Monday, December 15, 2008


LMAO. I was on the phone with my man Devo last night when out the corner of my eye, I saw on the preview to the News that a Man threw a shoe at that bumass nigga George Bush! Yes I said it -- Bumass nigga!

I Had to laugh, this man (Later identified as an Iraqi Journalist) took his shoe off and threw it straight At Bush's Face, he missed but that didn't stop him from reloading. He reached down and took off his other shoe and threw that one at Bush too. It was a back to back Shoe shootin' LMAO. Turns out the Bastard has amazing reflexes, he ducked both shoes with lightning speed.

I am not at all mad at that journalist, my only disappointment is that he missed. The reason I find it funny and the reason I'm Happy it happened is because although I never thought of throwing a shoe at the man, I've wanted to throw something at his face since 2001. C'Mon we all hate him, He's lucky it was just a shoe. He's lucky he didn't hear "GET CHO HANDS OUTTA MY POCKET!" and caught a couple shells in his chest.

To my knowledge Bush was out there in Iraq bidding farewell to the people.
C'mon man... Farewell? Are you effin serious? Your War that had NOTHING to do with us took the lives of millions, Cost billions and has changed the lives of people who weren't even involved, and you have the nerve to come and say Farewell? Pssht!

I heard that throwing a shoe at someone is THE biggest sign of disrespect in the Arab world, well the man deserved every last bit of leather to that pair of size 10's to the face! When the man threw the shoe he yelled out: "This is the Farewell Kiss you Dog!" "This is for the widows. the orphans, and those who were killed in Iraq" AMEN TO THAT BROTHA! That shoes was thrown on behalf and for America and the world. With all that said I leave ya'll with the suggestion of goin to Youtube to find the video.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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