Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Fourth, 2008

(My President is Black Pt. 1)
I had a 2 paragraph long Blog post written out to publish yesterday/last night. But with all the overwhelming excitement of the countries events last night I couldn't stay home nor use the same words that I used around 2:15pm on Tuesday, because around 10:45pm those weren't the same words I felt. In fact I didn't feel any words. What I felt was something beyond words. I felt and thought "Is this what it feel like to exit the birth canal and enter the world?" "Is this what people feel on their wedding day?" "Am I awake? Is this a dream? Or is Barack Obama (An African American Man in America) REALLY The 44th President of these United states?"

^ The Days Newspaper^

Well it was a dream last night.... The Dream that Martin Luther King had decades ago that came true last night on November Fourth in the year Two Thousand & Eight. Sorry it took so long Doctor, we all wish you could have been here. You would have been proud. To my Uncle Ostin (R.I.P) I only wish you would have atleast made it this far. But I know you both are looking down in awe and pride.

Young niggas, its time to grow up and become Black Men. Don't give any member of any other race ANY reason to feel that last night was a mistake. Pick up your Pants, expand your vocabulary, stop bringing in more children into poverty, go out and find ways to be a better human being. If Obama, a Black man who claims was once a Goof Ball who had dreams of being a ball player can become the first Black President of this white mans country there is nothing that we as individuals and as a people can't do!
^ I decided to get my "grown man" on to go vote ^
I'm still for the most part Speechless and in a state of Shock with what happened last night. So until I can collect the million and three words I have floating around in my head and place them in the order they are supposed to go in this is the Blog post I leave you with.
Stay up and Stay tuned, more pics on Pt. 2!

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Anonymous said...

hahahha luvin the grown man to go vote cuzzo. This blog shoulda made headlines somewhere... esp for all those people that decided they werent gonna vote. IDK which is worst... a black man who refuses to vote or a woman that wont take time out to vote. We live in the US of A... where the motto is.. use it or lose it. Think about it.