Monday, November 24, 2008


I was at Grandma's house yesterday with Mylez and em and I saw something on YouTube that left me completely disturbed. First and foremost let me say: Ron Brows (Idk nor do I care if that's spelled right) is Trash, I predict that his career will be over sometime shortly after March 09. That song 'Pop Champagne' is mad whack but what left me disturbed was the video to the song.

Jim Jones and Juelz Santana are seen towards the end of the video pouring champagne on Freaky, and then Jones proceeds to pour champagne on Juelz. Juelz not only accepts this behavior but proceeds to chimey his chest from side to side as its goin on. STOP! WTF is this now? You mean to tell me that when Dre and Snoop made 'Aint Nothing but a G Thing' the video was all in vain. What part of the game is this? Any man pour Champagne on me and you better believe I'm gonna be offended beyond words and we WILL fight. I am NOT a female. I'm not sayin its cool to pour champagne on a girl but in this cruel corrupt world called Hip-Hop that is the only Gender that gets 'Poured' on. This just goes to show that Artist or rather Celebrities get away with WAAY too much. Cause I'm willing to bet there's a clown ass nigga in Harlem watching that video as your reading this blog thinkin: "Oh nah that's not Gay tho, cause these niggas is Wavy" C'MON MAN! Gay is Gay, if this behavior is not accepted on your block then why is it accepted in your living room when it comes through via your TV?

Same thing with Weezy! I'm willing to bet all the money in my bank account that if I came on the Block wit a Lip ring I'd get cut on. "Eno you mad gay for that," "Yo Eno you a SoHo fag boy now?" and you know what? I feel that my niggas would have every right to feel that way. How is it a man strives so hard to establish himself as a "Gangster," has Tattoos all over his Body, Tears Tattooed on his face, but he Kisses a Man and gets a Lip Ring and is NOT considered gay cause he has and I quote "Swag?" C'MON MAN!

Stupid niggas please pay attention: Gay means Gay regardless of who is practicing the Homocity. Stop giving these artist and celebrities G Passes on the strength of being celebrities. If Paris Hilton wanna be a dick and commit an action she knows is a crime then throw her in the same effin prison where thieves and murderers go, If Jimmy wanna pour Champagne on his man and his man is wit it then call em Butt Pirates the same way you would to niggas doin it at your mans house party, If Wayne wanna kiss a man on the mouth and wear a Lip ring afterwards then tell him that He in the same boat as Clay Aiken the same way you'd tell your lil Brotha if he came in the house with his Belly Button Pierced.

Peace Niggas I'm done with Ya.

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