Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Centurion

What's Good everybody? First and Foremost I apologize for the lack of constant updating... I don't think anyone is really checking for me or my blog anyway. But yea the reason for my lack of posting is because this is my 100Th post (Shout outs to Me and my Blog) and I've been driving myself crazy thinking about what to write...

I Been thinkin: "Make it a Fashion post" or "Write about some current Events" or even "Maybe I should re cap a lot of the things I might have Mentioned in the past 99 Post" Till Finally I said "EFF ALL @" So what Is this one gonna be about? Well its gonna be about my new love which I have been F*&kin' the brains out for a whole Month and Change.... Her Name? Photography. As I already mentioned I had been talking about getting my Camera (D-SLR) for a little over a year and now I finally have it.

So about 2 weeks ago with the help of my good friend, Mentor and Business partner Chris (CFK Photography) I was fortunate enough to work with the Beautiful Model Jessenia Vice... Working with her was reassuring that I am gonna love this job (soon to be career) and I'm ready for all it throws my way. I find it hilarious how people think I found this picture somewhere on the Internet and put my name on it, but I swear to you I TOOK THIS PICTURE! lol. and this is just the beginning.

With all that Said I leave ya with this: (More Work coming very soon)

Ms. Jessenia herself....
And Last but not least a video to further explain to you who it was I worked with....

So to Jessenia, Thank You so very much Sweetheart for making this the best first time experience since...... you know where that one was goin! lol

Stay Up Folks and Please Stay Tuned!
The first 100 are Just the Beginning of it all!

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Jemeka said...

This was awesome!! I'm so excited for you, and I know that you'll be more than successful in this business. I can't believe you said you don't think anybody checks for you or your blog though. Dude PLEASE!! Lol You know if nobody else does, I will..{Sorry I wrote a book}