Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hunt

*This one is in the honor of my Big Sister, My Cousin Roxanna. Luv U Cuz*

Aight everybody, this one is mainly for the Fellas: Ladies Feel me on this one.

So I was speaking with my Beautiful Cuz Roxanna, (who by the way is an avid reader of this blog) and she expressed to me how much she HATES when young men approach her completely wrong. She said and I Quote: "I hate it when men tap me on the train askin me some dumb ass question about me not smiling! Dude! Wtf!!??!! Wut I look like walking around wit a big ass smile plastered on my face for no good got damn reason?? Ugh fuck outta here!"

LMAO, I am not mad cuz.
Fellas like she said, "WTF?"

Don't worry my dudes, I got ya. I told My cousin that approx 45% of my bags are on the train and my man JKissi (Check his Blog site is a witness to the swag. Aint that right J? Now Fellas, you should know to be a Great Predator, you have to First Know your Prey.

Step 1: "Rely on the Eye" - This simply means that if a female is interested in you, she will let you know by simply giving you an inviting look a few times. But wait, you have to know how to read that look tho. It could mean your starring too hard and she is uncomfortable, and it can also be Permission and an invitation to approach her. So use discretion and read the look correctly.

Step 2: "Show her the Pearlys" - This simply means that you should look back at her and give her a Slight smile. Depending on your level of cockyness you can even slightly wave. This can also be part of Step 1, if she give you a stink attitude after you've smiled, she is NOT interested fellas. Keep it moving.

Step 3: "The Texted Greeting" - Follow me now, Take out your BlackBerry, or whatever phone it is you use and open up a new Text Field. Upon arriving to the Text field type out some sort of Greeting.
I.E. "How you doing Cutie, this is as discreet as I can be but I find you very attractive, would you mind me texting you tonight?"

Step 4: "The Hand-Off" - Put your phone in the young ladies hand with the opened Pending text and allow nature to take its course lol.

* Given that you've followed the steps correctly she should Smile or Giggle in awe of your creative approach and proceed to input her number, and or BlackBerry PIN into your Contact List.

Now before handing her your phone you might feel your heart race, and your palms might sweat, but this is completely normal. It just the adrenaline you receive when you think: "Damn I'm the smoothest nigga this girl has ever come across"

Step 5: "The AfterMath" - I forgot to mention that timing is Key. You have to do all of this before you or your prey gets off the train. But once successful it is ill advised that you play it cool and actually hit her up. Your on your own from There.

This has Been an Eno Bull P.S.A
Ladies thank me later
Stay Up and Stay Tuned.


JKISSI said...

I'm a witness. Preach my brother!

Jemeka said...

This made me smile and smh nearly the entire time LOL..I know how your cousin feels!!

Roxanna said...

GET IT! Let me know cuz! Let em know~