Saturday, June 6, 2009

What GirlFriend?

What's My Marital Status? HA! That's easy baby! Single, The Man-Whore is in the building.

What's good Folks, ya Boy Eno back with another one.....

So not too long ago I was speaking with my cousins ex. I remember her asking me if I had found a girlfriend yet. Lol I laughed cause not too long ago I had been complaining about being single and not finding the girl I want. So I chuckle and told her "Nah man." Allow me to tell you what that chuckle meant: Fellas feel me on this one!

So Yes I had been complaining about being single, but after sitting down and thinkin long and hard about it I thought; Girlfriend? For what? Peep game, I've been involved (by involved I mean I've boned) with young ladies who are in committed relationships with other men. But before you look at me funny let me tell you I AM not the only one. In fact I have a very good friend who I was rollin with last night. He was telling me about this female he had just put it on and how she requested that he come over to her place once a month. This young lady was done and proceeded to inform my friend that her Boyfriend hasn't been around.... Hmm. Ok. Another case with another friend was one where my boy was being pursued by a female who just got into a relationship. She told him and I paraphrase: "C'Mon I got my man, you got your girl, let's just do this one last time and then we part ways" Lmao. As for me, let's just say I've dodged the bullet they call child birth, let's just thank the good Lord above that the baby ended up being the son of the girls boyfriend.

You see where I'm going here folks? Women talk all the shit they want about us, but Lord knows the Play WAAY Harder than us, and are WAAAAY better at hiding it. So that sneaky shit is taken with em to the grave. Don't get me wrong: if and when I find myself in a relationship I am the most faithful man I know, but men do cheat, in fact some of my good friends (who will most definitely remain nameless) are big cheaters, they cover up their tracks well but still. So I'm left wondering? (I know the answer to my question) but I ask you: WTF is the point of having a spouse if both of you are just gonna do wild dirt behind the others back? That's not rhetorical, please tell me your views on it. So Your better off staying single or come into the relationship telling the other "We might as well be swingers Babe." In fact I have no idea why guys call women bitches and women call niggas Dogs, cause Dogs and Bitches (Female Dog) are actually very loyal to their owners. Think about that. So say what you want, feel how you feel but I for one will remain single. Plus I've yet to find the girl I'm looking for: About 5'9 Thin with a lil meat on her, Short hair, Preferably 23-24 years of age (pretty much a girl that resembles Keri Hilson) Keri I Love you baby. And on top of all that Summer is here Lol. And this has gone on long enough but i would also just like to add: that Last night At My cousins house we were all playing Battle of the Sexes, and one of the questions was: What is the reason a woman would cheat?

The Multiple Choices were:
A. Revenge
B. Sex and Money
C. For the hell of it
D. Emotional reasons.

My cousins, the women I know and Love said C. It hurt my heart lol. So with that said later Folks.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.
^Look How Happy they Look holding up that Answer^
It's Disgusting Lol

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