Thursday, June 4, 2009

How Fragile it All Is.

Lately I've found myself and others around me in situations that make me wonder where our lives are going and how long before they come to an end....

For Starters:
* A Good Friend of mine was shot the other day
* I was assaulted by a girl I don't know from a whole in a wall and
* My Home Girl Lost her Baby

So in the middle of broad daylight a good friend of mine was shot 5 times. This happened ironically before he was on his way to a BXL "Stop the Violence" Themed tour performance. He survived but last I heard he had 8 bullet fragments left in him and one of the bullets couldn't be removed after surgery because it could have caused further damage. I believe he's currently on a respirator but I haven't been able to go see him because his mother is not allowing anyone to go visit.

Another incident that happened on Friday Night/Saturday Morning was that my Brothers, Sisters and I were caught in the middle of a Club Fight (It was an all out Brawl) In an attempt to end it before it began Perse and Reg headed outside to have a word with the antagonist. Before you know it my cousin Julie was pushing the rest of us outside screaming "THEY'RE FIGHTING!". I immediately sobered up and headed out, all I saw was a movie unfolding before my (Then) good eyes. Dirt has his Knuckles up over here, Jun is knocking guys and girls out over here, Sue caught a nigga right in the chin TWICE! All I can remember doing was pushing niggas and bitches off my family. After I pushed what I remember to be the 3rd or 4Th girl (yes girl! And I do not apologize for that) I felt a Bottle break over the right side of my head. After seeing my own blood on my hands I went into a rage! I'd love to tell you I cracked someones neck but all I could do was scream, threaten lives and push people off me in disbelief. Now I'm walking around with a black eye as if I lost a Heavy weight Bout.

That's the last time I try to break something up. Next time I'm coming out in a blaze of glory. ANYONE who isn't with me is against me and is catching a hot fist to the face. (And I'm about to contradict myself but Idc)

Thank God no one lost their life but a friend of my cousin's ended up in the Hospital with a broken Jaw. But as bad as that is it could have been way worse. As cliche and corny as it may sound we really do have to stop the violence folks. Shit aint cool coming back home with black eyes, being at work with shades like you suffer from domestic violence, Being in a hospital bed over something that in the end means nothing....

As for my homegirl who I've known damn near forever: I just wanna keep her in my prayers. She was expecting her first born on the 10Th day of this month. After some contractions that felt like early labor she headed to the hospital only to be told by the doctors that the baby wasn't moving nor had a heart beat. So after 9 months of healthy Labor and baby planning etc. she lost her (would have been) first child.

This only reminds me of how short and at times Fragile Life is. To lower a human beings Life expectancy over something like Money, or someone bumping into you at a club is just fuckin stupid!

That's all I feel like speaking of on this Post.

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