Thursday, December 18, 2008

Really Random.

All Day today (Like many other days) I had a million and one thoughts bouncing off the walls in my head. So today rather than just brush em off I decided I'd share it with you guys. Its a Bunch of em so Please bare with me. Feel free to bookmark the page and come back later if you feel it goes on for too long.

So here it goes:
1. Why is it when people trip they look at the floor as if the concrete grew a hand and put it in their path? lol
2. Why do men have nipples? At some point before centuries of evolution did we provide milk for our young?
3. What is this girl thinking? (That's just a question I generally have in my head because I can never figure out wtf is goin on in a woman's head. Or can I?)
4. Don't you hate when people yell to speak to you and they right in front of you?
5. When I was around 15 or 16 and it was evident that I was dealing with females, my Mom dukes told me "Don't ever let a girl hurt you," I told her "Ma your the only woman I love enough to let that close to me.... No broad will ever begin to come close to your level so she wouldn't even have the opportunity to hurt me."
6. I hate Hot 97's current 7 song rotation that they play 24 hours a day.
7. Am I the only person who find it strange how 50 Cent demolished Ja-Rule's career because he (Ja) was "singing" in all his songs and then (50)did the same thing once Ja was gone?
8. In a VERY amusing, interesting, and fun chat room I was in last night the gentlemen were asked if we give ladies Head..... and my response was.... (Wouldn't you love to know?) sorry ladies guess you had to be there. lol
9. Gay men. If your gay fine, who am I to say what's right and what's wrong? I am not a homophobe, I feel you deal with whoever you want it doesn't make any difference to me. But please for the love of God if you have a penis act like it. All that walking around with a switch, and wearing women's clothes (skin tight jeans, see through tops etc.) has to stop. Be gay if you want but don't be a fag... there is a difference!
10. I haven't played a good game of spades in years, anyone up for a few hands? I got my partner Sarah.
11. Doesn't it amaze you how some people Just Can't spell things? And how some people mistakenly use 'Am' when they mean 'I'm'? That shit is frustrating to have to read all the time, aint that right Boobie?
12. I got the biggest Crush on Keri Hilson, I've been crushing on her since Timbo's last album and I heard the song called 'Scream' with her on it. Haven't heard it, go git that!
13. The person who thought "I'm gonna put water in a bottle and sell it" is/was a GENIUS. Think about that for a minute. If you don't see why he/she is a Genius than your the reason he/she became rich.
14. Doctor's save lives and they get paid only a portion of what athletes, Entertainers, and other celebrities get. WOW! that's all I can say is "WOW."
15. It bugs me how the biggest lames find THE baddest women. I've said it before but it only leads me to believe women love Lames.
16. To that Beautiful lady who works in the Loro Piano section on the 6Th floor... "Sweetheart if only you knew."
17. Remember Captain Planet? lol, WTF?
18. What happened to Jordan Brand man? Gentry single handily destroyed the empire that Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield built. Well at least I'll always have my 8's and 13's.
19. Racism still exists.
20. I can remember my father teaching me how to ride a Bike, other than driving, and shaking after I'm done peeing I can't remember anything else he's taught me.
21. Did you Know Victoria's Secret is that her name is actually Victor?
22. Yo Kanye, It wouldn't be fair to you to listen to '808's and Heartbreaks' at a time (Now) that I can't relate to what your going through. I feel for you but until I can relate I'll speak to you through the first 3 albums. Hope you bounce back soon bruh.
23. How is it some niggas still "Stuntin" with moms money. Its sad that they don't even realize that they the flyest nigga in 3A and that's it.
24. How did Mercedes and Rolls Royce come up with machines as beautiful as the Phantom and the Maybach. That's a strange adverb for Machine isn't it, Beautiful?
25. I love Black People But I hate Niggas (Wanna know the difference? Stay tuned for a Blog coming to a Computer, Laptop, Phone, etc. near you)
26. Girls tend to think I'm some type of smooth Ladies man, but in all reality I think I'm still the lil shy kid who's scared to approach the girl he likes.
27. I never if ever admit it, but I think I actually wanna find "The right one," get married, inject a few children in her and live happily ever after... But if you tell anyone I said that I'll kill you. But that kind of Romance Novel Love doesn't exist anymore, so technically speaking I want something I know I could never have.
28. OJ Did it.
29. I miss the 90's. Especially the fact that back then we had sitcoms, now everything is reality and 'Who wants to live with 46 strangers to compete for the love of an ugly, greasy faced, washed up illiterate man?
30. why is it that whenever Puerto Rican People Move they move to Florida? Do you think that maybe there really Ducks that take Human Forms for a certain amount of years and then after that time its time to move south? Lmao, where do I get this stuff.
31. I'd take a woman with a Nice Caesar over one with an exaggerated weave ANYDAY.
32. It amazes me how some guys can go out and buy $3000 outfits, but it doesn't matter cause they still have the swag of a mannequin. The man make the clothes, not the other way around homie.
33. I've come to realize that I'm the dude that girls go to bed and pray for, and then only have in their dreams. I just have to find the right way to make them see that.
34. I should have waited till I had the Money to go See Mister Cartoon for a Tattoo.
35. Alicia Keys, I swear I love you.
36. If you stayed here to read all of this thanks. You didn't have to stay here this long but you did and I appreciate you taking the time out to let me share with you, blab my thoughts and rant for as long as it took you to read this

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

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