Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Where Do I even begin with this one man? Lol... Aight well its NO secret how much I love music. Most people say this, but what they mean is they love Hip-Hop, or they love R&B, or Pop, or whatever it is they choose to listen to, But you see me, I love it all EXCEPT reggaeton, or ANYTHING made by Ron Browz, I hate that Nigga, yes I said it, wanna come fight me? Anyway I was going through the playlist and Thriller came on and I decided to listen to the whole album and all I could say was "Damn!" Michael Jackson is the effin man!

First of All The musical Genius Quincy Jones produced Timeless record on that Album and in my opinion Quincy Jones' production has always been ahead of its time... But as I was listening to the Album and as I am listening to it again now Its no wonder to me why this album is The World's All-time BEST Selling album. Not the country, not overseas, The World! The Album had a Budget of $750,000 and was recorded between April 14Th - November 8Th 1982. I wasn't even being thought of yet lol... I could only imagine what it was like to hear that album back when it first released. It was released on the 30Th of Novemeber in 82'. it was only 10 Songs but they were 10 dope tracks! Some which have gone on to be sampled; LL Cool J (Sampled 'The Lady in my Life' on his track 'Hey Lover') and Kanye West (who sampled 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) on his track 'Good Life') I tell you one thing, the day I get a Drop top I plan on driving real slow down a heavily Populated area bumpin "Wanna be Startin' Somethin" as loud as I can. lol

Well I'm really Still at a loss for words, I think I'll leave you with the video: But before I go, i wanna leave ya with a little fun fact and personal thought:

Fun Fact: My uncle always tells me the Story of how he was ironing a pair of Jeans the first time he saw this video, and in awe of what he was seeing he didnt move the iron and burned a hole right through the jeans lolol. Thats Crazy.

Personal Thought: The reason for his amazement while watching is no mystery... I'm almost 100% sure that this is the first Video/Mini Film ever made. and on top of all that it was Effin DOPE! you could watch this with Pop Corn and call it a day. Now with that said, Turn your lights Down, Turn your speakers up, Pull up a chair and enjoy.


I couldn't Embed it cause YouTube aint lettin me rock...
Some Snap Shots:
^IDC who doesn't like it, NO ONE has ever Rocked
Red Skinnies this Smooth. And look at my mans Jacket!^

^Not the Same jacket but all I could Find.
The Original probably worth a Cool 5Mill lol^

Now Run along. I'm gonna go practice some of these moves Knowin I still won't Pull em off right LOL
Stay Up and Stay Tuned...

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