Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long ass Holiday Post

Wow, What a day on Thursday! Sorry, I know its been forever but I been tied up. What's goin on folks? So rarely do we live to see History in the making. I've been fortunate to live long enough to say that I've seen some History be made. For one I can vividly remember Sept. 11Th, 2001. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and I even remember I made a friend that day. Of Course more recently we were all present to see Barack Obama become the 44Th President (Elect) and the first African American man to ever do it. Thursday was a day of equivalent epic proportions as well. At Least for me and my little brother.

That day I was fortunate enough to witness history unfold with my very own (two) God given eyes AGAIN! lol. As I've already mentioned My lil brother Rudy goes to Cardinal Hayes High School where he plays for the JV football team. For those of you who are familiar with the school and or its history (Especially regarding the football program) then you know what Thursday was. It was Thanksgiving day which can only mean, you guessed it, The Turkey Bowl. For those of you who are in the dark allow me to shed some light. For the past 66 years Mount Saint Michael Academy and Cardinal Hayes High School have been rivals on the football field. Since then Thanksgiving (The day of the Turkey Bowl) has been a very important day for everyone from the Players and Alumni to Parents and local Residents. Thursday was no different, well actually... yea it was....

Running on fumes as I usually am, due to staying out very late and sleeping very little I woke up around 9:50 and noticed my parents getting ready for Rudy's game, so I brushed my teeth and stuff and started getting ready as well. You know black people, Kickoff was at 10:30 and we didn't arrive til about 10:55. Regardless of our ETA we made it, we parked the car up the block and around the corner and believe it or not we heard the Audience (The one on the Cardinal Hayes Side) cheering from the corner. You'd swear there was a Yankee game going on the way the crowd roared. When we got there I believe the score was 14-0, Mount was doomed from the start. My mom, dad and I took our places in the stands next to my cousin Lindsay and Roxanna who had arrived about 15 minutes before us and the process of losing my voice slowly began. I'm no sports announcer (hell I barely even care for sports) so I'll just speak on the game as a spectator who is a fan of the sport. Hayes was catching interceptions, causing fumbles and turnovers, scoring touchdowns, and field goals like an NFL team. For a little while Mount began to catch up, causing the audience on the Mount side to taunt us and causing the Mount players to celebrate their feeble attempts to bring Hayes Down. But Hayes wasn't havin it, Passing play after running play, and Amazing defense followed by even more amazing offense lead to The Cardinals winning the game 39-34. For the first time in TWENTY-SEVEN (27) YEARS not only was Cardinal Hayes beating Mount Saint Michael but they also WON THE GAME! Words couldn't even begin to explain how beautiful that game was. The Audience had everyone from Alumni who played, parents, siblings, spouses of the players, and of course Faculty and friends. It was a great game, Damn Devo you missed it.

Thanksgiving was a good Look that evening as well but of course those who know me know that I LOVE any time spent with my family. Pops Almost burned the house done makin a Turkey for the first time ever lol, Mom Dukes, Rudy and me headed out to my aunts crib where I had a Plate and a half (don't think that's a small amount) those Plates took me down. We then headed to my other Aunt house on some straight Thanksgiving Locust ish lol. Touched Down and received the same reaction from the fam there as I did from the fam at the last venue for my threads. I was on my Grown Ass man Dick Tracey ish. Me and some of the fellas tried to hit up some Clubs afterwards followed by club nights on Friday and Saturday. Overall it was a great weekend. Happy Holiday Folks.

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