Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spades & Liquor...

...and women and weed, and conversations of sex, sexual activities, and COT Damn it was a good night! LOL. Last night was my man Jazz's Birthday. While we were supposed to celebrate at the Sofa Lounge we received word that the snow shut the place down. So we moved the Party to Headquarters. a.k.a Reg Crib. So with that said enjoy the Photos.

^^ We were taking that Game serious boy! Like we all spent time Up North^^

^^ Stacey and Dirt were goin through the Competition Like Vets.^^

^^ Only a Happy Ending could make this a better Night^^

^^That Gasoline (Patron+Red Bull) This joint had me a few stops past right^^

^^ Look At my Beautiful Hand, I wonder if We won this one^^

^^ Me and Alex Pretty Ass!^^

^^ Eno Whats that in Your Mouth? Is that A Bl.....? Heheh ^^

^^ Look at that Gorgeous Smile I put on Ysaira's Face ^^

^^ The Birthday Boy, lookin Old as Hell LOL ^^

Overall it was a Great Night. Eff goin to the party, we brought the Party to Us... Happy Birthday Jazz, and another Happy Birthday goes out to Stace on Monday. Shout out to all the people with Birthdays this month.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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