Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Know...

Whats good Ya'll Just felt like posting some Miscellaneous pics.

^ Eno Bull is the name (Google that!). I love this Pic. I took it myself and then Mylez Photoshopped it. I feel its a classic.
^ This is 1 0f 2 of the last pics that I took as a Dreaded man. If memory serves me correct, I took this in the batroom right before the the scissors cut the second dread.
- This is me and My brotha frrom anotha: Rich. We took this at work right before our shift. That Cold Stone Ice Cream is Poppin B. Ya need to get up on it.
^ Exactly who are you if you dont have a '7Days7Nights' Pic? Eno, Mylez, Jahmaul. Celebrating Mylez' Birthday at Sylvias.
^ My New FaceBook Main Pic. This is a Desktop Banger. Copy and Paste Ladies.
^ The day I felt Re-Born. My President is Black baby!
^ My Uncle Barack. Better known as the 2008 Presidential Elect. We Movin on Up like Curtis Mayfield.

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