Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
He will be Missed and never forgotten

Today only 2 days after my last post (Which was about Michael Jackson) The Man, The Legend, The King of Pop has Passed away.

I was at work earlier today when I received the first text and soon after, the flood of bad news had began to take form. All I could think was "Yea Right MJ? Please, these same clowns were spreading the same BS rumor last summer" little by little the customers and my co-workers kept repeating it "Did You hear that Michael Jackson Died" or "Yo Michael Jackson Died." Still in disbelief I decided to go up to the break room where CNN was on and all that was on the screen was "Breaking News: Michael Jackson Died"

For a minute I couldn't move. At first I refused to believe it. Then I just had a hard time accepting it.

There's not too much I can say except that I feel the great lost. It reminded me that these people that some Idolize and look up to are mortals just like us. I say that because we tend to think they will always be around but we all know its not the case. My condolences go out to the Jackson Family. He will never be forgotten and we all hope and know that he is in a better place.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

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