Friday, June 5, 2009

I Don't do Labels

Whats Good ya'll?

So anyone who knows me knows I'm not huge on Logos, Labels, or Fashion Police type people who live to show off what they have. So lately I've been looking for a Watch and the truth is I just want something basic.

My Boy Chris' timing couldn't have been better when he asked me to support him and his boys watch company by checkin out the site. I've seen Chris wear it around work but never really asked what it was although I over heard him mention it was a watch that his Boy makes called "No Label Watch." The name alone screams Eno Bull....

So next time you see me I just might be rocking a "No Label" watch, along with some expensive ass outfit that looks like it could have possibly came from Old Navy. lol No disrespect to 'ON'

Check em out @
and also Hit up my man Chris for any and all information:

I See this going Far....

They Got all different Flavors, But I'm eyeing a select few.

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Backyard betty said...

I need one of these watches asap.