Monday, November 10, 2008

My Entourage

Whats new Bull Penners? I'm actually sitting here in BXL Headquarters as we speak and I just felt like sharing some words with ya'll. Today was coo, I chilled with Perse most of the day. P.B.M was around for a portion of it, and now I'm chillen with him, Jazz, and Mylez. Not much goin' on but I was goin through the Headquarters Computer and came across some pics from a recent Photo Shoot. I'd LOVE to tell you guys that I took these shots but I don't have the proper camera, nor experience to pull these off yet.
^ BXL Lookin like Brand new Currency ^
^ Buddy 'Motha Effin' Mylez ^
^ Joe Dirt a.k.a Peligro ^
^ Producer Extrodinaire Severe Persy Jones ^
Stay Up and Stay tuned!

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