this one, just do us all a favor and kill yourself.)

In Public:
-People who can't figure out where there going... (Its called a building you prick, it has walls, lean on one and stay there till you figure out where the hell your goin)

-People who refuse to put a pep in their step. (Dog, I'm runnin late either move out my lane or speed it up, Lord knows the way I'm feeling I probably can, and will grab you by your neck and roof you like a handball.)

-Public Display of Affection. (We get it, you just made 3 weeks, this is the love of your life and you want us alll to know. Fine, Get a room! I swear I wish there was snow on the ground so I can throw an effin snowball at both ya faces.)

-People who manage to bump into you (There's Maaaad sidewalk here, how the hell you make your own lane and STILL don't fit in it?)

Everywhere Else (Misc.)
-Niggas (be advised a nigga can be male or female) who buy Things such as Gucci and Prada, just so they can say they did. (You know damn well you gonna buy those just to chill on the block. How's it feel knowin you the flyest nigga who lives in your moms house? Now you know that you can't pay your phone bill, or eat for 2 weeks. Ass.)

-Harlem Niggas (If you dont know why, go to Harlem.)

-Loud Niggas (Shut up!)

-Dominican Niggas who are as tough as Spartans when their friends are around Talkin smack about 'Ese Moreno' (That Nigga) but are as quiet as Mice when their boys leave and 'Ese Moreno' comes back around (What happened papi? You was just tough a minute ago.. well there he is tell him how you feel. Oh that's right, You just real when your niggas are around right? aight)

-Girls who have babies and still can't spell the word 'Enough' (Stupid)

-People who can't control their kids. (Its called an ass beating miss, stop askin him nicely to sit down. Give em a Good ol' fashioned slap in the face, that outta straighten him out.)

- Obese Niggas tryna "Get Light" (Fam, sit ya Fat ass Down! You about 239lbs. over the weight limit talkin bout "Got my Light feet goin")

There's way more but I feel I've gone far enough.

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Rene said...

Amen, Brother. You are so damn right...especially the train phrases!!!