Monday, December 22, 2008

Magazine Worthy

Aight so I know I was supposed to announce the winner of the contest this evening. Allow me to say, I am proud to announce that it was a Tie between my Baby Love Steph Lovah and my Brotha from anotha Devo. But the topics we discussed just so happened to be quite close to previous topics discussed on the blog so I I wont bore you with the actual convo(s).

But I do however feel like braggin' tonight:

A few months ago at a party that I went to there was a journalist from 'XXL' Magazine. For those of you who aren't familiar with the magazine it is a major, highly respected Magazine for and in the Hip-Hop community.

When introduced to this journalist my man Jahmaul a.k.a Penny the Kidd, and I sat down and had a conversation discussin' BXL and the direction that the movement is going in. Long Story short we ended up doin' a 'Behind the Scenes' kind of Interview of the team. I wont bore you with the actual long play by play interview but I will tell you: I was just told that our issue will be premiering In February of 09'. So be on the look out for that at a stand near you.

^^ They wouldnt send me the actual cover pic, so this is the early draft. ^^

09' is our year baby, Gotta Thank the Man above and pray for more foward movement. Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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