Monday, June 22, 2009

Guys and Girls.

Whats up Everyone? Allow me to begin with letting you know how this all began... You see Something happened (Which You will Find out once you start reading) to me last night which led me to put up a Status message on my BBM (BlackBerry Messenger for all of you who are still usung any other/Toy Phones). The status Message was "Girls are Gay, Throw Rocks at Them" and so the immediate response from my baby Diana was as follows:

Diana: Hey hey hey!!!!!! Don't throw rocks at us!!!!!
Diana: Asshole
Eno Bull™
: Lmao
Eno Bull™: I would never throw rocks at you sweetheart.
Eno Bull™: Sorry Baby. I'll explain [why I said that] when I resurface from the train.
Diana: Mmhmmm. Ill be waiting
(A while later)
Eno Bull™: Aight so I'm in the car last night and its POURIN' so I see a young lady walkin tryna fight the rain with a feeble umbrella. So I slow down and ask "You okay sweetheart?" you need a ride?" And she yells out: "NO THANK YOU, KEEP IT MOVIN!" so I laugh dumb hard and put the Peddle to the metal. AAOOWW!! And I thought to myself out loud: "You mad at him Baby, Not Me." Enjoy that wonderfull weather cause Lord knows I'm in the car, cool, calm comfortable and Dry. HA! Damn I'd Hate me if I didn't love myself so much.
Eno Bull™: But do you see where I'm comin from? I'm over here being the nice guy that I am tryna offer you a dry seat home, and you flip out on me....
Eno Bull™: I can understand her having a bad night, or going through somethin, etc... But how you snap at a helpin hand? She could have givin me the same message by simply sayin: "No Thank You" idda kept it moving the same way I did when she spazzed....
Diana: Only because guys always use that line to holla...
Diana: Guys always say that line
Diana: Whether she was strugglin or not
Diana: Even if u were being genuine with urs
Diana: U have to put ya self in her shoes
Eno Bull™: True and I agree, but I'll give you my debate when I go on break
(another while later)
Diana: Lol oh lord
Eno Bull™: Aight its lunch time. So first and foremost I'd like to stray away from the topic just ever so slightly... I'd like to go on record by saying that there is nothing wrong with "Pick-Up" Lines.... The reason for that being:
Eno Bull™: Because that's the only way for a man to show his interest in the female....
Eno Bull™: We're not all Hitch therefore we use these so called "Lines" to create opportunities that may lead to conversation and so on and so forth.
Eno Bull™: Now, do they become redundant? Yes. Are some of them very corny and ineffective? Yes. But in a sense its all some guys have.
Eno Bull™: Therefore its foul for you to simply brush him off because what he said wasn't smooth.
Eno Bull™: Secondly; if I see you out there lookin like you gettin ready to round up 2 of each animal, I'm gonna offer you a ride (ofcourse if you are pretty enough and seem harmless. It is very vain but its the truth)
Eno Bull™: So wether or not you thought I was tryna holla. You were foul for brushin me off like you did.
Diana: Lmao! Ook ok ya right on that.
Diana: But not every female likes to be called sweetie and maybe something simple like excuse me miss can I give u a ride cause it is pouring outside... Blah blah blah
Diana: She doesn't know that ya tryin to be nice so ya approach should've been different from jump being that wasn't ya intention
Eno Bull™: Although you have a point; I'm not gonna give her a lil script either. I'm tryna stay dry too.
Eno Bull™: I'm not gonna roll my window down and ask her if she needs a ride and why I'm offering it.
Eno Bull™: Its obvious its pouring outside I shouldn't have to tell her why I'm offering the ride.
Diana: And also for the record, nothin is wrong with a pick up line... But guys have to understand that not every girl is the same.
Diana: So if you are gonna say one especually to a pretty girl, be prepared for whatever it is she does say cause 9 time outta 10 she has heard it before
Diana: Now it doesn't give her a right to be rude
Diana: In anyway
Eno Bull™: And I know, understand, and agree with it.
Eno Bull™: But shit is crazy, I don't use Lines but I be timid to give em compliments because by now EVERYTHING is a line to a female.
Diana: I got u....
Diana: Lol ya def right on that.
Eno Bull™: I can't say: "I think you look Beautiful today Ms." Without it being taken as a line or an intent to "holla."
Eno Bull™: You know how many times I've held a door open, givin a compliment, a harmless smile, and that's all it was?
Eno Bull™: There wasn't an intent to bag, I wasn't tryna get in her pants. I was just being nice
Eno Bull™: That's why I hate niggas. 90% of em are fuckin jerks and they ruin it for niggas like me.
Diana: Ppl before u ruin it for the guys who actually are genuine and have no intentions
Eno Bull™: Right.
Eno Bull™: So what happens is if I do have an intent to bag I have to work twice as hard just cause shorty gonna have her guards up, already programed to believe "This nigga is no different than the rest, he just wanna fuck"
Diana: Word. And ya right
Diana: Cause after awhile, its tiring hearing the same shyt over n over
Diana: From every guy
Diana: So that pattern is already established.
Diana: (On top of that, we learn at a young age not to get in cars with strangers lol)
Eno Bull™: Lol, very true which I can also understand and agree with.
Eno Bull™: But at the end of the day, the reality of that matter is: a Cab driver is a Stranger.
Eno Bull™: So just because he may have an ID Card on the Dash Board doesn't make him any less strange than me.
Diana: PAID TO DO A JOB!!!
Diana: So its expected
Eno Bull™: Aight Now given had she gotten in, Yes I would have tried to get her number upon arriving to her desired destination. But not getting it would have made no difference, at least she would have made it home dry, with accompanying conversation and all for free.
Eno Bull™: All I'm saying is, I'm a good nigga. I'm confident enough in myself to know that any female in my arms is in well beyond good hands.
Eno Bull™: But these jerks fuck it up for me and also a lot of girls tend to not look past the outer appearance and just want a mannequin, a pretty face with no brain that capable of producing intelligent conversation, and a nigga who is possibly gonna put his hands on her and or cheat.
Diana: Awww I can feel safe in ya arms!?
Eno Bull™: Oh, hell yea you can.
[End of Convo]

I feel both her and I had very valid points and I don't think I have anything to add to this. Enjoy... and like always

Stay Up and Stay Tuned...

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