Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eno's Driven

Whats good folks? I just got home from chillen with Mylez and Reg (P.B.M). We went to (our spot of course) IHOP, they should cut me a check as much as I mention them. But anyway... In my never ending quest to continue to give society my middle finger I (an un-licensed driver with a learners permit) drove tonight. I've Driven millions of times before but tonight I finally drove on the Highway. It was fun, and just as easy as driving on the local streets if not easier. I'm gonna get my license sooner than later but I feel society is way too hung up on paper work, a license doesn't make a person a good driver, experience does. I feel the same about Diplomas, there are many people who have Bachelors Degrees but have no knowledge beyond the hard cover text books they purchased. The first time I put my foot to a pedal I was 13 years old, since then I've known the basic science (if any) behind driving, and have driven very well on numerous occasions. Before I ramble on for hour the basic idea behind what I'm trying to say is: Yes driving without a license is illegal, yes not having a degree is frowned upon.... But shouldn't my word be enough. If I tell you "I went to school and I learned something" why do you need a piece of paper to validate that? If I say "Yes I know how to, and can drive" why is it that a piece of plastic with my picture on it is proof? Is a mans word not worth anything anymore? Anyway, Society, if you didn't already know, is my worst enemy and those are just a few reasons why. With that said, I'll give ya some pics and call it a night.
Nah But I do have to get my license so I can take this off of Pop's Hands
^ 97 Nissan Pathfinder. Looks Blue in the pic But its a deep green
Its Only right that my attire matched the wheels I was pushin
Me Behind the wheel, Lookin straight Smooth...

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